Alright, I am only 9 days late to the party! Disclaimer: I always celebrate my birthday for full week! This year I planted a gazzilon seeds, and we were miraculously blessed with some sun in the "bu," Fireworks baby!

"Which red state will be the first to organize a Truth Commission to get to the bottom of the crimes of the Covid era? Why hasn’t every red state already done this? By empaneling a grand jury Florida Governor DeSantis is the only Republican governor who has shown courage in this regard."

I cannot disagree on DeSantis stepping up to fight the tyranny in FL. As to why the so-called Red States are do nothing sloths??? But, is the big D up for the battle? Is he our True North? I think not. I am open to hearing more.

SSRI's. My experience with Satan's potions isn't firsthand, but it's about as close as it gets. I will leave it at that for now. I am writing a piece based on my experience backed up with data (or lack thereof) and hindsight. A Midwestern Doctor wrote a few exceptional pieces (search AMD's Substack if interested). Toby you are right on the point that prescribing antidepressants without a comprehensive metabolic panel first is diabolical. However, forget even ever prescribing shit because it has NEVER EVER been properly tested for depression--Aka-Prozac. For now, take my word for it and then do your own research. Is this sounding similar to all vaccines?? Huh? Not one vaccine (and I mean not one) has ever been properly tested against a real placebo (saline) since 1986. Why? Because that was the year HR 5546 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was signed by Reagan which eliminated all financial liability of vaccine manufacturers due to vaccine injury claims. Whoops! "LET's all go crazy," said the good manufacturers of said "vaccines." Print them like money for God's sake. Put the "crazies" on a cocktail of SSRI's that haven't been tested and see what happens. What could possibly go wrong? I will let you all know when this piece drops. To say I am sad, depressed, angry, and slightly effing cynical is an understatement. It hit wayyyyyyy to close to home. As always, Toby you are amazing and we are all blessed for your writing.

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Read this! 2023-06-22 ::: There Was No Pandemic (essay)

By Denis G. Rancourt, PhD

June 22, 2023


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Love it.

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Charming story and video by JFK Jr. He comes across as a genuine human being, not something one would expect from a politician.

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I am glad you have support and family. The words “vacate the apartment” brought tears for both of us.

Hang on. We don’t forget. I enjoy your posts across the various platforms.

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i missed that bit..

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Dear Toby,

I love your substack, thank you for all the thought provoking pieces.

There is one in particular, which you wrote some time ago, about CFS, which stayed with me. Today, I read a first piece in a three part series about something that reminded me of you, and that article, and I wanted to draw your attention to, if you are not following A Midwestern Doctor sub. https://amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/what-is-the-cell-danger-response

Lots of love,


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I can so relate to the name Atilla! 😂😂😂 Our golden puppy Fern destroys everything she can chew on.

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If future historians come close to telling the true, human story of Covid, it will be in large part because of the heroic work of an anonymous writer known as “Transcriber B” on Substack. My Q & A with this unsung hero explains why she’s doing what she’s doing and identifies some of the most heart-wrenching transcripts she’s preserved for posterity.


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BR Jr., Thanks for the hat tip to "Transcriber B," I think! My buffet is so vast I suppose adding another to the cue just increases my odds of getting to the truth. Heartfelt my fellow warrior!

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I have been watching on I one of the streaming platforms don't know which one, 'Silo' with Tim Robbins. It is a great metaphor for the dystopian future that awaits us if the WHO gets its way.

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I watched the first couple episodes of that. It's clever. Amazing sets, good acting.

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Those are some exceptional thoughts Toby! Always uplifting, encouraging, and smile provoking. A whole lot of Love, Gratitude and Respect coming your way...

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good article keep up the good work

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Q: How the actual heck did the powers that be get so many people to obsess about CO2 instead of the much greater threats from atrazine, bromine, fluorine, chlorine, phthalates, PCBs, RoundUp, and aluminum?

A: In the late 1990s Michael Mann drew the infamous hockey stick graph based on flawed models of the environment and thus spawned two generations of shameless grifters, wannabe tyrants, all of whom are willing to exploit sheeple who are trying to find meaning in their life by "saving the planet". It is disgusting and it distracts from solving any real problems, but the overreaction to COVID has emboldened these same grifters and tyrants to double-down on their awful agenda and enslave the world in the name of Gaia. We

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The hockey stick graph is one of the most influential graphs in history. I have not done a deep dive on it but wow, it made an impact.

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aaahhh. The Hockey Stick. And we are the hockey pucks...(ref: Don Rickles)

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Perfect and well stated as usual. Much thanks 🙏👍

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I feel bad for people who worry about dog hair on their clothes. Those are adorable beasts!!

