I think Tyson is a typical midwit power-tripping scientist but are rape allegations really relevant to your point?

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Toby - I so love "Your Moment of Zen" feature! Sharing a moment of Zen I discovered today. So much us humans can learn from God's creatures.


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"F*ck every single pediatrician who is not speaking out about the iatrogenocide right now."

Sometimes, it just has to be said.

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Please consider sharing/covering what follows.

"HS and State Department officials told reporters on Friday they will put in place a program at the border to encourage immigrants to get vaccinated. One official said DHS is already offering 2,000 Covid vaccinations at 11 locations along the southern border daily, with plans to increase to 6,000 vaccinations at 27 locations before May 23. Those who refuse to be vaccinated and cannot prove they were previously vaccinated will be sent to Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention, if they are single adults, or released with “more stringent conditions,” if they are families."


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I always enjoy your concise, cogent cultural commentaries. Right on the money. As to "one would think that doctors & scientists would have the best tools (i.e. the scientific method) for countering harmful ideology," if you haven't seen it yet, watch the documentary Caring Corrupted: The Killing Nurses of the Third Reich to see the precedent for the way the medical profession sold us out (again) during the Covid crisis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz8ge4aw8Ws

Thanks for the Huxley quote—Orwell gets a lot more coverage but both are required reading to decode our current situation, as I wrote in my essay, "The Brave New World of 1984" in my book Words from the Dead: Relevant Readings in the Covid Age.

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Veterinarians jobs are similar to pediatricians. Ads / descriptions of most vets read something like - "Bring your dogs and cats to us for annual vaccinations, and also for those strange rashes, lumps, bumps, infections, allergies, cancers (and all the things that come up when their immune systems are scrambled)."

Altho I'd love to know how puppies can avoid or cure parvo without vaccinations.

Probably the clinical trials are just as poor and fraudulent with animal vaccines as human vaccines.

Excited about Kennedy's run! Great article here - https://merylnass.substack.com/p/bobby-steps-up-by-james-howard-kunstler (altho liberals would probably find reasons to disagree with Kunstler on other things and therefore dismiss it all. It's like a stupid logical fallacy on infinite loop. Probably conservatives would find reasons to disagree with Kunstler (and Kennedy) on things but still be capable of processing what he's saying about this pivotal moment and this deeply good person.

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I think you are correct (though I think "war machine" needs some nuance). The German armed forces (Wehrmacht) were fighting constant battles with the SS (by 1942-44) regarding access to transport resources: the SS wanted to ship Jews east but the Wehrmacht preferred to ship war material east and transport resources were scarce. A couple of accounts of Hitler having to intercede directly in the dispute - which was very rare; he usually decided in favor of the Wehrmacht. That nuance supporting your claim (and by no means establishing that the Wehrmacht were fundamentally opposed to the final solution in the east).

And shifting back to 1933, 34 there actually was an obscure German academic (poly-sci or close) who could not understand the National Socialist's obsession with the "Jewish question". And then set out to argue in print that Antisemitism was entirely superfluous in the New Germany, i.e. in National Socialist ideology. Sort of: let's invite the Jews to join us! - They are loyal Germans and will do so. (he was very likely correct). He was quickly told by his superiors to drop the whole thing and did so.

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"F*ck every single pediatrician who is not speaking out about the iatrogenocide right now." A fist-pump moment for me, without a doubt, Dr Toby! I love it! (and the entire article as well)

I last had my kids at a ped over 13 yrs ago (they are now 17 and nearly 19; older boy ASD). I stopped vaxxing when youngest was 12 mo and older boy was already suspected of ASD at 24 mo. that last ped actually said to me: 'diphtheria is gonna come back if we stop vaxxing for it'. the woman didn't even know the transmission vectors for the diseases she was vaxxing for!! obviously in med school all they teach is 'vax good. early and often'. cha-ching with every jab. then the kids are sick ALL the time, repeat visits, cha-ching. they wouldn't know a healthy kid if he/she bit them on the ass! this mentality, I just don't get it. chronically ill children are (and have been) the 'new normal'.

its been so sad over the years to see unawakened parents of disabled children, taking those kids back to children's hospitals for drugs and procedures, and then more drug and procedures to counter the side effects of the first ones. a mom I knew of a child with a severe birth injury, happened to mention his chronic constipation (likely from some drug,) so I suggested aloe vera juice. she said she would have to 'research' it. yet she didn't research the Miralax she was poisoning her son with. THEY don't get it, THEY don't see it. so the parents don't know enough to even call out the peds. the peds are willfully blind. I've had to distance myself over the years for my own sanity.

