In my opinion, Toby, it's not Capital that is the issue, it's the application of power & wealth to profit from creating death, disease, debt & human suffering. It is the endless "name stealing" by these individuals designed to deceive innocent & naive individuals and thereby assist the thieves in acquiring endlessly increasing amounts of wealth & power!

Examples include-

"The Patriot Act" which took a wreaking ball to the US Constitution

"The Federal Reserve" which is a consortium of private European Bankers who wanted into the Independent US, fighting to remain out of their death grip, (hmm, what has happened since they got in, btw,)

"Covid Vaccines" which are anything but.

"The Sars-cov-2 Pandemic" which wasn't.

"Safe & Effective" vaccines for children or adults.

It's all lies, my friends. Injecting neurotoxins, human primitive DNA contaminants, retroviruses, antigens, heavy metals, Glysophate, peg, & God only knows what, into newborn babies is a horror, not a safe & effective intervention.

Ditto "Gender Affirming Care," for goodness sake- nothing could unafirm your gender more than cutting off your sexual organs & taking a boatload of toxic artificial hormones. And all this to normalize the hideous damage being done to babies with injections of highly toxic substances, imo, in most cases.

Again & again when we are led by the nose to our destruction by these forces we first fall for their lies, the psy-op, the propaganda machine, first.

These forces are only stopped by the People, with an education, and their own independence.

Read the Founding Fathers. They had their faults, we all do btw, but they truly understood what this fight is all about & the price of losing it- eternal slavery, suffering & death, exactly because those forces I mentioned. Perhaps they should be named the "enemies or predators of humanity," but what or whomever they are, they feed off of our suffering.

So get back to basics- no debt & power to the Consortium. (Audit the Fed as Ron Paul told us for decades.)

Downsize Government. (Sociopaths always get to the top of unaccountable & powerful organizations. Stop that reoccurring problem by not building the power structures in the first place!)

Improve Education so our children remember how rare & precious Freedom is, in human history, and what is required to maintain it.

Lift up health by growing organic food, here at home & stop subsidizing pHarma. Promote natural & actually safe healing modalities.

Be at Peace with the rest of the world as much as it is in our power to do so- Empires abroad are incompatible with Liberty at home.

Uphold the rule of law by regulating the Corporations & Capital very strenuously.

That's the most important of all, imo.

Seal our Borders until we have a budget surplus, low crime, & excellent education & health. Once we've sorted out our own mess, then we can entertain guests, I believe, but not before.

Make lying to the public, in media, or Government an offense, if it's intentional & get everything the tax payer has funded out in the open!

Open VAERS & open the New Energy Files as a start.

Get the truth of President Kennedy's assassination & his brother Bobby's on the front page of our History books while we downsize the CIA to information gathering only.

Truth, applied with love is the only thing that can get us out of the mess we are in. Let's start making use of it everywhere!

Finally, vice isn't a business, it's a crime.

Pornography must go, drug abuse must go, theft, lies & assaults on people or property must be punished. It's just common sense, and a another aspect of "do unto others as you would have done unto you. "

Crime & vice filled streets are no place to raise anyone's children, and we better figure that out, and fast.

Blessings Toby. I really think the division isn't actually between left & right, or conservatives & liberals, that's only a diversion & a tactic, but between compassion & cruelty, greed & generosity, honesty & deceit, diplomacy & threats, violance & self-control, truth vs lies.

And it has always been so since before Solomon.

PS- many societies that lasted forbid the loaning of money at interest. I've found myself unwilling to charge any interest on the funds I've loaned recently. Hmm. That gut reaction & the older ways are perhaps in touch with a very deep wisdom we might all wish to consider......

Sound money, only as a medium of exchange?

My, my. What an idea!

; ))

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May 20·edited May 20

Not capital as such. Hard working people earn money which is capital.

Monopoly capitalism- Private Public Partnerships (Fascism)=(crony-capitalism =reserve banking and speculative-capital) which is protected by Government, yes. The derivative traders 'Financial Hedge betting' are the speculators that have inside information. It is undeniable.

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Jun 7·edited Jun 7

That's the fine point here. Capital is wealth and that is accumulated by labor and saving. So capitalism (and it's money counterpart "the market") are just manifestations. The government in concept was to stand in opposition to capital, e.g. regulate the relative freedom of such, to prevent the corruption but it ultimately cannot do so for the unmentionable religious subtext that humans are fundamentally flawed. Whether that's by design or evolution is really immaterial but the fact is we are for some reason greedy, envious, jealous, prone to lying, stealing and cheating. Even the pre-capital cultures such as indigenous peoples around the world weren't above violence, sloth, enslaving others. So it's not money strictly speaking, although modern economies probably do greatly increase the efficiencies of our faults. Seems that the Founding generation of the United States got close to the root with the recognition of the individual as fundamental and birth rights. There were practical problems as anyone will agree but conceptually protecting completely voluntary interactions to "live and let live" down to the most logical political minority of one person gets us closer to the ideal.

