Where is the data that mRna shots did not prevent deaths? Where is the data that says more people have died from the virus since the mRna shots were distributed? Where is the data on how many have died from the mRna shots?

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Dr. Rogers, I determined fairly early on you were one of the heroes. But not how much.

I saw video of you, and you were forceful, utterly logical, a teacher.

Humbly suggest you let people know of your future (even past) videos.

These are devastating, but in different complimentary ways, to your papers you post here.

As a layman, you reach scientific community for sure but make this accessible to common folks.

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Wow. Thanks for this important article. I've long maintained the flu vaccine was the greatest scam in public health history ... until Covid. The non-stop propaganda for everyone to get "their" flu jabs probably paved the way for everyone to get these Covid jabs. The big point was that "vaccines" didn't need to work for half the population to line up for them.

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They are so corrupt OMG

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In my country they are giving Pfizer as booster. They gave az, covisheild and sinopharm too. So many sudden deaths and injuries. Isn't this a global problem

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Just sent some e-mails. 👍

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No reformulation is going to help because the vaxxed immune systems are completely tuned to the S1 alpha spike. They won’t recognize beta or any other variant spike moving forward. Adding beta is a marketing gimmick to get them to comply again. Most people who are jabbed and still alive that I know, thankfully have stopped getting boosters.

I think they are going to need to update the slogan

“Full me once, shame on you.

Full me twice, shame on me, damn I caught the RO again.

Full me three times, man my chest hurts,

Full me four times, oops, I’m dead.”

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Without clinical trials leaves the worlds population up to becoming guinea pigs. This should strike a nerve considering what has been done in Africa. Not only that but because there was not enough clinical trials done on the current vaccine we have young adults dropping like flies. We have pregnant woman having complications or losing their baby. We have athletes dropping of heart issues. We all know the media doesn't want to announce to the public that this was all due to the covid vaccine but the public knows the truth. No long term studies have been done on a vaccine that is causing issues in many and we now you want to halt trials all together? Not only will you lose life you will lose even more individuals wanting to go into health care; which we already have a shortage for. Not only will you cause this chaos but you will also cause individuals to lose all faith in their own health care doctors,nurses etc. Stop causing more chaos for a virus that was used as a scare tactic and called the pandemic when it was all lies. It was just another way for you all to control the population. We are people we are not you guinea pigs, we are not your pets and you are not GOD.

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Jun 26, 2022Liked by Toby Rogers

There was no pandemic. You need to stop perpetuating this lie. As long as good people continue to assert that this manufactured crisis was in fact an actual epidemiological event the ghouls that concocted this lie will have fertile ground to create the next one- which rest assured is in the pipeline.

"Covid" is the engineered destabilization of the global economy.

"COVID-19", the operation, is essentially a cover-up for systematic debt-leveraged monetary expansion.

"Covid-19", the disease, is nothing more than a disease of ATTRIBUTION to other causes.

The average age of a death by or with "Covid-19" is higher than life expectancy. No other figure even need be known to understand the "pandemic" (business model) is a fraud and a giant Ponzi scheme.

The fact that there is no such thing as a "Covid death" is another minor problem here as SARSCoV2 itself is a computer generated fiction. Consider that we are looking at a ‘virus’ that cannot be identified as SARS-CoV-2 (there is no evidence), so that’s the end of that story. It was man made on a computer by Drosten et al in Berlin in January 2020 for reasons that we all know.

Everything you see or read is an orchestrated narrative that's been crafted to sell a story for you to believe- that's the big lie they don't want you to understand.

You were not alerted to a "pandemic-level pathogenic disease causing agent" by your own senses, observations or experience. You were conditioned by propaganda to believe in a pandemic-level pathogenic disease causing agent by the media, the pharmaceutical industry, and government.

99% of people falsely certified as having 'died from covid' actually died from their preexisting conditions being exacerbated by mass medical malpractice and 'public health' despotism, the other 1% simply died of old age.

From the CDC itself 7/16/21: "Of the 540,667 hospitalized coronavirus patients included in the study, 80,174 died during the observation period (March 2020 to March 2021). A whopping 99.1% of the patients who died had at least one pre-existing condition, with just 740 having no prior condition on record.

Most patients who died from COVID had multiple pre-existing conditions, with just 2.6% suffering from only one condition, compared to 32.3% who had two to five preexisting conditions, 39.1% who had six to ten, and 25.1% who have more than ten pre-existing conditions."

