Mitigate global warming? You know vaccines aren't the only scam, right?

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The research facility in Colorado is a scam. They have scared people witless with such nonsense for years. You will have to be bats to believe what they tell you!



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“As people become increasingly impaired, neurologically, by vaccines, they will become increasingly dependent on Artificial Intelligence to do their thinking and writing for them but less able to spot the difference between nonsense and the truth. This is where we’re headed and it’s a disaster.”

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RFK is so close but with a fundamental flaw. It's always been the hitch in what we call "classic liberal" in the 20th century. Solutions cannot flow from the government. That he didn't end at just stopping the crony capitalism and continued into laying out his environmental stances shows his underlying bias and ultimately inability to really cut out the metastasizing cancer in the system. Completely agree with his positions on individual health and wellness, a rational and consistent immigration, shutting down surveillance, getting the U.S. out of constant military action. I doubt he will never see how a free market must respect private property rights.

No one wants to live in pollution and the only reason large corporations can get away with it is there exists powerful, unaccountable land management agencies at the federal and state level that are ripe for corruption through use of big, international NGOs.

The stranglehold of small, usually ultra wealthy, forces within the conservation and environmental movements will always tilt the benefits to serve their benefactors. So it must be decentralized. That is the only solution. That's where the true classical liberal would see the parallels between how Pfizer owns the CDC and FDA to how the land use system is owned by corporations and billionaires, too. But he cannot since he's just as deep in that environmental swamp as is Fauci-types are in their medical swamp. Big corporations own the BLM and USFS and NPS through the IUCN, Nature Conservancy, WWF, Conservation International, etc.

The thing here is that a lot of people agree with him that we need to protect open space. But until he admits he may have a bias there can be no dialogue to how to solve the real problems within environment and land use that do need to be addressed. The trust we have in each other at the personal level to listen and respect positions must be healed. It's always money talks, even within outdoor recreation where everyone just wants to spend the day away from the constant bickering we're subjected to daily.

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A modest proposal, part 4 -- Set the genociders to working in the sewers, where they'll likely feel right at home. Keep them busy clearing blockages, cleaning up, maybe even installing electricity turbines if they've been very good (something Portland Oregon got very right). And when the sewers are squeaky clean, set them to cleaning homeless encampments & shelters and disposing of hospital waste. Make a mess, clear mess up, in a few thousand years the books will be balanced.

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"This is what 𝑮𝒍𝒐𝒃𝒐𝑪𝒂𝒑 does — it exploits any opportunity to increase its wealth, power, and control."

Fixed it. Now you and CJ Hopkins (see his latest stack) are in perfect agreement.

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CJ is so great! I loved his Fighting Monsters article (and everything he writes).

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"....Democrats, formerly the best critical thinkers, are now unable to think critically." Huh?

I had that Democrat bias for a lot of years, too, due to family upbringing, but then I realized it was all hogwash. Democrats (like engineers, if you've ever worked with them) tend to think they're smarter/more compassionate/logical, etc.

As for RFK ad, I agree. After leaving the D party after the Clinton years, as a way to avoid the "R" or "C" label, I've been referring to myself a classical liberal. It's not only accurate, it points to the fact that it is they (the corrupt Ds and so-called liberals, with their total lack of standards, principles or consistency) that have been changing, not me.

My political priorities at this point are rather simple: avoid all foreign wars, adhere to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, take apart the Deep State and the Toxic 'Public Health' / Pharma cartel, don't spend $$ we don't have, and leave us alone.

Yes, that is asking a lot. RFK Jr is probably the best overall on my priorities, but I'm afraid the Israel lobby is so strong in our country that no political candidate has a chance in this fight without 'doing business' in some manner with them, and signing their loyalty oath (which of course is grounds for treason -- purportedly over 70% of our elected officials take $$ from Israel lobbies).

It was long said that Israel was our 'client state'. Now I think it is fairly clear: we are simply Israel's bitch. Meanwhile the genocide in Palestine continues with a corrupt media covering up the truth.

p.s. Love your modest proposals.

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I wish Kennedy supported Palestine and had a more socialistic worker viewpoint but I will probably vote for him or Jill Stein. Here's why, the two party system has always been a problem, but now it's a horrible joke that isn't funny. Both sides are destroying America in their own ways. Trump kicked off Operation Warp Speed and destroyed the EPA. Meanwhile government agencies began censoring prominent voices of truth under Trump. Bidden continued all of that, opened the boarder and got the USA involved in two wars. Both sides have racked up 34 trillion in national debt. Instead of the lessor of these two demonic parties, I'm voting for someone new.

