There's also the concept of: BECAUSE THEY CAN.

Give a boy a toy, and then expect him not to use it? This applies to all of the players. They have the toys, and golly gee, they are going to use them.

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My own personal theory embraces parts of several of these. Generally speaking, because of the not-insignificant portion of humanity which lies on the sociopathic/psychopathic spectrum, any system will eventually become gamed by these opportunists.

Even the idea of evil, with the religious aspect removed, fits into this; see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_ponerology

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Regarding the 'Evil' theory. In order to create a person other than himself, agency was given to both men and angels. God accomplishes His purposes in spite of the evil His creation chooses to commit that he might demonstrate His attributes to His glory. Evil exists because of agency and God allows men and angels to exercise their agency. Man’s agency is corrupt from birth due to original sin and is also evident in personal sin. We are not told of a mechanism whereby demons impart their ideas into humanity other than demon possession. But the non-demon possessed can be enticed and deceived by the demon possessed to do their bidding. Followers and worshipers of demons have existed throughout history and we are told that “doctrines of demons” exist and infest humanity. Doctrines of demons are based on lies that oppose the truth of scripture and God’s creation. Within this worldview we follow God’s revealed truth from the Bible in our thoughts and actions and fight against the evil by speaking the truth. God is not undermined as He Himself prophesies the rise of a demonic one world religion and government. His purposes allow evil by design but God’s purposes cannot and will not be defeated. He will save those who love Him through faith in Jesus Christ and “I have sworn by Myself; the word has gone out of My mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, that to Me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall take an oath.” Isaiah 45:23

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Nov 5, 2023·edited Nov 5, 2023

I think it's a perfect storm, two waves colliding.

Most of what is happening is orchestrated by elites. It's a fact that psychopaths are found in greater proportions the higher up the hierarchy you go.

There's always been a bit of tension between government and private sector.

Politicians (Hitler, Stalin) rank 2nd for highest proportion of psychopaths, and Investment Bankers (American Psycho) rank 1st, this is a fact. In a sense Investment Bankers represent the archetype of the private sector.

So now, there is very little tension between the two big psychopathic arms of society. The synergies for malevolence have suddenly become massive. Nothing is at arm's length any more. Corruption abounds. And with religion mostly sidelined, soul-less nihilistic individuals are excited by the new religion of chaos and sadism which doesn't keep the government and business in-check.

Government and private sector are now aligned and anything they wish to do now is achievable

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IV &V Mass Formation: I see both elements present. Appreciate your expansion into ‘symbolic immortality’ which I have simply tagged ‘virtue addiction’. I see hordes of civil ‘brownshirts’ policing neighbourhoods and places of social gathering under full emotional captivation, celebrating every totalitarian fist destroying their victims (IV). I also see the rational hedging of the self centered who surf the more-or-less comprehended carnage looking for opportunities and a sluice to emerge unscathed on the other side.

VII Evil: thx for the ‘unflattering fellow’. I’ve become increasingly fed up with the fanatic servitude to an oxymoron of a loving God in actuality perfectly depicting Yahweh (the wrecker). Try this idea on, a well executed interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UreYifdr2fk&t=2626s and snack on some Paul Wallis interpretations.

VIII : indeed, but may also involve elements of ‘hypnosis’ aka ‘mass formation’ plus already activated nanotech from various contamination (rGO, GMO, self aware assembles) over the past decade and hooking up to connectivity. Overlap, as you say, to me indicates we are circling the bulls-eye. https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/95/95/38/5ee082f4c72d09/US10786570.pdf?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

X: they are all in on it, just jostling for position.

AI is heavily involved in all of it and further contributes to erosion of spiritual and humanitarian guardrails, snuffing out the main human advantage over digital intelligence. In fact, sites such as this are prime AI learning centers studying human processing and solution building. The whole CIAnet is built around this very psyop.

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Wow! It will take a while for me to reread and digest this comprehensive article. On a second reading now, Toby, your article hits my truth detection nerves point blank, as mostly being explanatory. The only big question I am thinking about is whether the symptoms we see, such as societal loss of history recognition are due to cause or effect.

The scariest of your examples is the excitement, even euphoria. That means that these people are in differing degrees of sociopathy, with the severest cases, when endorphins are released when another's suffering, even death, is witnessed as being pleasurable, shows a dangerous level of psychopathy.

