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I've been thinking a bit along the same lines as you, Toby. However, I specifically feel that the weakness in the medical freedom movement is that it is missing some ethical grounding with regard to technology.

To be clear, I wholeheartedly agree with medical freedom (and will vote for whatever candidate supports it best). However, the fact is that the forces of authoritarianism are doing an end-run around freedom-loving progressives in recent years. By espousing progressive-seeming policies, WEF and its minions are either suckering progressives into authoritarianism or scaring freedom-minded people from progressive values. Another way to look at this is that WEF is partly "right" on issues, but WEF is basically grooming the population for authoritarian "emergency" control, because--according to its ethos-- democracy is not good enough to respond to a changing world. The grave problem with this is that authoritarianism never works out as planned, and always works out to benefit those with the reins.

In response, I think what is necessary is a new ethical system that becomes widespread from the base of the population, a movement that both rejects authoritarianism and embraces a new morality regarding use of technology. People have generally been viewing technology as an amoral thing, but practices such as genetic engineering and mRNA manipulation of your immune system are not only incredibly reckless, but also simply immoral. More and more people need to see them as such before good change can happen at the top. Good change in society is not attained from the orders of the elite, it must come as a cultural values shift from the base.

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I'm too old but I would say Revolution!

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The problem is not the free market, but crony capitalism, which has been called "the free market" by propagandists for a long time. Butler Schaffer's daughter, Bretigne explains in depth at https://www.lewrockwell.com/2022/07/bretigne-shaffer/when-the-good-guys-get-it-wrong/ (and also posted her entire response as a comment here too).

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Translation: Man is inherently evil.

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I hope you are sincere in welcoming corrections. Because there are some fundamental errors here, and I hope you will be open to hearing about them.

Let me start by saying that there is a story about free markets that is told to everyone who goes through a government school in America (and I imagine elsewhere). The story goes something like this: "Free markets are all well and good in theory, but in practice they produce monopolies that are no longer accountable to their customers and must be reined in by the government."

This story is a lie. And if you understand why the government lies about all the other things it lies about, I think you'll understand why it has an interest in perpetrating this lie too.

With that in mind:

1. You say: "The dirty little secret of classical liberalism is that it came to depend on both slavery and colonial empire to infuse wealth into the system."

In fact, colonial empire was a drain on the British economy. Yes, it made a few people - "John Company", and other cronies, along with the crown itself - very wealthy. But it did so at the expense of everyone else in Britain.

This book (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/0521236118/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) presents an accounting of all of this. From the description:

"…empire profits were earned at a substantial cost to the taxpayer. [The authors] depict British imperialism as a mechanism to effect an income transfer from the tax-paying middle class to the elites in which the ownership of imperial enterprise was heavily concentrated, with some slight net transfer to the colonies in the process."

The reality is that both the ideals of classical liberalism, and the economic interests of the population as a whole, were very much at odds with British imperialism, and the mercantilist system - which was precisely what Adam Smith addressed in his "Wealth of Nations."

2. You say: "…and "Adam Smith’s famed “butcher, baker, and brewer” got rich from being downstream of the enormous wealth generated when Scotland cornered the market for new world tobacco (which was slave-grown…"

I'm not sure what point you're trying to make here. That markets cannot function without an assist from slavery? But that's patently untrue. You must recognize that the world is overflowing with examples that contradict that claim. So what are you saying?

3. Your description of progressivism:

"Progressivism was a reaction by the middle and upper classes against the failures of both liberalism and Marxism while attempting to retain the best aspects of both — seeking to preserve individual liberties while using the state to impose limits on corporate power. Progressive muckraker Upton Sinclair described the disgusting practices of meat packing plants in The Jungle and this led to the Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1906. Support for anti-trust action to break up large monopolies was another hallmark of progressivism."

To begin with, "The Jungle" was completely made-up fiction. Lawrence Reed has written a thorough expose of this book and the mythology around it. (https://fee.org/articles/29-upton-sinclairs-the-jungle-proved-regulation-was-required/)

 He writes:

"…historians with an ideological axe to grind against the market usually ignore an authoritative 1906 report of the Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Animal Husbandry. Its investigators provided a point-by-point refutation of the worst of Sinclair’s allegations, some of which they labeled as “willful and deliberate misrepresentations of fact,” “atrocious exaggeration,” and “not at all characteristic.”"


"According to the popular myth, there were no government inspectors before Congress acted in response toThe Jungle, and the greedy meat packers fought federal inspection all the way. The truth is that not only did government inspection exist, but meat packers themselves supported it and were in the forefront of the effort to extend it so as to ensnare their smaller, unregulated competitors."

It's worth reading the whole piece by Reed, to get the full sense of the extent to which this novel really was nothing more than anti-capitalist propaganda. (There's a reason it is required reading in so many government schools.)


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By way of analogy, the problem is only this: it's as if you have a tribe of people trying to launch a rocket to the moon, but without having the discipline to go through discovering/learning arithmetic, algebra, calculus, materials science, chemistry, and so on first.

All these past systems you name are just crude "cargo cult" political philosophies; they are not philosophically serious, ergo the spaceship explodes on the launchpad. But it's difficult to explain this concept to a cargo cult.

