To be clear, I think that SARS-CoV-2 is real and killed a lot of people (we'll never know the total number). It's a bioweapon developed in a joint collaboration between the U.S. military and the Chinese military. I also believe that it could have been contained with minimal loss of life in about a month with proper use of off-the-shelf treatments that the FDA and CDC knew would be safe and effective against SARS coronaviruses.

The PSYOP is that they used pandemic theater as a pretext to shut down the global economy and block access to treatments in order to create the market for the trillion dollar Covid vaccines. It's the largest smash and grab job in the human history. Tony Fauci literally killed millions of people in order to enrich his Pharma friends. Modern American society is a sci-fi horror movie come to life.

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I updated the article to include the images from Bergamo, Italy early in the pandemic. As others pointed out in the comments, Bergamo was the testing ground for both the Covid narrative and the lockdown policies that were soon exported throughout the world. That was the beat in the story that I was missing. Adding that in paints a more comprehensive picture of the global stage play that we just lived through.

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"Traditional war propaganda consists of, ‘Rah rah! We’re the best! The other side is evil! We’re going to win!’ We saw that in the various Iraq wars and every U.S. military intervention since televisions first appeared. What we have experienced over the last three years was much more sinister than that. Covid digital warfare appears designed to humiliate and demobilize the American people in preparation for extermination."

I felt that sinister vibe early on. I could not watch television. Even years ago it felt like mind rape. I hated being stuck in some public place like an airport or gas station that had that garbage on. During the pandemic sometimes I'd catch clips of something from the mainstream. I developed a visceral hate of Bill Gates after I saw him normalizing wearing a facemask and saying someday it would just be expected like wearing pants. He was with female anchors all in skirts who giggled nervously like prostitutes who downplayed the sadism of the big spender. None of fthem were wearing facemasks in the clip either. The whole thing felt like a brutal display in BDSM occult...

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It was nothing new. They did the same thing with polio. My grandmother still gets freaked out & filled with fear thinking about the iron lung image they promoted to get the vaccine. She won’t hear any other side of the polio nonsense.

I wonder how many people will respond the same way decades down the road??

For me, these images provoke anger & disgust. I knew it was a scam from the beginning & trying to tell people was like talking to a wall. I was angry at people for being so gullible & angry at the down right lies in these images & reporting. Even showing people videos from Twitter where people were showing empty ERs, testing sites, etc-they wouldn’t believe it. We lived in NJ when it all hit. The lockdowns,corrupt governor, & nuttiness of the people were a nightmare. I hate seeing handouts about Covid still hanging in places. I can’t believe people are still testing for Covid if they have a sniffle. The mental warfare they did on people is far reaching.

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"What’s strange about both of these campaigns is that the FDA & CDC knew that they were lying and killing people in the process." Yes, and many of us will not want to understand that or the larger implications.

If we go back to the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London - bizarre, predictive, creepy, ritualistic and included many dancing nurses (as well as a part where they were like puppets, whose strings were being pulled) we can see the beginning of the Covid pysop being introduced in an 'announcement' kind of way.; a 'we're putting you on notice' level.

The mocking and humiliation are built in to the pysop. Those behind these kinds of operations are letting us know what they think of us. How little we mean and how easy we are to control. It's not strange that they are lying, Toby. That would be true in a sane world. The lying - blatant - is part of it.


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covid was indeed, viral marketing at its finest !


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The dancing nurses are just so embarrassing to watch. I feel embarrassed for them. Also, have any of you actually had people you know apologize for how they acted/treated you during covid? I haven’t had one person admit they might have been wrong.

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It wasn't just the USA which was tortured and humiliated! We in Europe and the UK also got well slapped. Obviously, the world has moved on now hasn't it? We are all now convinced that Putin is Demented, Ukraine is a benign democracy fighting for its life, the planet is burning and we are to blame and at any moment another deadly virus will appear.

The most depressing thing is that the vast majority of people believe every stupid lie fed to them. I have a gardener friend who knows full well that plants need CO2 to survive and yet he believes humanity needs to stop farming because CO2 is destroying the planet. Absolutely no way of convincing him that any pollution being churned out is from power stations and not from cows' backsides.

I think we here all know, deep down inside, that it's all just going to get worse. People will accept CBDCs, toxic jabs of "living-saving" abilities, insect burgers, destruction of their childrens' futures. All of it. Because they are not paying attention and The Powers That Be know that. If they paid attention they wouldn't have fallen for the Covid Scamdemic!

