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I really wish I had discovered you at the onset. I cannot thank you enough for simply telling the truth. Apparently, it is “frowned upon” to speak of such matters where I live and work and that makes ME feel off. Everyone is so damn busy pretending that everything is “normal” when clearly it is not. It’s like actually living in an Invasion of the Bodysnatchers movie.

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The recent uprising by people in China is a shining beacon that needs to be acknowledged by all people. Those of us who have our eyes open to all of the crap pumped out daily on behalf of big Pharma by the MSM can see that already they are trying to minimise the action taken by the people of China. They are so repressed by their government that it takes an enormous amount of courage to rebel. I read today of two new scandals, Pfizer have increased their price for the so called Covid 19 vaccine by nearly 400% and are now charging 130 dollars a shot. Astra-Zeneca are removing research from Covid and are now trying to buy out small companies who are involved in making drugs to control cancers. (They do not want to eliminate Cancers. Why kill the Goose that lays the Golden Egg)

Absolute disgrace, roll on Nuremberg 2.

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In March of 2020, doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering gave a webinar to communicate to their employees how MSK was responding to the pandemic. I was able to watch a recording of the webinar and there were two points made that stuck with me: The first was that covid was characterized by community spread, and not amenable to contract tracing. Second, they were having success treating covid patients (who also had cancer) with chloroquine. At least one of the physicians was on the task force advising President Trump. About a week or so later, Hydroxychloroquine became the butt of jokes, and shortly after that, every state in the country was spending billions on useless contact tracing programs. Doctors knew how to deal with this illness, and the public health authorities did the exact opposite.

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The uprising needs to be a worldwideone but is so difficult to achieve. The so called elites are holding all of the cards. We need to have some truly clever and inspiring people to lead us out of this bullshit

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Toby, Have you done a deep dive on, "viruses?" The lie that there is such thing as a virus is the foundational lie propping up the vaccine lies. No virus has ever been isolated. No evidence of a virus has ever been differentiated from the process that healthy cells transition through when they are detoxing. https://jabinfonews.wordpress.com/2022/02/21/dr-tom-cowan-what-is-a-virus/

Now, whenever I encounter the word, "virus" the whole of the conversation, article, podcast... must be questioned. Show me where viruses have been isolated. Show me one virus that is not an artistic rendering.

When you do a deep dive on the "science," behind virology you discover that the entirety of allopathic medicine is based on false assumptions and no real science. Which leaves no accurate definition of allopathic medicine other than, " belief in, worship of, or obedience to a supernatural power or powers considered to be divine or to have control of human destiny".

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Excellent article! Let truth prevail!!!

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“The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation. These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from from ordinary hypocrisy: they are deliberate exercises in doublethink” -1984


( https://NoSearch.org is my personal effort at medical freedom / free speech)

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I haven't had a chance to read through the many comments, and perhaps someone has suggested something similar.

Ed Down has said that this shot is like the Vietnam war for the millenial generation. I remember what an impact the Vietnam memorial as well as the traveling AIDS quilt made on me when I saw it, and I was thinking about something similar for c-19 shot damage. Social media is censored, but creating a powerful public display, with names and stories, candlelight vigil etc, in public parks, on a regular basis, with the growing numbers updated each time people gather.

This could help to bring people together, would draw public attention. It could be done in public parks and in front of hospitals and medical offices, outside farmers' markets etc. Maybe people have already begun to do something like this.

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Might be worthwhile to sign up to comment publicly at this meeting:


Given that most VRBPAC (FDA) members demonstrated less than zero interest in recommending more shots of the existing Wuhan silliness at the April 6th meeting, it seems curious to have ACIP (CDC) plan to vote on recommending them. Well, I guess it's obvious.

Here are a few notes from the VRBPAC meeting. These are the people hand-picked by FDA to rubber stamp whatever BS shot is up for discussion, and they're jumping ship.