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thank you for this very well-written summary, much appreciated. My only "correction" is in your list of countries taken over by Fascism in 2020 you forgot mine - Canada. It's a total nightmare here. And while this is by no means an answer of any kind, a website I enjoy is https://consilienceproject.org/, the banner is "critical conversations for the future of human civilization". Well, enjoy is perhaps not the right word. A website I appreciate.

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Okay here is something a friend referred me to. The interviewee is talking about the year 2060, and and how this information was obtained. Some of you may not find this credible, but from my experiences with animal communicators I am able to believe stuff happens that totally cannot be explained by current science. Anyway this is a very enjoyable report; I hope it brings happiness to some of you. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7upQskK4LgY

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Tobi, it’s a hamster wheel. Mankind seems trapped by its dark side—greed and control of others. Do-gooders try to fix it, but in the end are often destroyed or merge with the dark they were trying to fix. We’ll need God & the wisdom of Solomon to raise our vibration and thankfully I see that happening from so many good folk—you among them. Stay the course.

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not really an answer but I find it helpful to have a source in Russia tracking what is going on there https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/big-pharmas-attack-on-russia-a-beginners?utm_source=email

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Again I apologise if I am repeating others points. If I am it is merely seconding that motion from those posting. Here goes:


Toby Rogers wrote:

Liberalism was a welcome reaction to feudalism. Smart people, who weren’t quite at the top of the hierarchy, advocated for economic liberalism (the right to trade goods on their own) and political liberalism (the right to have a voice in who runs the place). Over several centuries, those rights expanded to include more and more people.

The dirty little secret of classical liberalism is that it came to depend on both slavery and colonial empire to infuse wealth into the system. Adam Smith’s famed “butcher, baker, and brewer” got rich from being downstream of the enormous wealth generated when Scotland cornered the market for new world tobacco (which was slave-grown because indentured servants won’t do it — harvesting green tobacco makes people nauseous).


Oil and fossil fuels power today's technological slaves that replaced the slavery of old. We feel we have evolved beyond slavery because it is slightly hidden. That augments the "dirty little secret..." Toby spoke about.


Toby Rogers wrote:

Making matters significantly more complicated, the billionaires have taken over the political system and weaponized progressive values (equality, environmental protection) and institutions (U.N., W.H.O.) in the attempt to enslave the developed world. So we have an unholy alliance of the technocrats (the top 10% of well-educated people) + the predatory billionaires, using weaponized PR and elaborate psyops to force their twisted ideas upon us by any means necessary.


I share this view. But having lived with a more or less attentive mind since the late 1960s I see it evolving differently. There was a book by Rachel Carson "Silent Spring" that makes the point. I will pick on one company most are familiar with, Monsanto.

From Wikipedia:


... In 1954, Monsanto partnered with German chemical giant Bayer to form Mobay and market polyurethanes in the United States.[36]

Monsanto began manufacturing DDT in 1944, along with some 15 other companies ... including Monsanto, Ciba,[16] Montrose Chemical Company, Pennwalt,[17] and Velsicol Chemical Corporation.


This is the laundered version of Monsanto's involvement with DDT. I didn't take time to find out all the companies in the US that manufactured DDT products.

The shift that Toby points out is to absolve all corporate malfeasance and to obscure the causes of these toxins and other harms to the environment, the damage and extinction of countless life forms on Earth. Ultimately to shift the blame to you the public. It easy to see why. Tobacco manufactures said nicotine was not addictive and that smoking didn't cause lung cancer. Now currently litigation against Monsanto/Bayer with regards to glyphosate (roundup) is being prosecuted through out the US.

The jury at San Francisco’s Superior Court of California deliberated for three days (concerning cancer and glyphosate) before finding that Monsanto had failed to warn Johnson and other consumers of the cancer risks posed by its weed killers.

It awarded $39 million in compensatory and $250 million in punitive damages.

The process is such that the vast majority of people think these thing are just accidents...

Brent Wisner, a lawyer for Johnson, in a statement said jurors for the first time had seen internal company documents “proving that Monsanto has known for decades that glyphosate and specifically Roundup could cause cancer.” He called on Monsanto to “put consumer safety first over profits.”



This is just the tip of the iceberg of the crimes against life on Earth committed by corporate greed. So this is the reason behind ..."the attempt to enslave the developed world." The enslavement is to prevent discovery of their crimes. By shifting the blame to the common man by saying YOU ASKED FOR IT and we did our best to create these products to make you happy. We had no idea of the harms they would cause. All harms are really YOUR FAULT. If you hadn't wanted these things the harms wouldn't happen.


Toby Rogers wrote:

But the enormous problem with classical liberalism is that it has a tendency to lead to concentrated power (monopolies). Power corrupts and when these monopolistic firms take over the state we lose political liberalism and we are left with fascism. That’s not theoretical — that’s what actually happened in 1940s Germany and 2020s United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. (I’m sure many readers will take issue with this characterization.)

