This thread ^^ did a million views on Twitter before I got deplatformed for pointing out that Fauci blocked access to the antibiotic Batrim during the AIDS epidemic and his decision led to 35,000 preventable deaths from pneumonia.

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Oct 18, 2021Liked by Toby Rogers

Wish I found you when my kids were babies. My sons are 11and 10 now. I used alternative vaccine schedule on my kids and took more than 5 years instead of two and one shot a time to get the vaccines in . I had huge pressure from the doctors and not much information to go by , just a gut feeling that my preemie 5 lb baby after 3 month in nicu ( born at 2 lb) should not be getting the whole “bouquet” of shots as healthy babies. I was being guilted , made feel as bad mother but I stood my ground, quit my job to stay home so that no day care would be needed and doctor would feel better why my child is not on normal vaccine schedule. Now as more experienced and informed mom I would just fire those doctors . Anyway both of my sons are healthy and I no longer feel guilty or crazy for taking this long to get the shots in. In fact I feel guilty for giving them at all. The 12 year old meningitis boosters coming up and I’m not sure they need it... there is no way they getting gardisil or the big v .

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Oct 25, 2021Liked by Toby Rogers

Found you today. Wish I had found you earlier in my career. I am an FNP working in Family Med/Primary. I am definitely one of the “black sheep” in my profession because I question everything and I do not bow down to Pharma. I involve my patients and educate as much as possible. Your articles are easy to read and refreshing to say the least. It gives me hope.

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Excellent overview of autism and it's possible / probable causes. My heart hurts and I have tears in my eyes. When children are harmed it hits me especially hard, and my moral outrage rises.

I have a BS in biology, minor in chemistry and Masters in physical therapy, so I can find my way around a research study. About 7 years ago I was reading the news and saw two articles "yet again" debunking the link between vaccines and autism. I read every single study these articles linked to, it took me 7 hours. I was shocked. These studies did not prove vaccines did not cause autism, and occasionally a study said the opposite the point the "journalist" was making. I send an email to each writer pointing this out but never got a reply. Since then I have read every single flu vaccine adult study on the CDC website. All this helped me understand the profit motive, politics and callous disregard about harm related to the mRNA vaccines.

I agree that these are crimes against humanity, and many people from the pharmaceutical industries and the CDC should be put in prison.

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Nov 2, 2021Liked by Toby Rogers

My wife and I had just been going along with the CDC vaccine schedule for our three lovelies, trusting (naively, it turns out) that things were more-or-less the same as when we were growing up. Then in the wake of the twisted COVID vaccine hype and rollout I started looking into the matter and came across Dr. Paul T's book. The medical profession has permanently lost my trust; I am beyond furious at the lies and incompetence, I'll allow no more vaccines for my kids now, and I pray that they will be spared paying a heavy cost for my dereliction of duty.

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Dec 11, 2021Liked by Toby Rogers

A couple of years ago I made the arrogant comment to a colleague that the rise autism was purely related to increased diagnosis. Another colleague chimes in that she had seen the effect on a child immediately following a vaccination. I had respect for my colleague and started to be open to the “other side” or the anti axers. 2 years later, I now understand the war for humanity that we are in and have the chance to fight on the right side rather that blindly collaborating with forces that simply desire my destruction. All thanks to my colleague who took the chance to speak out, presumably knowing the risk to her reputation that she faced.

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Nov 3, 2021Liked by Toby Rogers

Thanks for all this!

A few books you might like, if not already in your library.

Exley, Imagine You Are An Aluminum Atom -- Prof Exley's research group has measured aluminum levels in Azheimer's brains, and found extraordinarily high levels of aluminum. Then they measured it for autistic kids, and they were even higher.

Olmsted & Blaxil, Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future -- detailed, painstaking research on the history and timeline of autism. The child psychiatrists 100 years ago diagnosed rare conditions with 1 in 200,000 prevalence, but autism was never found.

Olmsted & Blaxil, The Age of Autism -- excellent history of the connection between mercury and autism

Lyons-Weiler, The Genetic and Environmental Causes of Autism. Review of over 2,000 peer-reviewed papers.

Also this site is excellent: vaccinepapers.org -- includes full-text copies of the research it cites

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Thank you for this article. I have been reading a lot into all the childhood shots following the rollout of the C19 shots and it really opened my eyes to what is going on behind the scenes that we are not allowed to talk about. Great information.

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Dec 19, 2021Liked by Toby Rogers

Hello Toby -

Thanks so much for an excellent post on this subject, one that is quite near us as it is for many others. You see, our second child was born in 1987 and, like we did with the first one, we went with the typical battery of vaccines that were recommended back then. After receiving one of the MMR boosters, around age 2, the boy began to strangely digress and began to act as though he did not understand what we were saying to him. We were home schooling his older brother, who was 5 at the time, and the younger one could legibly write some letters, could speak quite a few words, and would imitate his brother in school - we even had to get him a desk like his brother's. Anyway, over the next few months his speech all but disappeared, he could no longer write anything, and he became more and more withdrawn and self-oriented ("autistic,' as it were - άυτος- "self").

