Peer pressure is very real, and no one is exempt - not even virologists on FDA committees. But compromising your integrity often bites you.

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I don't know if it's a tribal gene that tells people to just do whatever the tribe is doing regardless of the risks, I think it's simply courage and exercising the empathy muscle in your brain. Thank you Toby for taking the time to reflect deeply on our collective dysfunction.

I'm not a fan of gene theory because I think that very intelligent people are wasting time on tiny ass things when there are bigger problems in our society which they could be thinking about like how a regular person working a regular job can afford to rent a regular apartment and live a regular life and still afford to eat and buy gas and pay utilities and phone and insurance. This is the biggest cause of pain and suffering and stress in our society today and this pain and suffering and stress is accelerating daily. The future looks bleak for a lot of people.

It looks to me like the growth of intelligence and innovation results in the growth and magnification of evil. I think compounding intelligence, which we do, magnifies evil in our world.

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"I imagine we will see several world leaders felled by the clot shot in the coming year". I don't know about this one. I constantly wonder if these people indeed get the jab, and what percentage of the jab actually has what it says it does. I also wonder if, and what percentage of the jabbed population will develop other diseases and the possible timelines. So many unknowns, at least to us...

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Wow….I found this article incredibly informative and terrifying. It gets right to the heart of what’s in these shots.


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The dog imprisoned behind the invisible screen kinda breaks my heart, Toby. It also reminds me of a piece I wrote called Our Lives in the Tank that dovetails with your commentary: https://marypoindextermclaughlin.substack.com/p/our-lives-in-the-tank

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Hello again I have really positive vibes this morning and wanted to share with you x https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/brainwashing-about-contagion-is-a


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Practicing the forbidden, taboo arts? The secret arts? Lest they become lost arts, we need more more Elis, more Grangers, and especially more Montags.

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Can a genuine pandemic from nature happen in this day and age? When nations climb out of poverty hygiene and sanitation tends to take care of infectious diseases; for example, there used to be a malaria filled swamp where the UK parliament stands now! Of course, lab-made bioweapons are a different matter. There was no SARS crap before the year 2000 for instance.

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And isn't it interesting that the last time they pushed a fake pandemic also coincided with a financial crisis?

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and it came out of China, what are the odds? But you know, no plan exists, its all just random and incompetence

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SARS outbreak in China late 2002 was preceded by this little patent (created in North Carolina) in April of that year: https://patents.justia.com/patent/7279327

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Mr. Heimert. What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Re-read my words. Where did I say, “that we should all just comply with the mandates and submit to poisons and cover our faces and the faces of our children”? Obviously, you put words into my mouth.

My entire family is unvaccinated, not one jab. And we’ve all been COVID-free the entire time.

Perhaps I wasn’t explicit enough. Allow me to restate my point, which boils down to the patently obvious: “Just saying no” will not dissuade tyrants who control everything.

They will remain in control and things like refusing to wear masks, which my family has largely refused to do for 2 ½ years, only gives the fascists another excuse to crack down. They love to crack down and for the most part the public applauds when they do. It’s still a law-and-order country.

The Big Pharma tyranny will end ONLY after Americans are persuaded that all this control has done and continues to do is harm people. Until Americans equate the mandates, restrictions, et al with costly harm, they will continue to put up with it because connecting the dots with lost freedoms is too nebulous for most people.

“It’s a minor inconvenience to wear a mask and it may protect someone,” is a typical excuse for conforming, lame and wrong as it is.

Until America realizes the actual harm of these Draconian controls – to the economy, to health and to our liberty – people will go along, some grudgingly. The majority will conform because the “authorities” and “experts” repeat over and over that it’s in everyone’s interest to do so.

Only when Americans realize reality is 180 degrees different will they realize resistance is worth the cost, and only then will they be able to muster legal and legislative remedies. For example, the democratic-controlled Senate will do nothing against Big Pharma UNLESS their constituents howl incessantly and demand relief.

Nancy Reagan’s “just say no” persuaded virtually no one to stop drug sales and use. What persuaded people was the reality of the harm drugs do.

“Just say no” is a feel-good response. Certainly not an effective strategy.

What is required is a massive, coordinated, persistent campaign to educate Americans on the concrete evils and harm done by the COVID Draconian regime. Nothing short of that is likely to be any more effective than Nancy Reagan.