I've been voting for third parties for decades and I'm hoping more people will join me. With enough votes we can break through the Red/Blue logjam that is destroying America faster than ever before. As long as just two parties control our government, the wealthy psychopaths will remain in total control simply by funding both parties. However, when more parties become viable because lots of people vote for them, controlling all of those parties becomes much more difficult for the elite.

Ultimately, I would like to eliminate all of the parties and replace our oligarchic pseudo-democracy with a real direct democracy. If all adults voted then the wacko psychopaths would be over ruled. One vote per person no matter how wealthy or poor a person is would give the 99% control and the 1% would lose control. The only way to make a government of the people, for the people and by the people is to have the people in charge. It really is that simple.

Real democracy is direct democracy. However, the wealthy know that direct democracy will end their pyramid of power that has been characteristic of civilization for millennia. Instead of rich versus poor, everyone will have a roof over their head, food to eat, education, healthcare, electricity, interest free loans and smiles on our faces. Crime will end and prosperity will bless everyone. If Muammar Qaddafi could do it in Lybia, then so can we. Check out this article:


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And can we believe this site about Gaddafi? I'm definitely not a socialist, though social programs can be good for a society but a government run by a mob with 'no skin in the game' isn't the answer for me.

We need to be workers in the field until the Most High Big Guy's son comes.

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There are numerous sources that provide the same information including interviews with diplomats who saw it all for themselves. Many conscientious African leaders have commented on how Gaddafi was leading the entire African continent out of colonial oppression imposed by the USA, France and the Netherlands who steal African resources and leave the people in horrible conditions. In the USA we allow foreign corporations to steal our gold without out even paying taxes on the gold they extract and remove from our country. Resources are part of the commons and ought to be used for everyones prosperity. Venezuela was trying to do the same sort of thing as Gaddafi, but that was shut down quickly due to being so close to the USA.

The word "mob" applies to mobsters which is exactly what governments like ours are. The banksters constitute the top Mafia organization and the USA acts as the World Bank hitmen. Stop believing the propaganda that we have the best democracy in the world. We have an oligarchy that serves the wealthy.

At the 1787 Constitutional convention in Philadelphia, John Jay proclaimed, “Those who own the country ought to govern it.” That expressed the sentiments of most wealthy elites, both then and now. The framers of the US Constitution were actually wealthy demagogues who owned slaves. Even though a bill of rights was proposed during the convention it wasn’t approved by these domineering male elite mobsters. As soon as that Constitution was approved, the peasants launched armed rebellions insisting on a bill of rights. However, those first ten amendments to the Constitution never changed the fact that wealthy psychopathic demagogues continue to rule the USA.

Most workers are the salt of the Earth, conversely, most of the wealthy (1%) are greedy people who take advantage of the workers who actually generate 100% of the wealth. I grew up in what was then, the wealthiest place in America, Grosse Pointe. I know what I'm talking about because I knew many of the greedy elite and chose to leave that den of thieves. Capitalism is actually quite like feudalism, but our schooling teaches us the lie that capitalism is fair and just when it never has been. Gaddafi was revealing how a truly fair system provides prosperity for everyone. The greedy elite were threatened by that example so they bombed his country and assassinated him.

By the way, Yahweh is one of the pagan gods who is known as Saturn in Roman, Kronos in Greek, and Satan in modern English. He is running the world just as the bible claims.

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We're never going to agree about Gaddafi. Especially as you seem to idolize him.

But I do think we've destabilized many nations and made the world more dangerous.

"Most workers are the salt of the earth"? Where do you get that from? They can also be an unruly mob out for themselves. I won't romanticize them.

As an aside, where did you study about Yahweh, Saturn, Kronos and Satan? Even most mythology studies don't mix them all up. When you do that, you're missing the distinctions. But you are definitely on to something. I too think what is happening is diabolical.

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If workers were greedy mobs they wouldn't be workers, they would be in control. It's the wealthy who are greedy selfish psychopaths who use capitalism and an oligarchic government to make workers into wage slaves.

As for the demonic gods, here's one source:


There are many scholars who have revealed that Yahweh is an evil pagan god. Moses' Torah, aka the first 5 books of the Old Testament, has statements that reveal how demonic Yahweh is. For example read Numbers chapter 31 and try to explain why Yahweh was given 32 virgins (women who had not slept with a man) along with numerous animals as tribute that were taken by Moses and the Priest to the sacred tent, presumably for sacrifice. Virgin sacrifice by Moses and his followers documented in the Holy Bible!