He is now 33 and he has never developed much further - we suspected the vaccine from the start because the condition followed so closely following that event. We knew nothing of vaccine-caused adversity at the time, so we had no idea that others were experiencing similar situations. We just used the sense God gave us and just knew that the vaccine must have had something to do with it. We began resaearching the matter via library resources, etc., and, of course, found nothing but refutations of vaccine harm stories, studies that supposedly discounted the vaccine harm theory, and various other (what appeared to be) scientific research that denied this idea as even being plausible. Still, since the matter seemed so obvious to us, we never really dropped the subject - we just tabled it, so to speak, and carried on the best we could with the matter and did all we could for our kids, especially this one who had suffered such developmental harm. We saw doctor after doctor, none of which had any solution or explanation for his condition, only "pervasive developmental disorder, NOS.". Later this became "autism spectrum disorder - significant," but, again, there was no remedy.

Knowing what we know now, and understanding the way in which the public health system has been "captured" by the pharmaceutical industries, I am finally satisfied that our initial theory was probably correct. It is no relieve for our son, but it is somewhat reassuring to know that it was not something we did or failed to do as parents (as the medical industry implied), but rather the result of a toxic dose of some agent that we innocently and trustedly used at the recommendation of people in whom we trusted - now understood as trust misplaced.

"...For thy merchants were the great men of the earth; For by thy sorceries (φαρμακεία - pharmakeia) were all nations deceived." - Revelation 18:23

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Hi Toby,

I wish you and mRNA-vax-critical blogist “el gato malo” could get into dialogue on this. You both make compelling arguments but at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of pre-covid vaccines.

I have posted something similar on his blog, with an excerpt from your blog post here.

El gato malo considers risk / benefit analysis by looking at disease prevention vs. reported adverse events. And then zooms in on MMR when looking specifically at autism.

You of course look more broadly at the correlation of a rise in autism and the vaccine schedule as a whole, not just the MMR vaccine, and studies comparing vaccinated vs. unvaccinated.

Here is an excerpt from el gato malo’s blogpost covering non-covid vaccines:


El gato malo writes:

“all medicine everywhere and always is a cost/benefit calculation.

the covid vaccines appear to be terrible risk reward. the flu vaccine looks basically worthless …

but some vaccines are excellent, pose very low risk, and generate real, well established clinical benefit that saves and improves lives.

sanitation and health advances did not make measles less prevalent, they just made it more survivable.

nearly every disease was less likely to kill you in 1960 than 1900.

deaths dropped by maybe 90% from 1930-60. … then in 1963, the measles vaccine was created (though the modern version was not until 1968).

here are reported cases of measles in the US. immediately prior to 1963. they were hovering around 450,000 cases per year, about 0.25% of population, but this was highly focused on kids. [the CDC statistics on measles pre-vaccine was that : close to 500,000 cases were reported annually to CDC, resulting in:

• 48,000 hospitalizations

• 1,000 cases with encephalitis (brain swelling)

• 400 to 500 deaths. that alone is far in excess of all VAERS reported vaccine AE’s in US for ALL vaccines.]

then from 1964 to 1970, cases, which had been consistent for a generations dropped 90%. then they dropped 90% again by ~1980. by the mid 2000’s, there were usually less than 100 a year.

mumps and rubella are similar since the shot became unified and are basically eradicated in america.

and yes, this is backed by sound randomized controlled trial data.

a wide survey including many RCT’s is available HERE.

there were 5.3 severe outcomes per 100k and one death in 1.8mm people vaccinated which is 0.06/100k.

this gain is well worth the cost.

eliminating measles cases is a clear benefit.”

The looking at MMR and autism, el gato malo discussed a study on the Japanese MMR vaccine program:

“this points VERY strongly to some cause other than MMR. even its complete removal did not affect the uptrend. it accelerated instead.”


Personally, I find your data more compelling, as it goes both narrower focusing on autism and broader by looking at the whole vaccine schedule and comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Again, I hope you both can discuss the matter together, as you are both important commentators during and beyond the pandemic, who seem to have a lot in common.

Best wishes,


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When it comes to vaccines, all of these adjuvants are clearly the cause. Anything that "stimulates the immune system" can cause damage, even if it's Mercury or aluminum free.

But why are we vaccinating in the first place for diseases that dropped before vaccines existed? It's like the idiots somehow became medical researchers when the money flowed into research.

Consider this and the points made


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Nov 7, 2021Liked by Toby Rogers

Absolutely superb writing, Toby. This one just came out yesterday, may resonate. > https://ijvtpr.com/index.php/IJVTPR/article/view/29

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Aug 29, 2022Liked by Toby Rogers

As Gandhi said-

“Vaccination, instead of doing good, works considerable mischief by giving rise to many new diseases. Even its advocates cannot deny that, after its introduction, many new diseases have come into being.”

And so… autism was born.

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i unexpectedly found myself on the front lines of the autism epidemic some 20 years ago when i "mind melded" with an autistic 5 year old who's mother had come to see me about chronic fatigue. His pain in response to the inflammation in his brain was horrific.....no wonder these children bang their heads against walls. After this experience my practice shifted to treating autistic children with a protocol i developed that included clay baths. The thing about clay is its innate wisdom...it has the ability to ferret out where mercury and other toxins are embedded in the cells and magnetically draw them out of the body. I worked with some 600 children for a period of 10 years and it never once occurred to me that this condition wasn't triggered by vaccination....the evidence was overwhelming.

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Jan 27, 2022Liked by Toby Rogers

This article is amazing. Every parent should read this. Thank you for putting your own interests on the line to tell the truth as it is, not how people wish it to be.

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Perhaps this is the silver lining to the Pharma COVID-19 atrocities - growing skepticism of Pharma in general and vaccination in particular.

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