NOTE these new medical people only know a drug by its chemical or generic name, NOT BRAND Name. Macrobid is on my reaction list, yet I got a chemical named drug, they didn't know what its brand name was. t trips off their tongues, and is a nightmare to know what it is. for those who learned it by brand name. And they are not going to look it up either. I'm hearing impaired, and can't hear correctly what they say.

Aussies no 5th jab https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/australia-recommends-against-fifth-vaccine-dose-fresh-covid-wave-builds-2022-11-15/

A Knox County teacher is fighting for her life after suffering a stroke at school


Medicaid quietly shifts beneficiaries' coverage during pandemichttps://mississippitoday.org/2022/11/17/mississippi-medicaid-managed-care-fee-for-service/

Tennessee restaurant owner helps employees receive health insurance

Do it lose business, no tips.  Eldest gets ins. with copays. https://www.wate.com/news/knox-county-news/knoxville-restaurant-owner-puts-health-insurance-on-the-bill/

FDA Purges NMN From the List of Supplements


NOT ASKED Vaccine trials should monitor menstrual changes, researchers say https://www.nbcnews.com/health/womens-health/vaccine-trials-should-monitor-menstrual-changes-researchers-say-rcna57520 The scientist behind Pfizer’s Covid vaccine says a flu pandemic is only a matter of time

YOU CAN BE SURE THEY WILL FAKE YOU'RE HAVING IT, JAB WILL CAUSE IT. IN MY 74 YEARS ONLY 2 FLU BOUTS, BOTH CAUSED BY THEIR JABS.https://www.statnews.com/2022/11/16/kathrin-jansen-pfizer-flu-pandemic-covid-vaccine/

FBI investigating Corruption in Detroit

https://borenews.com/2022/11/17/democrat-leaders-caught-in-fbi-sting-operation-the-feds-just-raided-their-detroit-homes-in-probe/ 100,000 pounds of ground beef recalled: Here’s what you need to know


Sumner County Commission Passes Resolution Calling Out Local School System for Inappropriate Books https://tennesseestar.com/2022/11/17/sumner-county-commission-passes-resolution-calling-out-local-school-system-for-inappropriate-books/


'Horrific turnover' of DCS caseworkers leads to request for the budget increase


FDA releases draft amended environmental assessment for AquAdvantage salmon and sets virtual public meeting https://www.foodsafetynews.com/2022/11/fda-releases-draft-amended-environmental-assessment-for-aquadvantage-salmon-and-sets-virtual-public-meeting/

Rise in child poisonings linked to cough medicine, FDA warns, IT'S THE RED DYE IN COUGH SYRUPS IDIOTS.

TESSALON capsules vs vit D can you tell the difference, neither is chewable either. COUGH SYRUPS HAVE RED DYES IN THEM.


Diesel hits record premium over gas, oil


Seeking broad, durable protection, Pfizer and BioNTech move T-cell enhancing COVID vaccine into clinic



Why my family is parting ways with our pediatrician


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The Saga continues: IOJ Begs Court To Fix Online System Blocking All Uploads! Still Waiting For Clerk To Deliver Documents Needed For Judges Order To Stop The Shots.


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Dutch Government Preparing To Cancel World Economic Forum Membership: “We Are a Sovereign Nation”


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"World Wreckonomic Forum" is a great little poem and eye-opener.

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None of the people - family, friends, coworkers - have apologized to me yet.

Correction. One brother did and then he took on the government of Washington DC, literally. (Look upm The Big Board)

I do have to agree that mark Manson was on the money.

But more importantly he was also incredibly wrong. The stupid19 fiasco also revealed the courage and deeply held integrity that so many people have.

I say it (almost) every time but you deserve it every time ... I'm grateful beyond words for your words.

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Nobody wants to hear from a "conspiracy theorist." However, if I leave some truth bombs with the Quackzine True Believers, and they also hear similar news elsewhere, it might eventually make an impression. I am collecting important pieces of information to combine into an information sheet that can be delicately shoved into people's hands, or emailed. Here is the first piece: Covid Update: What is the Truth? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9062939/ It would be helpful if we could all join forces to post our favorite truth bomb articles and videos for others to gather up.

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The simple choice of staying alive, and choosing to avoid experimental injections and drugs, is now a revolutionary act.

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Nov 7, 2022Liked by Toby Rogers

In an effort to quickly get the COVID-19 shots into the arms of everybody in the world, Pfizer launched a competition to develop and AI powered tool to quickly manage and "clean up" clinical trial data.

Clinical Reporting and Drug Discovery: An Overview of AI's Impact on the Pandemic

Oct. 24, 2022

A COVID Use Case: Accelerated Data Validation at Pfizer

"After clinical trials, patient data must be “cleaned up” enough for scientists to accurately analyze the results. Moreover, the development of such a capability would take a long time and potentially, therefore, delay the process further."

"At the time, Pfizer was attempting to get its vaccine approved for emergency use by the FDA and could not afford any delays. The company decided to launch a competition to develop an AI-powered tool that could quickly manage and clean clinical data."