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I have to admit, as a newly retired NYC school teacher, wife, mother, daughter, sister, etc, I did not and do not know enough about viruses and was legitimately scared in March 2020. At the time we were getting 2nd and 3rd opinions from surgeons regarding my 80yo mothers broken neck. Her surgeon wanted to do surgery (she hadn’t had for many reasons and was wearing a brace around her neck) and we were getting other opinions. The virus had just been blasted all over the news and the Drs we visited were limiting the amount of people in their office. I was scared for my mother and would do anything to protect her. I wore the mask and kept her away from strangers and stores. We did NOT do the surgery and we did not do the jab. It took me about 8 weeks to wake up and see the hypocrisy, the manic reporting, tv ads for masks and “we are all in this together” ad nauseum and the attacks on Trump. When Gov Cuomo and Pelosi and Biden said they would not get the jab under the Trump Admin, and then changed course after the election, I smelled a rat. The dancing nurses, late night talk show hosts dancing like idiots, the virtue signaling on social media, etc was just so obvious. No regrets not getting jabbed. All my Dem friends and family got Coofid real bad multiple times. I had it once (if it was it?) in 2022 for 3 days and was better with Vit C, D, zinc, Quercetin and lots of sun and fluids. I was in FL on Vaca at the time and made sure as soon as I was up to it to walk, bike ride and resume life as normal. But life is not normal now and never will be the same. It’s horrific to see what has happened and the side effects of these jabs affecting so many healthy young people. People are still asleep and brainwashed by the msm and “the science” and there is no talking to them. The Dems in my state are still pushing for the jab to be mandated. It’s crazy. I haven’t seen my dr in over 3 years and don’t know if I ever will again unless necessary. Sad and horrifying times we are in.

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Thank you Toby!

If anyone knows what the name of the technique/strategy used for the Dancing Nurses, I would love us all to find out. This is the best I've come to describing it:

"It’s something like this I think…they use “comedy” to make us “feel good” about the fact that they are using comedy to make fun of the fact that they can do whatever they want to us, and we won’t do anything about it…it’s something double and triple twisted like that, that turns an already mushy brain into soup."

There must be a name that describes it though...

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RE: The images that became iconic were testaments to NY’s failures to think critically and logically about the challenges at hand.

NYC was "ground zero" of the Covid theater. It was a massive success not a "failure." We need to stop using that language. The "pandemic" wasn't "botched", it was a massively successful piece of psychological warfare and straight up murder.

Mistakes Were Not Made

A poem by Margaret Anna Alice

The Armenian Genocide was not a mistake.

Holodomor was not a mistake.

The Final Solution was not a mistake.

The Great Leap Forward was not a mistake.

The Killing Fields were not a mistake.

Name your genocide—it was not a mistake.

That includes the Great Democide of the 2020s.

To imply otherwise is to give Them the out they are seeking.

It was not botched.

It was not bungled.

It was not a blunder.

It was not incompetence.

It was not lack of knowledge.

It was not spontaneous mass hysteria.

The planning occurred in plain sight.

The planning is still occurring in plain sight.

The philanthropaths bought The $cience™.

The modelers projected the lies.

The testers concocted the crisis.

The NGOs leased the academics.

The $cientists fabricated the findings.

The mouthpieces spewed the talking points.

The organizations declared the emergency.

The governments erected the walls.

The departments rewrote the rules.

The governors quashed the rights.

The politicians passed the laws.

The bankers installed the control grid.

The stooges laundered the money.

The DoD placed the orders.

The corporations fulfilled the contracts.

The regulators approved the solution.

The laws shielded the contractors.

The agencies ignored the signals.

The behemoths consolidated the media.

The psychologists crafted the messaging.

The propagandists chanted the slogans.

The fact-chokers smeared the dissidents.

The censors silenced the questioners.

The jackboots stomped the dissenters.

The tyrants summoned.

The puppeteers jerked.

The puppets danced.

The colluders implemented.

The doctors ordered.

The hospitals administered.

The menticiders scripted.

The bamboozled bleated.

The totalitarianized bullied.

The Covidians tattled.

The parents surrendered.

The good citizens believed … and forgot.

This was calculated.

This was formulated.

This was focus-grouped.

This was articulated.

This was manufactured.

This was falsified.

This was coerced.

This was inflicted.

This was denied.

We were terrorized.

We were isolated.

