If you don’t yet know the Lord....

It’s a great time to start looking into Him

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I know you follow Rounding the Earth, I found MC's explanation about the Kunlangeta helped me understand tremendously... this post adds to that growing understanding. It's pretty bleak though; the more I begin to understand what's going on the more tenuous my hold on any amount of optimism for the future. It feels like the flaw is in the design with homo sapiens. Thank you for continuing to fight on, though, I applaud and admire your energy.

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Well, doesn't that explain our universe.

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Thank you for this. Resonance is so hard to come by in the midst of this insanity. I’m finding that reality is so horrific and distasteful that truth itself is deemed hate speech. We can’t even try to name the feeling without committing a thought crime.

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Speaking of total depravity .. wow, the disgusting "Thanks Pfizer" trend where people make fun of the vaccine injured by videos of dancing, to mock people whose bodies twitch after the shot.

Remember when Trump mocked a disabled reporter? There was nothing more evil, to ever have, or ever will, inhabit this earth, than Trump's mocking a disabled person, according to the same media, same culture, that is now mocking the vaccine injured ...

But their disgustingness will be their downfall ...

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"Isn’t that the Christian story — a decent guy comes along and says ‘hey, our values as a society are all in the wrong place, let’s be kind to each other instead.’ And the bougiecrats of that era were like ‘no, no, no we cannot have that’ and nailed him to a tree."

Sigh. Um. No. Toby, with respect, that isn't the Christian story. That's not even close. Look, I love you, buddy, and I know you're making another point, but let's be clear about the Christian story.

The Christian story is that man disobeyed God and had fallen into sin because of humanity's pride coupled with free will. So, because an infinitely just God can't let rebellion and disobedience just slide, he has to enforce the penalty for the crime -- eternal death in the lake of fire. That's the death sentence that hangs over every human's head. But God is also loving and he wants to save us, while at the same time being just. How to reconcile the contradiction. Somebody has to die. But he doesn't want it to be humanity, if possible. So, he decides that God himself will pay the price and die on behalf of humanity, and so he comes to earth in human form -- Jesus. Jesus isn't just a "a decent guy." He's God in human form. And he doesn't just say, ‘hey, our values as a society are all in the wrong place, let’s be kind to each other instead.’ He says, "Repent, for the kingdom of God is near! Repent of your sin, believe in me, and go and sin no more." He himself lives a sinless life. Then he allowed the "bougiecrats of that era" to hand him over to the Romans who then nailed him to a tree. And so, in the death of a sinless person, God paid the price for the sins of all humanity. A perfect life in exchange for all of humanity's junk. If you pick up your own cross and follow Jesus, when you get to heaven, Jesus will be there to tell God the Father, "This one is mine. I paid her debt." If you don't repent and obey Jesus, he'll say "I don't know this one. This one pays his own way." And then God the Father will say "To the lake of fire." And yes, God did say that if we are to follow him, we have to learn how to love each other. That's how we show our obedience, not because "our values as a society are all in the wrong place."

I'm a sinful human being. I'm messed up and guilty as charged. Without Jesus, I have nothing. My hope is in him alone. I love you not because Jesus was a "decent guy" and I'm somehow trying to better myself or make the world a little bit better. Rather, I love you because God first loved me and he's commanded my sinful, sorry ass to love you in spite of the fact that you're just as messed up and guilty as I am, because he loves you too.

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There's no question that sociopathy plays an important and little discussed role in human society. In fact, there's a field of study dedicated to this dynamic:


It isn't so simple as societies always gravitating towards rule by sociopaths however. Ponerogenesis is more akin to an infectious disease, and so long as the pathogen doesn't kill the host, it tends to generate an immune reaction. The goal of ponerology is to understand this process so as to hasten the time to recovery, and make future infections more likely.

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"their natural inclination to obey sociopaths"

No doubt this accounts for a lot of the phenomena we've been seeing these past 3 years. However I think mixed in with this are factors that are less bleak but no less problematic and that is, that people have been in the postmodern West acclimated to trusting the Mainstream, to a great extent because of amazing advancements in science and technology and social political bureaucracy helping to alleviate many of people's inconveniences and even sufferings which the West has achieved over the past couple of centuries.. Of course while this amazing progress was unfolding through the 19th and to the 20th centuries, there also began to creep in a subversive project to dismantle the West and replace it with a global totalitarianism. This project has been going on likely for many decades, but I don't think anybody knows when they began, perhaps the 1920s. At any rate, their project, evil and corrupt to be sure, goes beyond the kind of corruption that every society has and which would be unrealistic to expect to abolish altogether in this life. This project is deadly earnest, industrious and quite clever -- though not omnipotent, because they would not need to parasitically infiltrate and inhabit the structures and the infrastructures of the Mainstream (which includes all institutions and sectors of society), if they had enough power to just march into the front door, so to speak, and just abolish the west and replace it without any fanfare or elaborate machination lasting decades.