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Jun 9·edited Jun 9

Capital wealth was previously stored in the form of Gold. Cash was minted and later printed as a means to exchange Gold. The Banks were supposedly the store the gold, but the modern robbers called Banksters [BIS- Geneva][Fort Knox] were created to enable the "Governments" as the Guardians of the European Royalty and Nobles (monarchy) to accumulate the Gold and keep it out of the hands of the commoners.

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I posit that the CIA runs the country at this point. If the CIA runs the country then:

1. Hunter is untouchable

2. Biden won’t be prosecuted for selling classified information to a book publisher

3. CIA would have spy labs all along the Ukraine border

4. The US would have a bio weapons labs all along the Ukraine border

5. The US Congress continues to fund this madness in Ukraine

6. The US uses project mockingbird to convince people the death jabs were good for them

7. Deny Secret service protection to Kennedy

8. Spy on Trump

9. Prosecute Trump for breathing …

I could go on and on, but, I guess the million dollar question is do the billionaires control the CIA or vice versa?

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The CIA is not a person. It may be artificial intelligence, who knows. But your question of does the dog wag the tail or is it the other way requires that someone is pulling levers somewhere. Who benefits? Follow the money. Upcoming power is a threat to entrenched power behind the curtain, so ancient lines realized 17th century rabble rousers would unseat them so had to put a stop to the American and French revolutionary energy that took 200 years to arrive here. It doesn't have to be some perfectly planned long game as such but the Masons or whatever keep trying to tip the scale each time society ebbs and flows towards decentralization. But the trend is good and the desire each time we taste it gets stronger, thus their reactions at each step have to be more extreme. It's the seeds of our own destruction because they seem willing to literally salt the land and implement the nuclear scorched Earth option to protect themselves.

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The only way to have the benefits of capitalism (greater comfort, more beauty, longer lives, general human flourishing) without fascism (the perfect union of corporations and the state) is to eliminate the state.

To think completely clearly about this you must realize corporations don’t exist without the state. Humans must be responsible for the adverse results of their actions and must be allowed to benefit from the positive results. Corporations are one of the many ways states allow humans to benefit without taking any responsibility.

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Corporations are perfectly capable of being awful all by themselves. Somalia doesn't have a functioning state and it's a terrifying place to live. Cambodia basically has no state (just a giant national mafia) and everything and everyone is for sale. It's pure capitalism and it's not a good system.

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Your first statement makes absolutely no sense because corporations literally would not exist if they were not chartered by governments. They evolved from temporarily chartered investment repositories to enable specific government projects (such as extracting resources from new territories) in the mid-second millennium to their current status as immortal global entities chartered and privileged by multiple national governments.

Somalia (the place every diehard statist points to) was actually a much worse place to live before its government collapsed. Cambodia, on the other hand, is ruled by a monarchy with broad, sweeping, unrestricted powers.

Admittedly, that condition shares many features with regions run by a single criminal cartel, because the definition of government is “an organization that claims legitimate monopoly on the use of violence in a given geographical region.” Which, in turn, is why decent people have a moral obligation to oppose government peacefully to the greatest degree possible.

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The problem isn't capitalism. Don't let the Marxists fool you. Capitalism has proven to improve the quality of life of people more than any other ism out there. The problem is crony-capitalism, big government, and all the corruption that goes along with it. When Trump beat Hillary, they decided to go to war with us. I can see Trump getting a re-match with her four years from now after Biden's second term. Hillary is going to have to contend with President Harris, however. Who'll get the nomination? Kamala or Hillary? You can bet all the people who have died suddenly are going to vote for one of them. The orange man, ironically, will be wearing orange, no doubt.

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This is bigger than your levels. It is about the demise of humanity and enslavement by the fallen angels. Spiritual battle in the end. Read your Bible.

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Here’s another perspective. One of thankfulness


❤️ Love your work

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Free Trade came right alongside the Free Masons.

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Do you even know the difference between Venus and Mars and their proximity to the Sun? Maybe you should spend some time sunbathing in the Arctic before giving lectures on ignorance!

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OPERATION COVIDIUS is, until the Time of this comment, the most successful Secular Ruling Families & Billionaires of the XXI Century!


All those MMS/3i's mentioned on this article are just making their thing in order to earn more or keep the current earning. In the end the culling we did/do to each other really doesn't bother us that much!

Let the Wealth keep on flowing...



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I decided to comment using my post this week. You can find my reply to your questions here: https://wendywilliamson.substack.com/p/on-the-difficult-conversation-we-need-to-have

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May 11Liked by Toby Rogers

The free market is myth. Capitalism came into the world, as Marx said, "dripping from head to toe, from every pore, with blood and dirt": "The discovery of gold and silver in America, the extirpation, enslavement and entombment in mines of the aboriginal population, the turning of Africa into a warren for the commercial hunting of black skins, signalised the rosy dawn of the era of capitalist production."

