Autism is an epidemic and a pandemic by any reasonable definition of those words. J.B. Handley in, How to End the Autism Epidemic, produced the best chart showing the growth in autism prevalence in the U.S. over the last 50 years: Increase in Autism Prevalence in the U.S. 1970 t…
You're holding four aces, it's time to push all in
Number Needed to Vaccinate continues to be the metric that the Stasi do NOT want you to talk about
Is postmodernism itself a form of vaccine injury?
The Instagram Stasi have been hard at work protecting the public from critical thinking and scientific debate. I noticed last night that they’ve censor…
If our minds can conceive it and our hearts can believe it then we can achieve it
RFK Jr.'s recent Milan speech shines a new light on the role of the CIA in pandemic planning
New collection of essays by Giorgio Agamben breaks important new ground but does not go nearly far enough in its critique
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