I am now imagining a scoring system for individuals (or even operational systems), where the individual is scored by a standardized test, or by psychosocial examination by an expert. I would think that for your examples, Fauci or Gates would be close to "10" on each identifier.

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Sep 14, 2023Liked by Toby Rogers

I think you are right- at least about most of your points here. The thing is, the govt’s know the deathvax is killing people so why don’t they stop it? They know it is causing horrendous injury and disablement so why don’t they stop it? Because they don’t want to.

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Dear Utobia, kudos to you!

Thanks to your immense post - with at least one immense subpost in it, namely the electrifying conversation between Anne Alice Walker and CJ Hopkins; a sleepless night well spent. And never have I read such a brief-yet-non-bullet-pointy description of Mattias Desmet's mass formation.

I believe he adheres to dynamic systems theory somewhat (Jams Gleich, Lorenz, etc), which could mean he doesn't put all the causes for the covid plandemonium in the 'Psychology' box, nor does he ignore the 'reality shaping' that goes on historically (or dramatically) as per cj Hopkins.

Both gentlemen mention ideology, and rightfully so; but given that ideology is a covert/sneaky thing, a framework to be dissimulated rather than simulated, I think "eugenics" (Vera Sharav) and its semantic field (depopulation, newgenics, Giorgio Agamben's homo sacer, the (older) System of Domination (of "Christendom", initially) that dispolaed first nations/peoples... (author/scholar Steven Newcomb, he sat down twice with Tessa Lena)

'Killing for excitement' and 'China' don't resonate that much, for reasons I can't untangle; and since dawn is incumbent on me, I shall succumb to Morpheus' arms. I do like the Eisenstein allusion though. Courage!

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Thank you, Toby, as always, great stuff to chew on.

Another possibility is that that this is a full scale manifestation of the genetically rooted in the lobster-elements of our dna associated with hierarchical recognition that, with the development of agriculture, created a mostly unconsciously drive towards deservedness and for the concomitant removal of the undeserving?

And that idea has a strange connection to the other possibility that this is all about the evolution of the human creature, although not from an eugenics perspective. What if the goal of evolution – actual 'evolution' isn't random – is to change the physical structure and functioning of the brain? To displace amygdala with pre-frontal cortex (or other)? And all this durm und strang is a part of that process? LoL! Human creatures are a product of nature and so human creations, destructive or constructive, are also natural and thus this genocide is a form of natural disaster? And what if it really isn't that, and simply an elaborate, perhaps kind of quantum jump energised by the demand for changes as delineated above or by the peak-oil scenario delineated by ck_ below, into more sophisticated brain functioning connecting more absolutely to the Buddhist idea of 'the emptiness as a characteristic' of matter, or the quantum field of physics that lies outside of time?

The idea of evolution being primarily one of expanding consciousness is well explored in The Origins and History of Consciousness by Erich Neumann.


What if this is all a kind of odd theatre of the absurd? A kind of play of something beyond the fabric of existence that is pointing to the existence that cannot be named? Tao, or other?

The oddly wrong conception of evolution being the survival of the fittest or (less accurately) the strongest is rather to see it as that of the survival of the most playful and resilient, ie. those most fully living from the parasympathetic system? Another way to think about it is to look at Shakespeare's formulation of what has been expressed in the roots of many other spiritual traditions:

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts,

His acts being seven ages.


Our revels now are ended. These our actors,

As I foretold you, were all spirits and

Are melted into air, into thin air:

And, like the baseless fabric of this vision,

The cloud-capp'd towers, the gorgeous palaces,

The solemn temples, the great globe itself,

Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve

And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,

Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff

As dreams are made on, and our little life

Is rounded with a sleep.

In my recently published investigation of the relationship between "Obedience to Authority, Mass Formation, Woke, and the Corporate News", I came to the surprising conclusion that this whole thing may be an elaborate 'play' in the aid of shrinking the amygdala and expanding the pre-frontal cortex. It gives an interesting look at Mass Formation being a manifestation as a subset of obedience to authority that cannot exist without obedience to authority, and the place that the lobster like hierarchical signalling pattern recognition evolved into the extremes of deserving and undeserving.

