I read somewhere some military guy had said “the First World War was fought with chemical weapons, the second with nuclear, and the third will be with biological weapons”. We could think of covid as being the beginning of WW3 - ruling class vs the people of the world.

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Every piece you write, my initial response is... excellent work, thank you for synthesizing the situation.

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“...the consequence of this system is that all wealth drains out of the middle and lower classes and goes into the hands of the Feudal Lords at the top of this negative sum game...” This also shifts the goals of production from ‘life enhancing’ to, destruction of everything in order to RE-creat a synthetic world where the remaining few achieve the ultimate goad of immortality.

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I will note that Keynesian stimulus need not cause catastrophic inflation. The biggest cause of inflation is USURY, not government "deficit" spending. And the second biggest cause is SHORTAGES of goods and services. Switching to Overt Congressional Financing (OCF) per Joseph M. Firestone would be good.

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Well-said overall. I might add that there seems to be, at least per "A Midwestern Doctor", a strong synergistic adverse effect between vaccines and Tylenol when taken close to one another, as most doctors recommend.

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Oh, I shall have to seek that one out. That doc has such good articles but I get so many substacks I miss a lot

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RFK JR is not a trustworthy man. And he is either a hypocrite knowingly or too blind to see - each disqualifies him from leadership. 3 months ago, I was banned permanently from his site [ CHD ] after being a member for over a year. My crime was to point out that using the image an ultrasound of a 2 month old baby as the backdrop for the criminally insane vaccines for pregnant women and the ensuing handwringing about the damage to the 'baby' was unfortunate to say the least - since he staunchly supports that same mother's right to dismember, poison or decapitate that same baby even up to the day of birth. A nerve was jostled No? The response was to silence me. Even Naomi Wolfe [ who believes beauty is myth ] and is prochoice on steroids is disgusted with her leftist comrades, saying we SHOULD show the photos of the flayed alive, burned and headless little infants because it is the truth after all.


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I think he’s got more integrity than most. And they could argue the problem with vaccines in pregnant women is that the child that the child has to live with the injuries their whole life. When they are aborted they aren’t alive to experience those difficulties.

Look I think abortion after 3 months is pretty damn barbaric, and gently educating people on how that is actually done is a good thing, but I don’t think we can afford to be too picky. He’s got by far more integrity than the rest of them, and talks about changing some of the really bad things. There’s stuff I disagree with him on, but he would still be my pick if I was American. I’m over Trump and his obsession with his wonderful vaccines.

Having said that, I would fully encourage you run for office yourself or someone else you support, we all need to try to lead by example.

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"When they are aborted they aren’t alive to experience those difficulties." You mean killed? But we mustn't be too picky, of course. Dismembering small humans beings alive isn't part of "the really bad things"" One every 34 seconds.


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You raise some significant points there, I fear, though I think Toby's article is brilliantly put together anyway.

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*this is colonization* of the 4th Reich kind, and it needs to be understood as such.

The door I kicked open to this was through disarmament activism back in the 80s. Was alarmed that US policy evolved to bioweapons instead of nukes, and further that $$ on bioweapons will kill exponentially more ppl than nukes are able to (w/o triggering planetary collapse). “cost per kill” was the actual phrase used official documents that argued for bioweapons instead nukes. they won that argument.

SIDEBAR: one strategy was to nuke Russia and then send in Ukrainian agents (literal nazis) to spread bioweapons in order to wipe out the population. this was documented by Russ Bellant in his book “Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party.” It’s no longer exclusively a GOP thing. Joe Biden oversaw the 2014 coup; son Hunter set up METABIOTICA in Ukraine; Bidens profiting from US and global LNG policy including the sinecure for Hunter w/ Burisma (the payments aren’t nearly as problematic as the policy that they bought). this is just a small part of the history that brought us to this moment.

here’s a copy of the Bellant book, first published in 1988.


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Please post links on sex dysphoria from vaccines. We are desperate.

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It's a two step logic. People with sex dysphoria are 6x more likely to be autistic. And we know that autism is a vaccine injury. The link in Section IV of this article will take you to a literature review of 23 studies on the link between sex dysphoria and autism (and the common factor is vaccines). https://tobyrogers.substack.com/p/trans-messaging-is-too-sophisticated

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Thank you. There is autism present as well as Lyme disease. This says it all:

And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.


pharmakeia: the use of medicine, drugs or spells

Original Word: φαρμακεία, ας, ἡ

Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine

Transliteration: pharmakeia

Phonetic Spelling: (far-mak-i'-ah)

Definition: the use of medicine, drugs or spells

Usage: magic, sorcery, enchantment.

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Wait, you are saying Lyme disease is linked to gender dysphoria? Lyme disease is probably a bioweapon, btw - read a book about it.

A midwestern doctor also talked about the vax-autism-dysphoria link.

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Lyme disease, vaccine injury aka brain damage,. They are all linked. For example: vaccines cause hyper immune responses due to poisoning the body with aluminum. This leads to autoimmune disorders and lowered resistance to infections . It's quite evil, NO?

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Super. Some of Bobby's fortune needs to be pried loose to pay for dropping millions of this exemplary article from airplanes so it lands in backyards across this country and people begin to get the message.

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"we have an economy based on bondage — people are poisoned and they spend all of their earnings and stored family wealth just trying to survive."

Bondage indeed. Poisoned indeed. And not just by vaccines.

The elites have found a way to manage the average person for centuries. The construct is in direct opposition to the assertion that each individual is blessed with God- given rights. (Not privileges, but rights.) The elites spend most of their time trying to profit off the backs of the average person, while the average person spends most of their time trying to put food on their table and raise their families. The race is won at the starting gate.

As to the WHY?, I will share a recent experience and observation.

