All isms are based on other isms. In most medical terminology an ism is a disease or condition. The original ism is likely schism… which similarly to science has “skeins” as its root, meaning “to cut”. Each ism therefore is a facet on a gem or jewel, the isms adjacent and opposing, but part of the same structure.

Is M(1000)

1000 temples of Isis

Aka 1000 points of lite

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I think "One Nation Under Blackmail" is another great source of information about who's behind the iatrogenocide. https://www.amazon.ca/One-Nation-Under-Blackmail-Intelligence/dp/1634243013/ Or at the very least why so many otherwise intelligent, normal people find themselves unable to speak the truth. It's pretty grim.

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well done again, thanks!

self interest

people scrambling to find their legitimacy.

Who is going to end up with the most social credits .

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Toby! My book is now available at heroesandvillainsbooks.com. YOU are listed! Please do a Substack on me and my book! Your readers will love it.

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This was really really good and thank you for sharing your thoughts...it firms up whatmany of us have been thinking and wondering about...and makes me feel less crazy that I suspect the Deept State has taken over our country and that we are now the foremost bioweapons terrorists in the world....and that my country has ceased to exist as a Republic....Please keep thinking and writing about this..it is critically important that people realize everything that you said above is true...and we have to find ways to combat it. If that is even possible.

Saving. So good. Thank you so much.

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It’s great that you are attempting to tackle what sometimes can be a very difficult subject matter to wrap one’s hands around. If you want to dive deep check out this substack author Frances Leader. She’s brilliant and has done the work. The people who you see in every day life are mere ponds in the scheme of things. Who rules the world. It’s a great read.


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Great stack. Idolatry, domination, tribalism... What you are describing is effectively narcissistic sociopathy.

Next time you walk through your local mall don't forget that 1 or 2 out of every 100 people you see around you would qualify as narcissistic sociopaths. This condition does not guarantee, nor of course does it excuse, unethical, callous, or harmful behaviour. But it does indicate the likely increased capacity and willingness to engage in such actions. To some extent, this explains the persistence over time and across cultures of said behaviour. Boiling it back down to the level of individual and collective psychology offers us useful insights into the widespread organisational tyranny you have outlined here.

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I believe the primary metal manufacturers associations have a hand in what’s going on. The western world appears setup to deny harm caused by metals. When it comes to industrial pollution it’s the metals in pollution that are the biggest factor harming our health.

If you’ve ever had a bad reaction to an orthopaedic implant you will know what happens when you tell your dr you think you are allergic to the metals. The whole public health system is set up to deny that metals can cause harm. That may just be because of the pharmaceutical companies involvement pushing this stance but there’s more to consider. It’s not just metals in medical devices that drs deny its any kind of exposure.

When it comes to climate ideology I believe it’s all to do with hiding harm from metals as well.

The metals from big industry in their pollution are harming the health of humans more than the climate.

But our politicised health system lies and says that’s unlikely.

If the goal was to reduce pollution then politicians would just tell us the harm it’s doing to us not the climate.

The public would demand accountability and compensation from these big polluters for the harm caused to their health. They would demand big polluters pay and may demand many are shut down.

That would certainly get all the public behind the cause and it would solve the problem of pollution pretty quickly

I believe the only reason they are saying it’s the climate being harmed is so they can blame us the public and protect the interests of big industry and their profiting from pollution

What’s interesting is that in Russia a few years back putin nationalised the profits of one of their biggest polluters to pay for the harm to human health they had caused. He didn’t think they should be allowed to make billions in profits from polluting and harming our health.

The whole western system seems to be set up to deny that metals can cause harm. To protect the metal manufacturers from any liability

These thoughts are still going round my head so I haven’t got it all worked out just yet but I thought I would post it in case anyone had anything to add

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Great article to direct people that are just waking up to. If their heads aren't totally cemented into their jacksies of course !

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The ones who own it all I suppose. Rockefeller, Rothschild and Bilderberg come to mind.

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Appreciate your taking on this daunting task. Like George Carlin said, it’s a big club. I’m grateful to be a part of the group that ain’t in it, and I pray each day more arise from their slumber and recognize the true nature of the fight we are engaged in.

I believe the people knowingly committing evil at the top of all these links in the chain you laid out, are psychopaths. Literally and clinically. It’s possible, in my humble opinion that this means they are demonic and actively participate in satanic worship.

I believe you should include more of the evil organizations, foundations, think tanks, etc. that are in the world. The Club of Rome, Committee of 300, The guest list & members of The Bohemian Grove group.

Absolutely the banking cartels should be included. IMF, The Federal Reserve, Bank of London and more.

The bread and circuses of the entertainment industry and the celebrities that are worshipped are a big part of all the psyops & evil agendas as well.

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So Dr. Rogers was on CHD a couple days ago and asked how could so many reviewers in process fall down so hard, completely abdicate their core values. Vatican II appeared to the Catholic world, indeed the world, as a legitimate Catholic council. In fact, it was founding documents of a new world religion to bring in the new world order. To ape the Catholic Church.

Going in, 1962, many bishops were no longer Catholic, some cowards. But there were some strong ones...but even the strong ones... Almost all signed heresy, direct contradiction of Catholic teachings.

I have see numbers of one, two, under5 of 2500 I believe that refused to sign

There were some strong bishops that fell. Signed away their Catholic faith

It's satan ... This is his (long) century...

Scientists, doctors, politicians at every level, journalists, cops, soldiers, teachers, university professors , empkiyers, businesses, etc have followed suit in recent depopulation scheme.

Satan primarily wants souls. People dying early, when catholic church in eclipsr, A means for that end.

This shows pictures of the apostasy. The people who produce it aren't Catholic, but they do understand the issues...

Satan is behind all of it. I wonder how many are possessed. Dr. Chant? I wonder if they invoke satan at WEF young leaders conferences..?


I go to my local Vatican II false church, across the street, and pray Rosary publically for Catholic faith to return. I won't go on its property as it's desecrated

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Great layout. My biggest beef with the whole "One World Order" BS or whatever we want to call it, is that, when we get to levels of insanity that these folks at that tip have acquired, there is definitely some major ego complex going on here. Now I can't imagine that any one of theses uberego wingnuts is going to be willing to compromise with the other uberego wingnut when the actual hammer is supposed to drop... Or whatever their self righteous plan is ultimately. This is where I think it all falls apart at the top. Just an observation. There's plenty more that intermingles into my thoughts here but hard to get it all down in a coordinated fashion. At any rate , it's well past due to be wearing out our middle fingers at these despots!

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Once you know who “they” is, now what can we do about it?

How about this; we need to reinfiltrate our own governments


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Sep 6, 2022·edited Sep 6, 2022Liked by Toby Rogers

Hi Dr. Rogers. First, I just wanted to thank you for your ongoing courageousness in regards to the bizarre and horrifying circumstances we all find ourselves in. I greatly admire both your work and your apparent (in my opinion, obvious) strength of character.

Second: I published a substack post today (my very first) in which I reference you and your writing multiple times. That being the case, I wanted to make sure I was treating your words fairly. If not, I will gladly add an addendum reflecting this.


All my love, respect and support,


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