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I have noticed an interesting contrast between less-impaired persons with autism (PWAs) and the transsexual community. Among the latter, in my days in that community, anyway, were MDs that were transsexuals themselves and that offered accurate medical information with informed consent to others in the community. Among PWAs I did not find MDs or other medical professionals. All the "help" appeared to come from non-experiencers, many of whom lacked whatever it takes to be able to understand and join in with someone else whose experience of the world might be profoundly different.

I can kind of understand this. It took me 10 years to complete my bachelor's degree in computer science (high school was not much fun either, especially my senior year which I barely made it through). I started to go for an MS after graduation, but it was too much. Working in the field, however, before and after graduation, I chose work that I could do readily, and avoided what I couldn't. I have been doing that successfully for over 50 years.

I'm not a fan of "equity" and I don't find this particularly unfair, but I can see "selective pressures" that could function as a barrier to PWAs using their experiences and insights to help others like themselves.

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Faucista noun [fäu̇-ˈshē-(ˌ)stä] 1: a follower of Anthony Fauci. See also: liar, nihilist, Molochian, madman. Thank you for the best laugh I've had today! I'd like to add narcissist to this definition, please!

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Just watched RFK Jr's presidential announcement speech from last Weds Apr 19th. Astonishing, uplifting, resonant and honest, like listening to a clear voice of reason in this toxic chaos of noise. He is such a Kennedy, continuing the legacy of his uncle and his father. And he's a lawyer and a fighter. I'm all in.


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Listening to sharing of opinions between Del and Neil deGrasse Tyson really opened my eyes to something I've felt for a while about the shared mindset (aka "mob mindset") and how it can work for the good of life on the planet and the opposite. The mob mindset simply can't be allowed to rule/dominate all the others all the time. LOR -- "One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them." I don't want to believe in a "scientific process" based solely on consensus model.

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Watched your interview from CHD TV, and it was an excellent presentation. Thank you for all you have done and are still doing. . You shared an important list of " what can we do" to stop the madness of an autism budget that will soon surpass the budget of the DOD. You talked about a " thriving political class infrastructure, getting the chemicals out of our bodies, and other important issues. But underneath all of these horrific plans and threats from the sociopaths that are causing this death and mayhem is something else - and it's not carnal, it's spiritual. America was built on the foundation of the Torah, of which the Ten Commandments are a major part. This nation must have a national repentance - realizing our individual and collective sins - put on sackcloth - get a feedbag and cut out a few holes - and weep before our Creator and sigh and cry for the abominations.

The calendar the world keeps is of the dark side - think about it - the calendar in of our Mighty One is from the sun, moon and stars - it is NOT a contrived Roman Gregorian calendar with the names of the days of the week and most months from pagan gods that " controls" all happenings in the globe.

. And the name - his name is the sound of your breath - in bound YAH - " man of war, open hand, open window" and the out bound breath ' WAH - which is " she her wisdom" Make and female right in the name. The assault on our children is also to destroy their ability to procreate and to remove their organs and destroy their lives. The horrible destruction of autism was just a foretaste of what Satan has planned.

This is a spiritual war. We must use spiritual weapons, We can repent in the privacy of our homes, ask for Yahwah to give you insight into HIS calendar and HIS name and HIS commandments, Which Christ said - if a man love me and does not obey me - that man is a liar. " Don't look for the answers in the pagan christian churches, most of them are lost. Cry out for understanding, get your Bible out and ask for wisdom on how to fight the demons behind the tyrants. Fear Yahwah, not man.

More info here. http://thebp.site/222814

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'The “unique epistemic position” of doctors & scientists gives them unrivaled power in society and so they are uniquely vulnerable to the corrosive influence of power. ' Thanks Toby. This needs to be added to a piece that Midwest Doctor wrote recently on his substack:

Doctors are given the power and privileges they have in society for three separate reasons:

1) The public trusts them to be upstanding individuals they can trust.

2) They are agents of the state the state can use to enact its policies.

3) They serve as the capstone that makes the entire pharmaceutical business model possible.

Most doctors are not consciously aware of all three of these.

I added the following:

4) they were "initiated" (aka. went thru medical boot camp hell) and further paid out huge sums of money for said degree

5) they wear white lab coats which bestow prestige and sanctity (like a priestly class)

6) make a lot of money and are so elevated in the eyes of public deserving of trust.

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1/ a completely mentally disabled society will be a walkover for the globalist psychopaths - those of us who remain with functioning brains will feel, are feeling, like we're living through the weirdest fucking horror movie shooting in real time

2/ I don't normally buy into political hero worship, but Kennedy just changed my mind

3/ Thanks Toby, you're so on it

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