If curious, you can get to it at https://gduperreault.substack.com/p/obedience-to-authority-a-rumination

Again, thank you for contributing your Self to this amazing time of transition into truth. We are living the Bhagavad-Gita. Who would have thought that even 2 years ago? Wow!

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Oct 13, 2022Liked by Toby Rogers

I think there are 4 main motives for the Great Reset (a massively depopulated world in which the Elite control us serfs via CBDC):

1) The Elites don’t need us anymore due to increasing automation and AI.

2) The global debt and derivative bubble will implode soon, causing the Greatest Depression of all time and wiping away their fiat wealth. So they need to switch us over to a new currency (CBDC).

3) Pensions and other entitlement programs are near-insolvent due to an aging population, which is increasingly living longer.

4) A smaller population is easier to control. Some of the Elite also want to cull us for eugenicist purposes.

1-4 suggest CO2 hysteria was fabricated in order to justify a massive cull to the minions who are implementing the Great Reset.

5) Another factor (perhaps even the primary one) might be Peak Oil i.e. affordable oil has peaked and the cost of oil will increasingly ramp up, causing the global economy to collapse. (The global economy is dependent on CHEAP ENERGY.) In this scenario, the lockdowns were meant to reduce oil demand and the Ukraine war gives Russia an excuse to reduce oil/gas exports since their output and the rest of OPEC’s output is declining anyway. In this scenario, CO2 hysteria was used to justify alternative energy investment (which has largely failed) without unduly alarming the public. And the clot shots are meant to depopulate us “humanely” instead of via mass starvation/civil unrest.

Mercola, Mike Adams and Clif High (all controlled opposition?) promote prepping and a LOCAL, low-tech lifestyle. Are the globalists culling the "stupid" people with the clot shots and trying to prepare those who pass the "test" for a post-Peak Oil World? Perhaps Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Fauci and the WEF are meant to be Fall Guys for the clot shots (i.e. take the blame).

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"They are killing us because it’s exciting".

Or Freudian psychoanalytic theory, the death drive

“better place if there were fewer people. “

Has anyone not harbored that solution to the anxiety of competition?

oh what me one of the fewer ones?

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Great article. Plots out aspects of this huge planetary plot and presents them in one place.

For those of us trying to keep the broad aspects of the rabbit hole in mind while coping with specifics - it resonates.

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Oct 7, 2022Liked by Toby Rogers

Excellent article! I believe all of the above with a heavy dose of evil, Satan. This whole farce has made me turn to God after decades of atheism.

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Oct 4, 2022Liked by Toby Rogers

Excellent article, Toby. I believe it's a combination of all ten, but I am particularly intrigued by number eight (because it's exciting). People get addicted to excitement/drama and it's very hard to kick that dopamine surge that comes with it. I believe that's why there are still a significant number of people who don't want the "pandemic" stuff to end. They're addicted to the fear factor and the rush they get every time someone tells them they are a hero for getting an injection or wearing a mask.

I am sure the people/organizations behind this thing are getting serious psychological jolts of pleasure as they are seeing their plan advancing. It lets them know they are smart, cunning, and superior to all the inferiors to whom they are providing a simple method to win Darwin awards.

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Sep 19, 2022Liked by Toby Rogers

I subscribe to the Daniel Quinn story, by and large. As our population grew, around the time of the cognitive revolution we invented hyerarchical mass societies, mythologies, culturally determined identities. At the time of the agricultural revolution, we invented private property. At the time, those were highly adaptive modifications that, firstly, allowed a much larger number of people to live in proximity without eating each other and a seemingly infinite new domain of cultural innovation and preservation of knowledge, and allowed us to suck resources out of our environment in a very significantly more efficient manner, creating positive feedback loops that amplified population growth further. But now we've come to the edge of a pretty hard box, and now these adaptions no longer serve us - hence the current bottleneck. The people in power sense the tension but stay attached to the old strategies: they are okay with the majority suffering in undignified lives or even dying undignified deaths en masse, as long as them and their descendants get to stay on top of the heap of corpses. It is ultimately a futile strategy, but if you accept evil into your life, it can seem like winning for a very long time.

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At the root of all ten? A belief that we're fundamentally separate from each other and able to actually be harmed.

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