"Just say no" identifies a person as an eccentric, and depending on others' assumptions, possibly an eccentric whose quirks put others at risk. It's more counterproductive than helpful. Informing people of the genuine dangers transforms mask refusal into a scientific argument, not just a snit.

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Our family dog, stays at the entrance until I treat her. I think dogs just have their own way of being acknowledged as a welcome into the den. 😂

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Re wolves. I've made this point repeatedly to any one who will listen. When we study human behaviour, we are studying the behaviour of an animal in a zoo. The real, wild, authentic human thinks tribally, and instead of trying to dominate their environment, sees themselves as part of a living system that will give them all they will ever need. This way of seeing the world and being in it is called wisdom. We have replaced it with cleverness. One is a virtue, the other is hubris.

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This is SPOT ON. Thanks, Dominic!

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I agree that the death of Dr. Fuller is jarring as I emailed her numerous times during your campaigns. Like you Toby, I've wondered if the clot shot affects those of African descent more negatively. In the summer of 2021, a black man in his 50s in our former church was found to have blood clots in his lungs. I asked if he'd gotten the jab. Yes. I encouraged him to bring up the connection with his physician. Later, I spoke with his wife and she said the doctor had no clue as "he was too young for blood clots" and they were going to run a bunch of tests. Again, I brought up the jab connection and she literally walked away from me. More than a year later we see the same response from people. They just DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!

My "thinking point rant" for the afternoon is that I have lost all patience with those who spout "empty words without knowledge," my phrase for those who are completely ignorant about a subject, but always in a knee-jerk kind of way bring up some anecdote they believe is an exception to what you're talking about. For example, "well, so and so is 5 months pregnant and she's a nurse so I'm sure she got the shot" in response to my expressed concerns (based on Pfizer docs and other stats) about female fertility. I replied that she doesn't read what I do and refused to engage any further. It's literally pearls before swine.

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If there is ever to be a free, civilized society, all of the monsters who murdered, injured, and destroyed lives (financially and psychologically) MUST pay for their crimes, and the sooner, the better. Sociopaths like Fauci and Gates should have no out, no escape at all. Their entire personal wealth MUST be distributed among the victims of their atrocities as part of their punishment. Similarly, every person in the Biden administration MUST forfeit all personal wealth and, at the very least, spend the rest of their miserable lives in prison. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The Supreme Court justices who cowed before the alter of the pandemic MUST face JUST (as in justice) punishment for the lives that were ended and destroyed as a result of their craven rulings.

Fundamentally, there MUST be (exacting and just) punishment for all those who initiated the use of force. Further, those who did the bidding of the politicians, such as the censors of social media, doctors who pushed the injections, police who arrested people for not wearing masks, and company CEOs who complied with injection mandates, must face the same penalties that the mandate-issuers must face.

Ultimately, the following actions MUST take place to secure a civilized society (not a comprehensive list, but these are essential):

* The 16th Amendment (taxing of income) MUST be repealed to STOP involuntary funding of illegitimate government activities.

* The larcenous Federal Reserve MUST be abolished.

* U.S. currency (U.S. dollars) MUST be backed by all the gold held by the government, which would likely mean gold would be valued at $30k or more per ounce. There can be no legal printing of currency that is not backed fully by gold.

* All laws that contradict or exceed the original U.S. Constitution's allocation of powers, or violate the original Bill Of Rights MUST be repealed/invalidated on the basis of being unconstitutional.

* The U.S. military MUST be pulled from all foreign wars and ONLY be used to defend the borders of the U.S. from foreign invaders and attackers.

* All government payments (paychecks, pensions, welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies, etc. - ALL) MUST be immediately stopped. The government will have NO funds to pay for these illegitimate, unconstitutional (rights violating) programs. Any government payment MUST come from VOLUNTARY contributions from citizens who are fully informed, agree with, and support funding those government payments.

Any compromise with ANY of these items will inevitably lead us back to where we are now.

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🙋also lacking said tribal gene

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I keep wondering at what point a major western politician will collapse in public. If they really are all jabbed up then it's likely to happen. Are they all jabbed up though? I can't decide.

Do you read Joel Smalley's substack? He does lots of stuff with graphs and statistics so probably has data on dead Americans (he has lots of data on dead people generally!).

And that dog waiting for the door to be opened whether it's already open or not! Excellent! I knew a dog who never jumped over a tiny picket fence which he knew was the boundary, regardless of how many rabbits he could see the other side of the fence.

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