Dr. Cody MEISSNER [talking about Dr. Jerry WEIR's presentation]: Such a provocative presentation, and the problems are substantial. One of the first issues that needs to be thought about is the second bullet on your slide #12: Immunogenicity and effectiveness data indicate that current vaccines provide insufficient protection against the circulating variant strain. So the question is, What is ‘insufficient protection’? Since we don’t know the correlates of immunity, we’re going to be so dependent on hospitalization rates, death rates, and that’s why it would be important for the CDC to give us data on “hospitalizations with” and “hospitalizations because of” COVID.


Dr. James HILDRETH: Following up on Dr. Meissner’s point, about immune correlates. I brought this up in the first meeting, that if we can identify an immune correlate, it would [make it faster and easier to identify effective shots]. Is there any effort being made to focus in on immune correlates? Cytotoxic T-cells? Helper T-cells? Something other than antibodies?

WEIR: [laughs] Yes, there’s clearly a lot of effort. I’m not sure I can give you the current status of it, but there’s certainly a lot of effort. I couldn’t agree with you more, that that would make life a lot simpler, and that … again, I’m a very strong supporter of that. The more we can understand that, all of our lives would be a lot easier, and [laughs again] I’m sure there’s a lot of effort going into it.


Dr. Hayley GANS [also commenting on WEIR's presentation]: The other part of it, and we’ve heard from the public and from individuals who would like to hear more about the safety data—we would need the ongoing safety data—we have these elaborate systems, the VSD [etc.], and we’re not seeing these being updated to the committee, and we would need to come along with it.


Dr. Mark SAWYER: I would like to step off Dr. Nelson’s comments & make a few others from the public health implementation standpoint. Whatever we do, lacking clear correlates of protection information, to make this simple, is to continue to focus on the worst case, which is severe disease, and we need to change strains when we’re losing that battle, to be defined by future discussions. I think the current situation where we’re feeling compelled to boost every 4 months, potentially, is not sustainable.


Dr. Ofer LEVY: I think we’re looking at a conundrum here, and people are putting their finger on it, that it’s going to be hard to generate all the data we want in short order when a new variant emerges, and so as Dr. Rubin said, the practical path is to go with safety and immunogenicity, which leads us to the conversation about correlates of protection. And yes, if there are sophisticated efforts ongoing around the world to understand the correlates of protection, the answer of course is Yes, but the Q to FDA is, What is the interoperability of this correlates-of-protection data? Are people using standard operating procedures? Is there data harmonization? Are people looking not just at the level of antibody, but the types of antibodies, functionally, that are made? That’s called “system serology.” Is there a public repository being developed by FDA or federal officials to put in the quality-assured COP (correlates-of-protection) data so that there can be a meta-analysis of it?

[...] The cycle time for new variants can be every 3 to 6 months, and what would the vaccine uptake be? Who would be willing to take vaccines that frequently—that’s a question.

Was this something just targeted to vulnerable populations? And if we have a vaccine that prevents infection and reduces transmission, that’ll change the decision process—which population is driving the spread of the infection.


MONTO: [7:43:06 marker] and just to add, for all the years we’ve been working on influenza, HAI antibody is not really a correlate of protection—

LEVY: Exactly! We’re at risk of doubling down on a failed strategy. We’ve gotta get into the immunology. Yes, there’s great labs out there doing amazing work. But where’s the federal effort to coordinate all of that? To develop a public repository for the correlate of protection, and to make sure we have the best available data for the immunogenicity when we make those decisions?


MONTO: I think we’re in unchartered territory because uh with us SARS-CoV-2 a lot of things have happened that have never happened before. Dr. Fuller, I apologize for missing you until now.

Dr. A Oveta FULLER: [8:16:41] Thank you. So let me first of all agree with Dr. Monto that we’re in unchartered [TOB NOTE: THEY BOTH MEAN “uncharted”] territory. And secondly, I want to commend the FDA for pulling us together today, and the reason is, this is a very complex situation. I don’t think the public understands how complex it is, and I don’t even think we have understood until a number of things came up today. Let me try to walk through these really quickly.