For the past year, I have been watching my elderly mother die. She was fiercely independent and capable. Then came covid and the lockdowns. The social isolation and ensuing withdrawal caused something that I can easily relate to how the body withers due to lack of activity. The changes were startling.

Being a dutiful, cooperative citizen, my mother took every vaccine proffered to her by the medical professionals that she dutifully believed she could place her trust in. She was thrilled to be photographed in the local newspaper taking her needle like a dutiful citizen.

Months later, her falling began in earnest, each time worse that before. Then the memory glitches and processing data issues became so bad that a visit to the memory center resulted in a diagnosis of dementia with Alzheimer's. Then she broke her neck in a fall, lived through it, but lost her independence. Her struggles over the ensuing months became harder and harder to overcome. Eventually, she experienced a fall that resulted in a subdural hematoma and broken pelvis. Her long prescribed Eliquis was discontinued due to the hematoma. She contracted covid while in rehab, rose to use the facilities and suffered a disturbing medical event that looked like a seizure/ stroke. She was placed on palliative care and passed away in a matter of days.

My point here is that I am now painfully aware of just how many people are experiencing similar circumstances with their loved ones. The particulars are different, but the scenarios are eerily similar.

Then there is the settlement process with assets. What a process. Trying to access assets is like trying to pry a gun from Charlton Heston's cold, dead hands.

What of the benefit to the social welfare systems that modern societies are so supportive of? Government debt is spiraling everywhere. How will benefits continue to be available? Ed Dowd has remarked about this situation. Imagine the cost effectiveness of an early demise program instituted across the board. Problem solved.

We should be mad. We should be rattling the cages of our self imposed servitude. But we lumber on, trying to get a great deal online with the latest technology so we can allow ourselves to be tracked, labelled, censored and minimalized.

Keeping the masses sedated and consumed with toxic drugs, food, entertainment and information is the key to their success and our failure.

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And in reverse, many of us elders who've been watching closely & rejecting the messaging for decades stand by as our children , now dutiful adults, accept the poison with unquestioning trust, ready to sever ties with those who don't ; they've been additionally irreparably psychologically harmed.... So , we all lose in this game.

Also, it seems that it's not only the elites that attempt to profit off the backs of everyone else now... the exploitative impulse seems to have infected almost everyone, "friends" included, even those rejecting toxic food,"medicine", entertainment and news...

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Yes, we all lose. This is true. In my life, I was the daughter watching the elders and everyone around me (except my immediate family) get the jabs and then wandering through life, in seemingly psychotropic states! But they were in those states before they took the jabs. I just couldn't see it for what it was back then.

I think those who have trust issues are more likely to survive and more likely to think for oneself. Given how untrustworthy most humans are, handing over our trust to others is one of the dumbest things we can ever do! Yet here are parents, trusting some of the worst kind of people (who are taught to give up on their instinct on the first day of Med school!), and having their newborn babies poisoned in front of their very eyes.

It's beyond sad.

But how do you wake up all these people? Totally take out Big Pharma? Raze it to the ground? But then people will say "What about my blood pressure pills?" or "I can't even take a damned headache pill, now?!". People are too tethered to modern medicine, whether they realise it or not. Asking people to truly stand on their own two feet is impossible for most. Perhaps after a couple more generations of kids having the most miserable experiences, there may be a few more who realise just how damaged they are, and don't want to be damaged anymore, and so they will rebel. But we have come full circle, because the genome will be very damaged by then, so again, we all lose.

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Another home run by Toby. Bravo!!!

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Powerful & informative TR - per usual. Thank you for your commitment & courage in continuing to speak Truth to tyranny. Awareness + Action = Change. The Light of Truth will come to pass, in part because of brave Souls such as yourself. I will live FREE or die with Honor. GOD bless you Toby - in GOD we Trust ...

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Global warming apocalypse hysteria is a negative sum game that we have tacitly refused to discuss, in these terms, for decades. We could save far more than a million lives a year by reducing energy costs and providing purified water to everyone on the planet. Our "war on carbon" works directly against those goals.

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Listen to The Day Tapes. Was all planned long long ago.

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"That’s the system that we are fighting to overthrow."

"We"... whom?!

The link for the investopedia zero-sum game is broken since it's missing the '.asp' in the end!

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Respectfully Toby, the need for "continued pandemics" is moot. They don't need that at the all. The chess pieces they wanted in place are locked in, and covid was simply incendiary, the politic/legal trigger so to speak.

The ultimate goal is still good old fashion theft. They are in the process of doing the final wealth transfer. Final because it will be the last of the REAL wealth.

Superannuation/pensions will be wiped out by 2027/28. How? Through governmental policy/legal changes to "allow" early access. Why? On the surface so people can access treatments for the shot injuries manifested by the "horrible mistake" made in releasing this "vaccine" tech, before it was "ready".😐🤔🤨 People will bankrupt themselves, their close relatives, and more, trying to find "cures"/treatments for the shots, for the resulting "turbo cancers", neurological issues, reproductive and skin disorders. All these funds will disappear into the pharma/medico/techno/government coffers.

Then, after that, governments will be forced to declare UBI ( on CBDC platform) and the wealth will have been moved completely from the system.

Once that is removed, it's easier to implement overt technocratic panoptican tools for society control. Easy to control society, means you can create whatever vision you want, with little to no resistance.

Go have a look at the BCI (brain computer interface) tech that Blackrock has invested in. Go have a look at Jeff Besos and bill gates investments in Stent/BCI tech. This is the future at this point. 3/4 of humanity will require/want this tech for something.

It's not sexy, it's not new, but the same reasons horrible stuff has been forced on people in the past, is still the same today-

Money and control.

#samesamebutdifferent #aboutthe$$ #allontrack #wearemany #wearememory #wewillnotforgive #mistakeswereNOTmade #getlocalised

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