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For those interested in the hypothesis that the novel coronavirus was spreading world-wide months before the lockdowns, here's more evidence that supports this theory. I take a deep dive into the largely ignored results of the Red Cross Antibody Study. The "dog that didn't bark" is that officials have made no real effort to investigate early spread and probably worked non-stop to cover this up.


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But I thought the sacred miracle elixir was safe and effective? Just repeat after me in blind allegiance: The vaccine is safe and effective. The vaccine is safe and effective. The vaccine is safe and effective. The vaccine is safe and effective....

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Excellent blog! Fight medical tyranny. Share Turfseer's music videos.

THE VIRUS IS MY GOD The “virus” is claimed to have invaded a town in the old west and soon worshiped as a new idol among the populace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Viy5g4Sms88

CHURCH OF THE PANDEMIC MIND There’s a new church in town where fear of demons turn neighbor against neighbor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVFjzM5nSro

1692 WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR The mainstream Covid narrative is compared to the Salem Witchcraft trials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qx8keLopGIM

TRUST THE SCIENCE RAG “Dr.” Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton join forces to remind us “Trust the Science” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szPvXq8UXGU

POD PEOPLE BARBECUE Aliens take over peoples’ bodies and turn them into mask-wearing zombies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr5y3gndykM

SHEEPLE UNIVERSITY The people graduate “with honors” at mass conformity Sheeple University https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPt5jtIMqnQ&t=3s

THE COMMANDANT Welcome to internment camps for the unvaccinated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SR9L-TRmfs

FOREVER FREEDOM BRIGADE The anthem of the anti-lockdown movement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euL2M7y9uFE

1984 IS HERE The famous novel becomes a metaphor for the current dilemma we find ourselves in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRivqggeAbI

VACCINE, MY LOVE! A satire on virus mania https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDN0TBL383s O

HOLY ROMAN A child asserts his independence from other children who wear the mask https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV25IBWFwJw

YOU DIDN’T RECOGNIZE ME A familiar figure pulls the strings behind the plandemic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAg9ECs6d9g

THE BALLAD OF TYPHOID MARY The story of Mary Mallon, one of the first victims of medical tyranny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJmr7o8K9mU

MY COVID CRAZY GIRL A man ditches his girlfriend after she becomes a Covid fanatic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZzwnM5RM7U

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The best biological explanation I have encountered this far is that SARS cov-2 was likely an infectious viral clone made, in a lab, using the backbone of a coronavirus with the addition of novel and particularly immunogenic spike protein. Such lab clones have high fidelity of reproduction of virions, are initially very stable and would therefore lead to significantly severe effects. However, once widely spread, the virus would begin to recombine with endemic coronaviruses and since RNA replication of wild-type viruses is fraught with errors, most viral particles are not of high fidelity and then things start to change. Coronaviruses, on the whole, are generally not dangerous to most people. Essentially, the original man-made viral clone has been watered down and blended into the ever-present coronavirus swarm. Coronaviruses, along with many other respiratory viruses DO kill people every year (yes, colds can kill but it's usually the elderly or compromised). They are not diagnosed by tests but lumped into a symptom-based category called "PLI - pneumonia-like-illnesses". With the abuse of PCR, all of these deaths essentially got assigned to covid-19. Even though coronaviruses kill people every year that does NOT mean these are vaccine-preventable deaths, despite what pharma/gov would like to tell people. SARS Cov-2 is now just part of that swarm and is of no greater significance than of any of the other coronaviruses (known and unknown). Immunity to coronaviruses is mostly cellular and broadly based on proteins shared across ALL similar viruses (not just the spike). Going forward, this will be a non-issue for most people. The harms/ ill effects of the vaccines, er I mean mRNA transfections, are another matter.

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Nov 7, 2022Liked by Toby Rogers

There is a website that is tracking protective Right to Refuse bills all across the country. https://righttorefuse.org/

47 states have filed a combined 780 protective right to refuse bills and 27 have passed at the least 1 into law. Over 77 good right to refuse bills passed across the country in just the past 2.5 years and something like another 70 are still pending.

A huge movement in the right direction! New sessions will be starting soon and will bring another huge wave of good bills that will aim protect bodily autonomy without coercion. All citizen driven legislation.

Praying this election will result in some real health freedom minded candidates gaining seats across the country.

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Been doing it for years, at 74 I've experienced their failed surgeries and death pills. you bane it they tried it, My BFF had hernia mesh surgery, and of course, the stuff fell apart, after years of agony, you're too fat to remove it, she wasn't too fat when you put it in. We can't fix it, it's a COSMETIC FIX, But the Bad Cataract surgery is only fixable via Lasix. We are Medicare/Tricar Life. Meniere's attack, no one told me I'd lose my hearing. More on attack 2. next is DEAF, NO YOU'RE TO OLD FOR A $90 COCHLEAR IMPLANT, YOUR A MILITARY SPOUSE AND DON'T QUALIFY. That painful Rotator tear is too small to fix. Read ROBERT YOHO'S BUTCHERED BY HEALTHCARE, BIG PHARMA, AND GOVERNMENT, the BEST $5 ON KINDLE YOU CAN SPEND. LOOK FOR HIS PODCAST HERE. https://robertyoho.substack.com/

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