Translation: No one has 'died from covid' as "covid" is nothing more than a fraudulent PCR result plus a nebulous clinical re-branding of cold, "flu" and many other disease conditions.

Covid-19 is the biggest money laundering scheme in the history of this country.

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Jun 25, 2022Liked by Toby Rogers

Wrote to the Prez and all my reps except Sen Peters who does not take any emails. Wrote to all the fda panel memebers andnow will get others to do the same. Does anyone know how to copy several email addresses to put into cc and bcc at once instead of copy paste each individually? It will save me time next time.

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Jun 25, 2022·edited Jun 25, 2022Liked by Toby Rogers

"The Future Framework is 100% guaranteed to fail"

Depends on what your definition of success/failure is, if you know what I mean...

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At least I know my governor actually looks at the real science and not the FDA, WHO’s science! Love Governor Desantis! Know so many who have had serious reactions from the vax that have crippled them for life. It’s disgusting what this government and our health institutions allow pharmaceutical companies to do to us all for greed!

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good work dr rogers.

saw you on bannon yesterday. thought he lost the plot when he associated you with the glibness of the FDA/CDC! he got back on track at the end.

you are a much needed champion of the cause to terminate all injections.

by the way, there have been (more than) TWELVE BILLION doses administered globally.


not sure if you will get the chance to make the point that the (US only) component of VAERS plus EUDRA reports of deaths and injuries MIGHT have an under-reporting factor of 40 (compared to the Lazarus report of a few years ago that found an under-reporting factor of more than 100).

given the US + EU are around an eighth of global injections, the deaths and injuries from these two systems need to be multiplied by 320 - then you get 17 million deaths and 1.5 billion injury reports.

that compares to 6.3 million deaths with covid19 present and 547.5 million "cases" with the virus present as assessed with the Drostin RT-PCR test at cycles in general use of 35-40 - compared to a maximum utility of 24!

I still can't understand why clinical trials in general do NOT include recoveries in the outcomes. the infection lasts 20 days, but the trials (are supposed to) last 180 days. the recovery rate is 95%. it is feasible that, instead of the thousands said to be infected DURING the trial, the number infected at the END of the trial is lower than those in the injected group in the 21,900 odd either side in the injected and placebo groups here. certainly there were more people that died in the injected group in the pfizer clinical trial than in the placebo group (20 v 14 from all cause mortality).


pages 11 and 12 here


video here


bottom line: the injections had an absolute risk reduction of around 1% from the original strain.

after 12 billion doses since the first injections, there have been around 477 million NEW cases and 4.7 million deaths SINCE the roll-out of injections.

a 1% absolute risk reduction implies that 5 million infections were prevented and 47,000 deaths - given the size of the pandemic, how is this even relevant or important in the overall scheme of things?

lastly, it is clear that this abuse of science in the name of profit is deeply upsetting to you - and to naomi wolf whenever she says "babies". this is a valid and honest reaction.

what bugs me is the lack of ANGER and OUTRAGE at the antics of the regulators and big pharma. this lack of anger is also entirely rational.

I can't help comparing the reaction of the scientific community to that of BLM following the death of the career criminal and overall scumbag George Floyd.

channelling emotions away from sadness and disgust, towards more outrage and anger is warranted - so are demonstrations outside FDA/CDC headquarters of thousands of medics and scientists.

not violence, looting and rioting of course, like the black supremacists and BLM, but the MSM will NOT report on "submissions via email". they will respond to large protests.

anyways, my hats off to you, you are a wonderful human being doing a great job of helping humanity. god bless.

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Well I have no idea if it will do any good but I did email the president, vice president and I left messages for both of my senators here in Ohio and even talked to real person at my state reps office. Tomorrow I will contact my governor again and all the FDA contacts. We have to do something, we cant just sit by while this disaster falls upon us and our children. Everyone needs to reach out to their senators and representatives. They need to know we are not all brain dead. Yes, I am assuming most are corrupted, no I do not have any faith left in voting but as a mother I have to do something besides watch in horror. Please everyone make those phone calls, send those emails, they need to know we are watching. May peace be with you all.

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My mom’s 85 year old companion is in the hospital. They say he has Covid. He’s refusing tests, they want his daughter to bring him home and quarantine him. The rules change daily. I hope we can get him away from the hospital soon. He knows the jabs are why he’s had nothing but trouble since his second shot. And boosted of course.

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I went to regulations.gov to submit a comment. What should I select for "comment category"?

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