This Mainstream is not new. All societies throughout history have a mainstream. It's the unwritten social contract by which everybody agrees more or less with a common narrative about what is real and respectable, and within that rubric of course you're going to have critics and rebels and jesters will make fun of it and eccentric artists who want to color outside the lines, etc. But all these exceptions draw their sustenance from the framework they are in tension against. A relatively healthy mainstream allows for internal variety and criticism to some extent. I don't know what the difference has been with the postmodern Western Mainstream and the Mainstream of the West prior to that which though it periodically had great evils and corruptions and threats from within and from without, never seems to have been in this unprecedented peril in which it finds itself today. This leads me to conclude that our current threat, whoever they are, probably stemming from some disease internal to Western civilization, is unprecedented in history.

Part of this might be due to the mysterious fact of progress in technology and science over the past couple of centuries, and the ascendancy of the West to unprecedented global power especially into the 20th century, tempting evil talented people with an opportunity for world domination never before viable in history. This Mainstream -- our Mainstream -- has been subverted and perverted, but essentially it's relatively healthy and good: its individuals and its institutions which reflect individuals and the relatively healthy and good culture which they form, and which forms them, in a cultural biofeedback loop.

So in summary, a lot of the enablement of the unprecedented evil project unfolding in our time is not itself evil, it's relatively good people and their relatively healthy systems being subverted and used for evil ends. And in this process, a crucial ingredient favoring the globalists is the inclination for the relatively decent person of the West who is not perfect but tries to do the right thing, to nevertheless trust the Mainstream, which includes believing the Mainstream when it tells them not to trust certain other people it labels as kooks and conspiracy theorists and other designations of persona non grata.

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Early on - I kept saying to my husband that it feels like the vaxxed that are okay, are flipping the bird at the injured & dead. He didn't understand what I meant. But, there was no care to protect others and now they don't disclose the cause of death. They don't disclose that the person received the covid shots. They don't warn others. There is no outrage. I lost an uncle to a massive cardiac arrest after he got the covid booster & flu shot on same day. I'm grieving for all these people. The rational doctors being censored & deaths being swept under the rug and ignored by the media is utterly mind blowing. But people that were coerced or bribed by their job to get injections must just need to stay in denial as a self defense mechanism? The media continues to say "safe and effective" coupled with t medical doctors advising the people to get "vaccinated" - it is a powerful spell. So depressing!

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This might explain it a bit differently as well…?


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People follow the evildoers, but not because they are evil. They are afraid. They belive that if they obey they will be allowed to keep their lives, and those of their loved ones. Up to a point, they have been right. But this jab is killing people, sickening people, and they are beginning to see that they can't really escape. And we need people like you to help them know that they are not seeing things, and that there's a new community to be created. Keep up the good work!

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Some of Toby's points align with the point I made in my most recent Substack essay. What we really have is a battle of Good vs. Evil. But the "evil" side has convinced most people they are the forces of good and the protectors of the world.

I'm starting to believe more in pure evil, which actually has shown its face in the last three years. At least now we can put more names and titles to the perpetrators of evil acts. If we know more-definitively who these evil people and organizations are, we have a better chance of defeating them. At least that's my premise or hope.


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Jan 19, 2023·edited Jan 19, 2023

Those that make up the 'pyramid cap' are the master practitioners of hidden psychology. They have been practicing this knowledge for centuries. Hidden, in the fact that the public is oblivious to the manipulations foisted upon them because of the programming, ongoing and passed from generation to generation that we all undergo from the earliest age through societal norms constructed in this 'cap's' interests. Critical thinking is not taught and only those with naturally questioning minds ever penetrate, as little as they do, the overall use of these ancient psychological manipulations employed in keeping the greater masses of people subservient to the interests of the 'cap.' This 'cap' has been at it for so long, millennia, that their view of humanity has taken on complete disrespect and psychopathic perversions, besides human trafficking especially of children as the ultimate disrespect. This as readily manifest for all to see as the modus operandi of big pharma or other 'bigs'. Or the designer wars, as currently in Ukraine, issuing directly from the 'cap' and its minions on all 'opposing' sides to this horror show. 'Opposing' sides, 'cap' minions, that all propagate the 'cap's' agenda in the jurisdictions they manage.... for the 'cap' and only at the 'cap's' pleasure.

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Jacinda Ardern Quits As PM As Citizens Demand Her Arrest For ‘Crimes Against Humanity’


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That the media normalizes (glorifies even!) debauchery, crime and psychopathy/sociapathy doesn' t help. But, then, the same people running the scamdemic also run the media.

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Jan 18, 2023·edited Jan 19, 2023Liked by Toby Rogers

"Over time, society selects for sociopathy."

Hmm, sort of. I read once that there are just 3 types of social game strategies:

1 - Tit for tat: You do something nice for me and I do something nice for you - and vice versa, the rule of law is sacrosanct. This is a very stable game

2- Generous tit for tat: Players forgive the occasional bad action. The group dynamics and growth accelerate. Not punishing the bad actor actually provides significant benefits to the collective in the short haul

3- Sociopathic infiltration: When bad actors realize they can "win" by mostly doing a lot of bad because they can get away with it and do so more and more, everything starts to crumble. The sociopaths win big, but everybody else and the whole society goes down hill.

The only recourse is to hold them accountable every time- to return to the rule of law.

So.... it's not so much that we reward sociopaths as it is we fail to hold them accountable to the rule of law allowing them to game the system.

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