We were gaslit.

We were dehumanized.

We were wounded.

We were killed.

Don’t let them get away with it.

Don’t let them get away with it.

Don’t let them get away with it.

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All of this should completely collapse the “healthcare” system and Big Pharma!

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“Mocking the victim “ is a critical part of an effective psyops operation because it makes the victim feel guilty and instead of seeing reality and questioning the true perpetrators of their evil situation, it makes the victims question themselves. Since any sane person has self doubts, at a minimum as a good scientist you need to question yourself, and some have very deep self doubts, focusing victims of extreme self questioning can be very effective for stopping evaluation of reality as your article does. When faced with a false reality, you either question reality or question your self. This tragic lesson comes from the all too common and heartbreaking “battered wife” psychology were the victims admitted they were beaten by a brutal psychopath but disgustedly claimed “they deserved it” and stay attached to the monster. The goal of the techniques you discussed is not only degradation and dependency. It is “obvious” degradation and self doubt to cause a loss of the ability to question. Very much an MK Ultra technique. The success is evident in how many people still hold to the narrative like the women with 5 shots who has had Covid ten times. That psychology is way beyond rational and logic won’t change that. Only an incredibly strong Significant Emotional Event (a brilliant friend of mine coined the acronym a SEE) will break through that emotional conditioning to open the victims up to new logic. Whether we have time for a Mass SEE before the WHO takes over and shuts down all Medical, Financial, and information Freedom is our challenge.

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As I understand it, no increase in overall mortality happened until the deathvax was deployed. Covid was pure theater and fraud. Thanks for this article, Toby.

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There was nothing unusual at all happening in India - it was pure propaganda foisted on the easily misled Western media consumers in order to manufacture rationales for massive vaccine dumps subsidized by taxpayers.

The funeral pyres in India are normal. This is simply how the Hindus do it- mass cremation.There are relatively few burials in India and based on tradition there have not been for several thousand years if not forever.

The CNN's, BBC's of the world are counting on the Western media consumers knowing nothing about the religions, traditions or culture of India.

There was nothing going on in India other than increased testing with the phony PCR tests, fear mongering and priming the pump for a vaccine dump.

The uptake of the "vaccines" was around 1.5% in India, not meeting the expectations of the Pharma ghouls, and the uptake in Western countries was stalling. This translates into massive numbers of pre-produced poisonous vials sitting on the shelves with a shrinking number of readily available arms.


Manufacture a crisis in India in order to "sell the solution" and dump massive amounts of vaccines on "Third World" countries all subsidized by taxpayers from Western countries with, of course, profits going straight to the Pharma corps and their parasitic investors.

India is the most important market for the global vaccine business, because it is by far the largest: 1.3 billion people with a biddable fascist government and a health system almost completely co-opted by the Gates Foundation.

The African continent has nearly as many people but more than 50 governments that need to be individually manipulated and subdued by the Gates/Pharma machine. India is the prize: Getting everybody vaxxed results in staggering profits.

In India the government purposefully induced COVID ANXIETY SYNDROME in the population.

COVID panic in India was deliberately engineered in order to increase vaccine uptake.

“Vaccine hesitancy” among the people of India is due to a long history of being used as guinea pigs for pharmaceuticals, ranging from dangerous contraceptives to deadly experimental vaccines.

India’s healthcare has already been devastated by neoliberal swindles, engineered in significant part by Bill Gates, aimed at replacing primary care with pharmaceutical verticals.

India has been used by Bill Gates and his ruling class allies as the testbed for every imaginable attack on the people, ranging from demonetization to sterilization. Grossly exaggerated reports of COVID catastrophe must be consumed critically with all this in mind.

Delhi, the focus of the media’s messaging, and the source of many of the media’s horrifying scenes of suffering, has the most toxic air in the world which often leads to the city having to close down due to the widespread effects on respiratory health.

Respiratory diseases including COPD, TB, and respiratory tract infections like bronchitis leading to pneumonia are always among the top ten killers in India.

Pretty easy for the media to fake a "respiratory plague" in India, same in N Italy, as it already exists for reasons other than a fictional "killer virus."

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This is a great summation. I'm sure there is more to add. The problem and I mean problem is it is preaching to the choir. The Libs I know still believe covid was the bogeyman and speak as such. Then others who don't want to know, still don't and others still think life just goes on as it always has but with a few hiccups. Now excuse me, I have to go hang my new blue and yellow flag.

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