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This might be my favorite thing you have ever written. Cogent and clear and inspiring.

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You're right, Toby. This is WWIII and it's us against the banksters.

Check out this information from Whitney Webb:


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I can't help it lol. Everytime I see ww3 in the title anymore I usually just pass the article. I'm 50 this year and I've heard the ww3 BS my entire life. It's nothing but fear porn. When I was a child in school during the cold war we had nuclear bomb drills. We were made to read "Z for Zachariah" basically a guide to surviving nuclear fallout. If you think we're closer to it now than we were then you're on crack. Nothing happened then and it won't happen now. The world will still be here tomorrow and they'll be still selling ww3 in the media. Water's wet, the sky is blue, and the government wants you scared. ☮️

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I adore the bubble you’re living in, and try to visit there myself from time to time for a little peace of mind.

To claify the use of the term “WWlll:” It’s really just a continuation of a way of life, that includes corruption and control at the highest levels. What makes it definable as a war in this moment is that we’re simply just aware of it now—as in “waking up to it.” And of course, it has escalated. The globalist Gods are getting antsy.

Not there yet? That’s okay. You’re in robust company.

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Gratitude to the Creator, and respect for his command to love and forgive.

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I would like to add one more thing.

In South Korea, east of China in Northeast Asia, the National Intelligence Service and the Ministry of National Defense, along with the police and the Ministry of Employment and Labor, are jointly using nanorobots in the coronavirus vaccine for cyberstalking and torture using light or radio waves. .

They use cutting-edge technology to purge and kill government critics and union members using wiretapping, location tracking, and hacking, and they continue to commit these crimes by conducting human experiments to acquire functions.

Therefore, a national crime category should be added as it imitates the manual for the use of radio weapons for organized stalking that existed in other countries in the past.

- Judicial Administration Citizens' Association in South Korea

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My 5 Point Plan to Save The United States and the World:

1. End the Fed and balance the budget

2. Stop exporting war and war materials

3. Start exporting as much energy of all kinds as possible

4. Start exporting as much food as possible

5. Ratify 28th Amendment: "Never Initiate Force"

When the price of food and energy is lowered by our exports, terrorists will lose their source of funding and no one will starve. Along the way to #1, we will lose most federal agencies.

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Well done! If I had to quibble, I’d say “careful about county-level Republicans.”

In Deep-Blue New Jersey, my county voted for Trump (twice) but the County GOP, much like the worthless NJGOP, supports UniParty loyalist Tom Kean Jr. and his hand-picked RINO Senate choice (she could not articulate what she believes without notes for a 2-minute pitch to County delegates.) I resigned from my post when my fellow delegates chose her over a conservative with no notes. I’ve also changed my Party to Independent since I hate the GOP and its legions of grifters. The Democratic Party is now the Communist Party and the Republican Party is now Democrats.

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I couldn't get through this article due to the scatter gunning of normie statements such as: Covid killed 7 million people (No, this was hospital protocols, NPIs and the jabs which in fact killed many more than this), viral pandemics are a thing (Terrain theory trumps germ theory), the assertion that this tyranny manifested itself in 2020 and is not in fact a gnostic/kabbalist game plan that has been played out over many centuries. I would direct people to Matt Ehret instead of wasting your time with this bile.

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Unfortunately there are more than two sides in this conflict...

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Team Freedom includes fishermen and ranchers and anyone that runs a small or medium sized business. Free market capital allocation defenders are a must on team freedom as well.

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What to add ?

Try : BIS, GAVI, Club of Rome, Bilderberg, Chatham House, Trilateral Commission, ECB, FED, G20, Vatican, Jesuits, Masons, Eastern Star, Opus Dei and various other cult type religious circles that likely contain more nefarious sub groups hidden within them that use ceremoney, sacrifce and blackmail to control members. Pedophiles are favored and pushed into position of influence and power - in politics, business and culture.

You barely scratched the fkg surface..... Its much deeper and darker and cult group like than we'd prefer to imagine. Scientology is a good example, but these fkrs have been running for 300+ years.

These days its practically on auto-pilot like some wonky social virus running amuck. A sort high tech version of fanatical medieval christendom, meets modren day corporate fascist govt.

The only positive note is that they are running 19th and 20th century tactics in a world where information flows much faster than it can easily be controlled.

They are also entrenched and entitled and making many mistakes and with a broken financial system that's falling apart and not easily replaced (without risking a massive revolution).

They also have a lot to lose..... Those water front mansions will burn well - as will the private jets and silly yachts.... Surival bunkers may prove to be their mausoleums. Easily concreted in by the angry locals.

If you wanna go a bit further into it - well the Vatican likely invented Islam.... The Rothschilds bailed out the Vatican that went bankrupt - and the British Royal family.... and America foreign policy seems to have nothing to do the Americas and more to do with old British Empire stomping grounds and old grudges (eg. Crimea) -

Some sort of spooky cult \ club outta London and Paris likely runs the fkg show - East India Company and Jardine Matheson style in all but name..... and long since took over the alphabet soup agencies in the US. Your consitition is verging on toilet paper. The USA doesn't exist for these people its just a marketing tool to keep peasants happy.

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Your article is 100% correct in the fight between tyranny and freedom, but the one vital link that authentic humans miss is Anti Social Personality Disorder (ASPD). This is the answer to all global insanity. The psychopaths that rule humanity from Genghis Khan to Joe Biden are the worst possible people to have control. The solution to global problems could be removed in one generation by educating people on the subject of ASPD and those corrupted socially adept psychopaths who seek power and wealth beyond reason.

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Yes. People need to familiarise themselves with the Polish psychiatrist Lobaczewski who lived under both Nazis & Communism term “political ponerology”.

This is theory that psychopaths (1%) & sociopaths (5%) network at both ends of the socioeconomic spectrum. At lower end it is all in the open - drug lords & mafia, bikie gangs etc. At upper end it is secret societies as JFK warned of, of wealthy & privileged elites who can control economics & mass media, & plan far deadlier dastardly deeds than the street mafia.

Because the majority cannot comprehend Machiavellian intentions of major institutions & governments that have been hijacked via bribery/blackmail/propaganda by such secret societies - they readily reject such evidence as conspiracy theories.

Then there is a large part of this majority who are cowardly & don’t act or speak up & probably never will until the herd is overtly on the move to the counter narrative.

It’s the 10% awake who have to shift the herd. It can only be done walking up one mind & heart at a time.

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The REPUBLICAN PARTY, on Team Freedom?

Nope. The republican party has morphed into the UNIPARTY.

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What do the acronyms represent?

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Thanks Toby. You elucidate some excellent points and do it concisely. I appreciate that you don't mince words and speak plainly in terms of who our enemies are and what they do. Regarding your list for team freedom, I like it but it's a non starter because what would constitute the foundation and sustenance of the team, the one singular item that could salvage our country, lives and souls, is conspicuously absent. God.

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"Make all publicly-funded scientific data available to the public."

Maybe, but perhaps publicly-funded inventions should come with a minor licensing fee that might eventually grow into a significant source of funding. State governments do this already.

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