And what you said about metabolic panels before prescribing SSRIs makes so much sense, as there should be hormone panels before prescribing puberty blockers or cross sex hormones. A doctor who was on, I think it was an FLCCC webinar a few weeks ago, said that sometimes kids' hormones are seriously imbalanced, it causes them to feel more of those feelings the cult deems "dysphoria". Sometimes hormone therapy may be helpful and a key, but he spoke of it in terms of rebalancing their own hormones. At least, sure worth a try before taking hornones that make your bone marrow, etc, etc, etc go, "WTF?"

(& Of course as Kennedy's been saying, sometimes the endocrine disruptors we're swimming in, more concentrated in small bodies, are factors in the rise of transgender.) But with so much manipulation, agendas from the top like Jennifer Bilek investigates, + the intense push to go one way with nowhere near informed consent, + same media groups like Newsguard censoring anyone pointing out that safety claims rest on scientific fraud, etc, etc ...

I don't think endocrine disruptors are causing that many people to come to decisions about medically transitioning from a clear and informed place. But probably a huge factor in more people feeling in the spaces between genders. Wouldn't it be nice if those feelings were met with acceptance, maybe something like actual affirmation but not obsession, instead of a pharma-for-life pipeline?

The Highwire is going there more, hopefully legally also. https://thehighwire.com/?s=transgender

When those wounded by pharma, etc's lies from the vaccine cult and those who support them, and those wounded by pharma, etc's lies from the trans cult and those who support them, unite, that will be a powerful force indeed.

The inverse of everything reasonable to such brutal extremes, while calling itself good, and seeming to be run by kids you'd run into at a bar after a Bernie rally, but unfolds as if the fantasies of psychopaths ... is ridiculous ... You describe it so well ...

Wow. Speaking of the gigantic abyss between what one group believes, and another. This is a statement by a doctor who passionately believes that restricting "gender affirming care" for kids is hurtful and hateful. I'll concede there may truly be some kids who are sure, and who would be better off starting young on a medical transition. But as things are there are so many more who are swept up in something that's a social force with risks completely minimized, and they and their parents are scarred for life, in every way. https://queerdoc.com/civil-disobedience-in-trans-care/

"As a queer person in medical school, I often wondered would I have been on the right side of history during the AIDS crisis. Would I have had the empathy, ethics, and courage to provide medical care for patients with HIV and AIDS? Would my fear for my own health and security have limited my involvement? When I was even younger, I asked myself what my participation in the Holocaust would have looked like. Would I have helped save people or stood by and done nothing?

Our current political climate has provided me the opportunity to answer this question. We are facing an epidemic of hate. We are at risk of losing a generation of trans children. I can choose the relative safety of protecting myself, my paycheck, and my family by following these unconstitutional and discriminatory laws that directly oppose evidence-based best practices, national standards of care, my ethics, and federal laws, or I can choose to protect trans children.

I want to be VERY CLEAR: these targeted political attacks on gender affirming care providers and patients from the Alliance Defending Freedom, the Heritage Foundation, and the Family Policy Alliance are a public health emergency. . . ."

I found this site wondering what options pharma and surgeons would offer me if I were a kid today, probably obsessively they / them instead of wanting to change into a boy.



" However, he does note that this surgery is not without its drawbacks: you cannot remove the testes and continue to produce the hormones that the body needs to stay regulated, so patients must begin a hormone regimen so that their mental health remains the same, if it does not improve, after surgery."

Pharma must be fought on both fronts.


New film - (much went into making it, need to be a subscriber to Epoch Times, (but that costs just one dollar) -

Subscribe for $1 for 2 months, cancel anytime.


After subscribing, watch the documentary on the link below.



Also, this was a creation by loving, liberal parents, the trans cult got it cancelled at AMC theaters, but it's on Youtube for now. I've seen the first, not yet the second.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhU24k939ys -"No Way Back: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care"


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Yes, He did.

Yes, we should.

But there is coming a time ...

Remember Ecclesiastes - a time for Peace AND A Time For War - Tgat war will come as a result of worldwide Rebellion against God & Lord THUNDERING Jesus WILL come Again & SQUASH The Luciferian Rebels.

Mark my words.

For those who relent, His Mercy is limitless.

For those who choose to Rebel, His Judgement will be with a Rod of IRON.


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RFKJ seems like an interesting person that I’d probably enjoy speaking with... but I hope he wouldn’t be offended that I might want to spend more time with the pooches! 🤣

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