So Dr. Weir’s question about coordinating effort, yes, please coordinate so that what happens is not being determined by companies coming to us, but that someone, whether it’s FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, whoever, would be helping to put out what’s needed so the companies can help address that.

Secondly, should we convene more often, yes, because as Dr. Kim just brought forth, these are complex questions, and we will need to know what’s happening.

And then third, as Dr. Monto just mentioned, and many of the people that came on the open forum, there’s so many things that are changing and things we don’t know. Examples: viruses are changing. We don’t know what will happen. We have models that helps us predict and surveillance that helps us look at what is happening. We have waning immunity. We don’t know what will happen with the strains that come up, but we do know that the current vaccines do protect well, as long as there’s a recent time of boost, against hospitalizations and deaths. And that’s really important. So we’re gonna have to learn as we go. We also don’t know the systemic effects of COVID. We still have long COVID, and we still have very, very rare, but real vaccine [side] effects. And when you say to that, That’s not only with COVID, that’s with other vaccines, there are people who have rare adverse but serious effects to many vaccines including influenza, so because we’re having so many more vaccines to COVID, we’re seeing many more severe reactions, maybe not only from the vaccine, but from other things, but those can’t be run by, because they affect people’s perception of what’s happening. So we need continued research on that.

And then finally I want to ask a question of the FDA: We are here with COVID two years into this. We’ve used influenza as a somewhat-model, not a perfect one, but let me remind us that we didn’t get to understand influenza in two years. It’s taken years to get to a uniform, somewhat still imperfect, but also useful process, for what we do with flu. So the question is, how much time has it taken, and what has been the process, for perhaps a less complex virus like getting to a vaccine and a program for HPV, or for influenza. We need to remind ourselves and step back, and say we are very new in this pandemic, and we don’t have the answers. VRBPAC doesn’t have the answers; FDA doesn’t have the answers. The important thing here is that the public understands how complex this is, and that everyone is trying to be transparent and to do the best we can with what we know in the time we have.

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My daughter has had two stokes after receiving the vaccine and booster. Our Australian government mandating taking the vaccines to hold your job is criminal!!!

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I would be interested to see an old-fashioned sticker campaign where stickers are put on every telephone pole.

How Many Have the Vaccines Killed and Injured?

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You make so many good points but as a student of History I know that revolutions often leave things worse than before.

I am also concerned that advocating a revolution will give another pretext for the forces of censorship to shut down you and others of a similar mind.

I think at some point so many of the currently willfully blind and ignorant people will personally know someone who has been damaged by the vaccines, very often someone in their own family, that they will start questioning the official narrative. I have already seen this in a friend of mine whose wife and her sister both came down with cancer around the same time.

It's a sad thing to say but I think that's how this all stops.

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Some powerful stuff, Toby. Won't dwell on the many good points you make, and better than most, in order to make a couple of friendly criticisms.

1) On expected vax-deaths, I would just advise more uncertainty and more openness to a variety of scenarios. We just do not know at present, other than to say the deaths which have already occurred are likely above 100,000, and that there is some evidence most fatal harms occur w/i months of the last shot--a pattern that if it holds, will be very good news for all of us with many vaxxed friends and loved ones. But we cannot be closed to much scarier scenarios. Nor can we strategize in a way that expects them. As an example of the approach I recommend on this, see my pieces at PostModernConservative "Flock of Dark, Bowl of White," and the more recent "Out of Denial's Frying Pan, into the Fire."

2) I would advise some more thought about revolution, i.e., who gets to declare it and under what circumstances. Those who love democracy do not love revolution for its own sake, and as Lincoln said in the Lyceum address, they love the rule of law. Big topic. An obligation to speak w/ great care and precision comes with it, however. Some bits of my thinking about it can be found in an essay called "Rules for Democracy Rescuers."

3) Keep on writin'!

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You, sir, are dead on from the beginning through the end.

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