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hi George,

As I said, I think you're on to something. But which Yahweh hates us and wants us destroyed? You make no distinction. There's more than one Yahweh in Scriptures.

And Numbers Chapter 31 has 32,000 midianite virgin women taken captive in war. Their lives were spared because they were virgins, so fit for marriage to the Israelite men.

Where is the virgin sacrifice by Moses documented in Scriptures?

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Ell and Elohim refers to Baal the Canaanite deity. Jews are actually Canaanites. DNA studies have confirmed that.

Please read more carefully, it's all in Number chapter 31: ESV {28} And levy for the LORD a tribute from the men of war who went out to battle, one out of five hundred, of the people and of the oxen and of the donkeys and of the flocks. {29} Take it from their half and give it to Eleazar the priest as a contribution to the LORD. {30} And from the people of Israel's half you shall take one drawn out of every fifty, of the people, of the oxen, of the donkeys, and of the flocks, of all the cattle, and give them to the Levites who keep guard over the tabernacle of the LORD.” {31} And Moses and Eleazar the priest did as the LORD commanded Moses. .... {36} And the half, the portion of those who had gone out in the army, numbered 337,500 sheep, {37} and the LORD's tribute of sheep was 675. {38} The cattle were 36,000, of which the LORD's tribute was 72. {39} The donkeys were 30,500, of which the LORD's tribute was 61. {40} The persons were 16,000, of which the LORD's tribute was 32 persons. {41} And Moses gave the tribute, which was the contribution for the LORD, to Eleazar the priest, as the LORD commanded Moses.

Obviously 16,000 virgins were given to the LORD who is Yahweh.

Stop asking me questions. Do your own research and pay attention to what you are reading.

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As someone who shovels for a hobby, take my word for it: shoveling’s too good for them.

Give them spoons.

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"Democrats, formerly the best critical thinkers..."

Sorry, no. I know Democrats like to think this about themselves, but the rest of us beg to differ. And given where Democrats have ended up, I think it demonstrates pretty conclusively that they have NOT been the best critical thinkers. Not by a long shot.

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I don't really understand your reason for him having to humble himself, especially when looking at him compared to the others. Personally I'm glad he won't join Trump, they are too far apart and he would have to go against his own integrity and beliefs.

Of course it would be best if he won by a landslide. There are a lot of months to go, let's see what happens.

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RFK Jr Picks Soros Advocate Nicole Shanahan as His VP Running Mate


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Thanks 2nd Smartest Guy. Whose the first?

I appreciate the information, because I tried to find out more about her. Aside from her father's mental problems and her childhood poverty, I thought the information about her connections to WEF had been scrubbed.

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You beat me posting this link. Thanks.

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Great Proposals! Interesting switch for justice to compensation for the injured.

There will be a need for maximum production of Shovels followed by body bags, for out of shape shovelers.

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>Have them dig a canal by hand into the Australian Outback to create a giant inland boating and recreation area.

White people are not allowed at outback lakes anymore.


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"See the thing is, the evil doers aren’t stopping

"Sorry no, this does not make sense, I will not normalize it:

"The biowarfare industrial complex is still ‘full speed ahead’ with creating new gain-of-function viruses."

Yes, I noticed. I've written about it again and again until I can hardly even think about it anymore. Here's a different take:

There is nothing "normal" about it, but it does entirely make sense. When you see something like this steamrolling ahead no matter what, something else is behind it that you don't see.

Re-examine your assumptions. Especially your dearest, most sacrosanct sacred cows. Yes, that, and that. While you are at it, consider the ways that you might be blinded by continuing to "trust the science".

Look afresh. What have you been taught not to see? Or what might exist that truly is invisible but which nevertheless can act in the visible world in ways that can be observed?

Some people think I’m nuts because of my belief in God. (Come to think of it, I used to think the exact same thing about other people like that.) Is it strictly correct to say that things that clearly are happening don't make sense, when they would make sense if understood? After all, they are happening. It's not a fluke. We see it again and again and again. Might there be some nuttiness there in rejecting it as not making sense?

Might looking at whatever it is straight in the eyes be just too much? I can sympathize with that. I've looked and I'm horrified, almost to the point of determining not to see it. But only "almost". I look to my God for help, and I receive it, even though what I see totally creeps me out. I know, delusional. Completely insane. Makes no sense at all.

How about "There is no universe where this makes sense". How certain are you of that? What about this universe for starters?

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