This early establishment or "primitive accumulation" of wealth under capitalist rather than feudal control required the institutionalized violence of the state, partiuclarly under monarchies which led to formation of nation states beyond feudal fiefdoms. This geography of power was largely subsidized by merchant and banking interests as a principal source of wealth to develop such rackets as the national debt, the only part of the so-called national wealth possessed by working people, as Marx quipped.

The market was free only in the sense of being liberated from the economic system of tribute to rule by royalty of ancient and feudal societies, with laissez-faire liberalism for bourgeoisie to be left alone to pursue new means of creating wealth from investments for ever-expanding surplus value beyond use values of production (M-C-M') and market dominance over intraclass competitors. But for peasants of early enclosures to privatize property for rentier class interests, forcibly driven off common lands in the countryside and into towns and cities to form the first proletariat, their labor was anything but free, driven by necessity from dispossession of means of survival to sell themselves as commodities to owners of means of production for money to purchase an always precarious lease on life as wage slaves.

Alliance of the capitalist class and the political state has been there from the get-go, and its rule-of-law partnership in crime has only developed further as a necessary consequence of the grow-or-die logic of profit producing concentration and centralization of wealth, as with the modern corporation, and its control over the economic base of society requiring the same monopolization of state power to run its protection rackets for the ruling class; crucially consolidated with the imperalist world wars of the twentieth century to usher in the rise of global capital beyond the era of nation-states, now under consolidation by disaster capitalism's global polycrises and war on humanity beyond neoliberalism's usurpation of national soveriegnty by debt bondage to financial capital (M-M').

So-called virtues of capitalism are euphemisms, early Orwellian newspeak, for the noble lies of capitalist ideology covering this history of accumulation by the few through dispossession of the many. Go ask peoples on lands of the Global South suffering current enclosures of the commons by Big Ag and state (para)militaries how prosperous they're feeling, how creative and entrepreneurial they are under the heel of Bayer-Monsanto, or how dynamically and efficiently they're living as cogs in the machinery of production and calculations for the bottom line.

And they are just part of the mass immiseration and hell on earth that's now scheduled for final solutions to dispose of so many useless eaters in the new (ab)normal, where further technological revolution and fasicst fusion of the corporate state enables biodigital dictatorship under the "masters (monsters) of mankind" (Adam Smith), whose "vile maxim" of all for them, none for us, means indeed we will own nothing, not even our own selves, and call ourselves happy.

There have been much better alternatives to class rule throughout the history of so-called civilization, all the more in abundance with modern capitalism in more egalitarian elements and movements for direct democracy politically and shared, cooperative ownership economically. These have been unsuccessful (so far) largely because both private and state capitalism (so-called free enterprise and communism) have crushed such power to the people, be they peasants or proles (There Is No Alternative). If we're to successfully challenge what's now coming down on us in an apocalyptic endgame of civilization under class rule, we'll have to find ways to return to forgotten roots of our humanity in pre-civilized classless societies and reclaim radical freedom to live our own lives together in more just relations beyond the pathology of profit and power.

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It's simple, yet difficult.

No law to constrain the law makers will be made. No law to constrain the law makers will be enforced. The solution isn't words on paper, as so many in our thing try desperately to do.

Every theorist of our thing: "OMG, if only everyone realized that if you write down XYZ formula and pass it into law and everyone in charge follows it Utopia will follow! How doesn't everyone realize this?!"

The only way past this Catch-22 is rules in our hearts, not on paper. A society that consisted of people that recognize all other members of that society as kindred of sorts, with very similar cultural and ethnic backgrounds would have the power to enforce the rules in their hearts upon their leaders. It is no accident that for many decades TPTB have prioritized breaking down the bonds between people, even genders, while also importing hordes of alien cultures. It is no accident that the first things TPTB did was to take over and subvert education and media, saving politics for last.

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Capital is just a tool. A tool that is used by CAPITALISTS. Maybe it's the tool-users who are the core of the problem? But wait, a higher level problem is CAPITALISM, the system that enables the very existence of capitalists.

Two important books: "The Enemy of Nature - The End of Capitalism or the End of the World?" by Joel Kovel, an excerpt here:


and "The Destiny of Civilization" by Michael Hudson


Michael Hudson interview at YouTube


Capitalism vs Socialism


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Great article but it’s unwise to make general descriptions about any group of people. I’m a conservative who doesn’t believe any of that shit, I’m a retired MD, and an avid reader. I believe in legal weed, small government, local political control, and personal responsibility.

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People need to read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and then buy guns and ammo and vote for Trump. This kind of crony capitalism is only possible when the government is entirely too big and competition is suppressed to benefit donors. If the economy/money was entirely separated from government and an ACTUAL market was allowed to operate, we would have global prosperity in 6 months.

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I am not thrilled with Rand’s massive tome. I think AS has done incalculable damage. Why? Because it feeds the cowardly notion that running away from your problems has power. No, it doesn’t. Only facing them head on has power. This idea that the brain trust can go on strike and that’ll learn ‘em is one of the greatest lies of the 20th century. I hate Atlas Shrugged because it empowered the cowardice of doing nothing.

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