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Toby: Great coverage. I was wondering if there is a link giving more details about the 8 mice as the only test they did for whatever booster. I used a search engine and couldn't find anything.


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Geert warned us over two years ago, but its tough to hear the consequences laid out like this; If there's any help to be had the FLCCC will know about it https://twitter.com/MarcellaMartuc1/status/1568939796696793088?s=20

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More Dolts Botching Sheeit:

The military-industrial complex continues to grow with the proxy war. The annual Future Force Capabilities Conference and Exhibition hosted by the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) will feature none other than Zelensky as their keynote speaker, as well as his minister of defense, Oleksii Reznikov. Everyone in attendance is directly profiting off of the war. The IRS deems the NDIA to be a nonprofit organization when in fact, it is blatantly lobbying. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/corruption/zelensky-to-head-us-defense-industry-conference/

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California Votes to Ban All Covid Related Dissent By Doctors


Its unclear whether Gov. Spewsome can sign the bill properly, given that "vaccine" induced Bell's Palsy might affect his handwriting.

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Meanwhile, back on the farm....

"..narrow-minded politicians and their dim-witted think tanks, thoughtfully twirling a glass of wine in their hands, talk about how they can deal with us without entering into a direct war. Dull idiots with a classical education"

  -- Dmitry Medvedev


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Speaking of "a lack of discernment": I can't differentiate between President Brandon and the southernmost end of a northbound horse, but maybe that's just me.

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Excellent job on CHD/TV and another well written post! I couldn't agree more!

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"The only known treatment is to have them cancel their cable and watch 100 hours of The Highwire instead."

I certainly know some people who I wish I could strap down and make them watch 100hrs of Del Bigtree lmao.

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The Barcelona "92 Olympic games. They told you the spike was coming.

These psychos just can't help bragging a little. It's the same thing that usually gets serial killers caught


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The people who are afraid are the people who are in the know as per Breggin as to why people succumb. However, most people I know just believe the narrative. I don't think this is due to Mass Formation, i.e. free-floating anxiety making a population susceptible to propaganda, but just to propaganda itself: they simply believe what they're hearing, and they think if something were actually up that someone, somewhere, including their doctors would say something. Also, people aren't particularly thoughtful. How else could you explain the relatively high polling for the pandemic response? I like the term Mass Formation, because of its practical application in making people think, especially those who, having done no homework of their own, self-assuredly believe that everything is okay.

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Thank you for your thoughtful, meaningful and sometimes humorous postings. You are so right on the money and are appreciated more than I can express. There is literally NO ONE in my life who gets any of this and your posts, even if less than happy, remind me I am not alone.

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Re: the great mice debacle

I found another instance in which an agency - in this case the CDC - claimed that a situation with more evidence was less reliable, and a situation with less evidence was more reliable.

According to the Covid Blog, "The CDC 'recommends against the use of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19,' citing two cherry-picked studies. But even one of those studies found a lower mortality rate for Ivermectin users versus other protocols (1.2% vs. 4.0%). The CDC concluded that those results were statistically insignificant."


I thought this was interesting since in this case, the difference between 1.2% and 4.0% was insignificant, but in the vaccine trials there was even a smaller difference in the ARR, yet the CDC deemed that good enough to authorize hundreds of millions of injections.

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Maybe Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Harvard speech explains why majority of people is blind "to the reality right in front of them" as you said.

In 1978 he gave a commencement speech at Harvard denouncing western society and identifying the causes of decline in the western culture. Dr. Peter Kreeft (Boston College) calls it "one of the greatest speech in the history of civilization". It's almost prophetic and utterly sobering.


Although he said "Soviet-style communism is zero and less than zero" he told the audience:

"But should someone ask me whether I would indicate the West such as it is today as a model to my country, frankly I would have to answer negatively. No, I could not recommend your society in its present state as an ideal for the transformation of ours.

Through intense suffering our country has now achieved a spiritual development of such intensity that the Western system in its present state of spiritual exhaustion does not look attractive. Even those characteristics of your life which I have just mentioned are extremely saddening."

"A decline in courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days. The Western world has lost its civil courage, both as a whole and separately, in each country, each government, each political party, and, of course, in the United Nations. Such a decline in courage is particularly noticeable among the ruling groups and the intellectual elite, causing an impression of loss of courage by the entire society. Of course, there are many courageous individuals, but they have no determining influence on public life."

"Should one point out that from ancient times declining courage has been considered the beginning of the end?"

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Update: Now with FREE Movie Link!!

Banned Movie: "The Forecaster"

Here's your missing puzzle piece. Distribution was banned throughout the US by Wall Street interests.


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Good Day Toby Rogers PhD,


As excerpted from


What you are being told is a mass psychosis are individual people

terrorized and traumatized by a totalitarian state that has invaded

medicine, seized control of it, bureaucratized it, and terrorized

individual members so that they are afraid to whisper a word of dissent

for fear of ostracism, loss of employment, and even legal actions. This

has nothing to do with psychosis; it is the normal or natural reaction

to totalitarian abuse.

More here:


I watched CHD.TV the whole program Friday Roundtable’ Episode 23: New

Booster Rollout With No Human Testing With Meryl Nass, M.D., Toby

Rogers, Ph.D. + Brian Hooker, Ph.D.

In it you said you are a social scientist and trying to understand how

this co-option of science in HSS could happen. I supply the links above

to add another take on this. At present Dr. Malone and Dr. Mattias

Desmet have spoken authoritatively that the cause is Mass Formation.

Be well,

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Most importantly to point out to those who say, "yep, but you're mandated to wear seatbelts too!"

Seatbelt laws are also unconstitutional. There is no caveat anywhere in the constitution that states: "if it saves lives, any of the aforementioned inalienable rights may be suspended."

It is an individual choice whether or not I wear my seatbelt.

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