20 months in, I wonder where are the BEST data and what signals were found?

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Please include college presidents and student health centers in your It’s On you letter writing campaigns. It’s now December and colleges like Penn, Yale, Notre Dame and Fordham are mandating boosters. Shameful how they are putting their students in harm’s way.

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Sep 10, 2022Liked by Toby Rogers

it's called a "steamroller" for a reason.-because it's like a tsunami of asphalt...

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Sep 9, 2022Liked by Toby Rogers

This fiasco has awakened some (hopefully many) people - like ME - to their lifelong obliviousness. And, as you and Dr Kelly Victory have pointed out, trust in agencies of "public health" has been damaged, perhaps irreparably.


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I am not a mouse, I am a person!

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Here is the story from Australia. Our wretched 96% Big Pharma funded Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA - equivalent to FDA) approved the Moderna vax on 31st August. I understand all mice were under 25 years old. 3 of the 8 had co-morbidities before the injection and all had them post-vax.

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I love it… it’s “on you”, makes me feel better. How much can we warn people? … I’m exhausted. I know I sound like a puss but I’m really becoming an asshole.

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Sep 11, 2022·edited Sep 12, 2022

You too, huh? I’ve been a jerk abt this for 2 years, and have been told countless times, “Good thing you didn’t DIE when you had covid & pneumonia! I’m so glad I have had the SHOTS for BOTH times I had C19 or it would’ve been so much worse!” It’s like a script they’re reading. There’s a tiny teleprompter in these shots, I tell ya! 😂

Anyway, “It’s on YOU” resonates with me as well.

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Haha 😆😉

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The FDA, CDC, WHO and everyone else is truly away with the fairies; there are no strains or variants of diseases a) The sequences of RNA fragments never shown to come from a virus are added to b) the genetic codes for proteins never shown to come from a virus and are fed into a computer. The computer generates thousands of hypothetical genomes. One is picked, added to and rearranged so that it resembles other hypothetical genomes. Sometimes slightly different ones are arranged and denoted as strains or variants. None of the genomes have been shown to code for actual entities let alone be transmissible or pathogenic. https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/x-ray-crystallography-and-3d-computer

I don't think we need funding - just some common sense https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/seeing-is-believing


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#Endthemandates. In a few short days municipal workers in NYC will lose their jobs. Internet do your thing.

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"The end of Covid-19 vaccine safety science in America"

When was the beginning; I must have missed it?

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Very informative read. Just when I think I’ve exhausted my ability to consume more information like this, my capacity (somehow) expands.

“By stealth, the FDA replaced a system based on evidence with a system based entirely on belief.”

“At one point, Wayne [I forget his last name] at Harvard suggested abandoning mRNA shots altogether (yes, good idea) and switching to the Novavax platform (no, bad idea) because he liked the CEO’s presentation.” <-This says a LOT. Being married to a man whose mind is a palace of brilliance when it comes to cars, he often reminds me that it’s unwise to choose one’s car almost solely based on “pretty color, fab contrast stitching in the leather, and seat warmers/coolers. So, basically this person is doing the same thing I try to do when choosing a car, except that MY naïve reasoning is just that -- naïve. This man is astonishingly unaware or a sociopath or both and more.

“Late stage capitalism is wild.” <- What comes after late stage capitalism (not what has historically happened or happened in other countries, but in our particular setting?)

I really like your idea for the “This Is On You,” Substack. I’m an avid & prolific letter writer -- the old-fashioned kind, handwritten, fountain pen, etc., but I also write printed letters to people who have zero idea who I am and most certainly don’t care. One time, a president wrote me back! Another (more recently) a very well-known “political thinker/intellectual wrote me back and SENT me things from a certain personal collection at his home.

Anyway, I’m willing to write to these people and include a printed copy of any heartbreaking stories I see. Let’s get started!

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good stuff as usual, Toby!

I have started a substack as well - free - as it is probably worth nothing!

a bit of a my bio on the "Benchmark.." one

I have a started a substack! don't laugh, it's free which probably reflects its value!

all the best




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Toby, I obtained proof from the European Medicines Agency that they don't have, or won't share, safety data as the 4th jab is rolled out.

Please venture over to my Stack: https://fackel.substack.com/p/proof-from-the-ema-that-they-dont

Please spread the word! Thanks a lot!

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LIFEHACK?! It is interesting to note that a recent study by Sharp Corporation concluded that their #ion generators (you know, those little ones you can wear around your neck that can reportedly neutralize airborne spike protein too?) were quite effective against viruses including reducing 99% of the airborne Bird flu virus: Sharp Corporation Press Release: Ion Technology Proven Effective Against Airborne Highly Pathogenic H5N1 Avian Influenza


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I just watched the video of that meeting. Lets throw it against a wall and see what sticks.

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