This was greatly facilitated in the US by:

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. 310 (2010), was a landmark decision of the Supreme Court of the United States regarding campaign finance laws and free speech under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It was argued in 2009 and decided in 2010. The court held 5-4 that the free speech clause of the First Amendment prohibits the government from restricting independent expenditures for political campaigns by corporations, including nonprofit corporations, labor unions, and other associations.



I remember on TV as a kid and later as an adult up until Citizens Untied, there was paid political advertisement. The opposing view point had to be presented with equal time. Speech is no longer free actually. The Rich and Corporations are the only ones who can afford to get their message to the public. This as led to rapid erosion of ethics and responsibility in politics. Only those supported by money have the means to address the electorate.

Surprise, not really. In this case we got what we didn’t pay for.

In summery:

1) Humans have never gotten past slavery.

2) Corporation and Government Agencies imply that the electorate is apathetic and get what they vote and pay for with their taxes. The citizens are responsible for the mess we face now.

3) Citizens United ruling basically said money is speech. The outcome is those with money do the speaking.

4) Not covered above is the work of GOTTFRIED FEDER. He was opposed to Capitalism and Communism. He wrote a small pamphlet called “THE PROGRAMME OF THE NSDAP - THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST GERMAN WORKERS' PARTY - AND ITS GENERAL CONCEPTIONS by Gottfreid Feder”

His work is obscured by its association with NAZI Germany. But he did not support Hitler’s drive to weaponize the German economy.

I share his basic ideas because he realized that farming was the foundation of all economic development. Today in many of these substacks people realize the need for agriculture that is environmentally friendly and deeply nourishing of mind and body. I believe that his work needs to be understood because it was misapplied by Hitler and Feder was not a militarist.

That said I am not convince that is the way to go. Just that it hasn’t honestly been examined. Rather it has been paved over with our horror of NAZI Germany.


Toby Rogers wrote:

In the comments, please let me know your answer to the question above — what comes after the failures of classical liberalism, Marxism, progressivism, and psychotic billionaire fascism?


We as citizens of the United States and of Planet Earth need to take full responsibility for the harms of international corporations. This is not easy to do. We feel we are some how innocent. Wwe are not. Feeling innocent makes us dis-empowered. How do we own this and claim our power?

Covid has shown us how Pharma has seeming blanket immunity for toxic jabs. WE gave them that through our elected representatives in 1986 with the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

We need to do what was not done then. Thank Pharma for their candor, admitting that it is impossible to make an absolutely safe vaccine. WE THEN Take the responsibility upon ourselves to resolve this and dismiss Pharma. REMEMBER they said they couldn't do it!

Only this time we assume full responsibility for the environmental, economic, and health catastrophe we now face. We dismiss International Corporations. We revoke Corporate Personhood. We start with a candid assessment of our situation and determine ways of solving it.

The fact is corporations can’t save us. There is no money in our good health or any other activity of self sufficiency. Yes we can do this. It is a barn raising and we used to do this all the time. This is not the yellow brick road. This path is exquisitely painful. But birth is a bloody mess. Once that is done the mother forgets the pain and suffering filled with love for the baby, holding and nursing her new born child.

But the process of birth is a bloody mess.

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Thank you! I truly ❤️ your thought process and invaluable information!!

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Term limits for all high level gov officials. Truly Blinded research proposal approval process. Banning any income and stock trading with the exception of one run by an independent company for retirement purposes by any upper level or mid level gov employee.

Realizing that government isn’t always the solution too. Many that are attracted to it are the wrong types- the types that want power and money more than doing the right thing. For that reason we need to outright ban any anonymously made donations to campaigns through other groups and massively limit individual campaign donation amounts. Ban corporate donations entirely.

The problems are many.

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What comes next? Liberal democracy has provided the best answer yet to the problem of power, and being a conservative in the sense of preferring to build on established institutions, I tend to think reform of these institutions, including radical reform, is the way forward. Malone has made some suggestions.

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We the People must return to honorable and virtuous principles with God Our Creator as the one true authority. Entrusting governance to corruptible humans is always going to fail.


Please Read and Consider Signing and Sharing.

Declaration of Utter Dependence on God

And For Love of Our Fellow Man

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and then there is Anarcho-syndacilism stem of mutual cooperation not based on coercion from the state or belief in authority but an individual free to make own choice. for example people can learn the use of herbs and medicine the doctor would not have a monopoly on knowledge. the oil industry old seek to use state power to suppress dissent such as protesters. to abolish the monetary system and live in autonomous zones such as in an are of Seattle can be done. seeds are distributed and food is free. such an attempt was made in Spain which did not appear to succeed due to a world war. the and corporate propaganda or corporate propaganda using the state as a proxy might seek to portray Anarcho-Syndicalists in a negative light so use of UNODOC and U.N. Charter can be of use. authority above that of police who suppress protests against oil pipelines and regard genuine concern an inconvenience.. Anarcho-Syndicalism might also include Libertarianism ,The Libertarian Party, and Independent Candidates as ay to increase independent thought. .while Anarchists might decry political parties as part of state apparratus it is in line with Anarchist as ideas applied to an autonomous zone as elected official not so important the power being in revenue agencies. o citizens take regional power as many mainsttrem parties ignore anyway so set up on local basis.

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