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I am very late to this post but well said. These are my thoughts as well.

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I think you are 100% spot on, literally.

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I saw this propaganda (whoops, I mean "news") and I thought of the scene from the major marketing meeting of meetings in *Yesterday,* when the record exec says, "It's OK to laugh. Cuz it's funny!" I mean, it's terrible and yet another gut punch from the team whose mendacity knows no bounds, but it's also funny that anyone could ever type, "Pfizer reports [x]% efficacy for [y] vaccine," and not just laugh and laugh and laugh at the obvious howler that is being told. <sigh> #Bobby2024!


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I am immunocompromised myself and I see doctors all the time, I had an accident last summer that required minor surgery (I was not put under a general) and I was occasionally asked but never pressured to get the jabs. What is odd is that I have had my PCP for 45 years and my wife and I had gone in because we thought we had the coof and the whatever you call them was the health care person we saw. I ask her for a NATT test and she says that it won't work because I was vaxxed, I smiled and said NOPE and she was almost breathless, I got the test and my wife and I only had the flu. Keep on doing what you do and thank you.

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Sadly, most of my family & friends have received 4 shots and are lining up for their 5th. I remain a "pure blood" but am isolated from many former friends.

This despite 'coincidental' new diagnoses of atrial fibrillation and other chronic complaints - because they "trust science" etc. I suspect a couple of my estranged friends still blame unjabbed people like me for their need to continue vaccinating as it is much more satisfying to demonize someone than admit you were wrong.

Maybe it is post-hypnotic suggestion. I apparently can't be hypnotized, and they can't come out of their trance-like interpretation of the world that is blind to reality.

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Racists like you who feed off of RACIST ANTI-GERMANISM will never give Hitler credit for dismissing vaccines. He should be the hero of the hour. https://jacobin.com/2021/09/vaccine-mandates-covid-pandemic-german-nazi-inoculation-policy The Wannsee Conference was an empty conference. https://codoh.com/library/document/the-wannsee-conference-protocol/en/

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Hitler wasn't wrong about everything. He opposed smoking, but did not outlaw it. Correct on both. He did not drink. He considered it harmful. Was he wrong? He was kind to animals. He didn't eat them. Neil Nedley has gathered enough data that real science tells us that vegetarianism leads to better heatth than a carniverous diet. He also knew that people are born one sex and cannot change that. Was he wrong? But none of that changes the fact that he was a racist, a murderer, and a filthy politician, and a warmonger who caused widespread suffering.

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This is good. Like a "bingo" moment. The surest way to defeat population growth and then total depopulation is to stop pregnancies all together. The anti-human terrorists don't have to murder those that are alive because they will die off eventually. The planet isn't going to melt anytime soon or be devastated by fake global warming, so it will take about 100 years to get rid of everybody. Much sooner if they just say the heck with it and start a mass murder program led by idiot attack robots or something like an all out nuclear war.

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Habakkuk 1:6

For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwellingplaces that are not their's.

Isaiah 66:4

I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.

For Christians who are Christians indeed who know their Bible there’s no mystery in this at all.

Also understand that the righteous are taken away and no man take it to heart, for the righteous are saved from the evil to come

your homework if you go find that verse

Read your Bible study the prophets all history is gods history, and it has repeated itself time and time again

A Word to the Wise is sufficient

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As He did the Chaldeans, God raised up, as in made powerful, these people to be His tool of judgment.

He has also sent His delusion on all, well, most of us, that we would believe the lie.

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God has better things to do than worry about an earth that is filled with demonic evil doers .The evil will take care of itself ,that means they will exterminate them self no need for Gods intervention .The evil doers exterminated Jesus the son of God .Can exterminating the lowly useless eaters be a problem for them ?No they desire it by all means and they are winning .The ones fighting and opposing all of that are such a small minority ,and without power it will make no difference .

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Crimes against humanity have only one penalty.

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Here comes the distraction for these psychopaths who belong in jail....

The neocons will get you killed says Martin Armstrong:

"Europe wants War at Any Cost... NATO will now stage the largest military exercise in history. It will most likely create some excuse to wage war against Russia. They need this war desperately to restart a new monetary system that they have been planning with Bretton Woods II. There is no remorse for those who die in battle. They do not care about the families driven from their homes. This is all in the political game of kicking the can down the road and always blaming someone else."


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I agree with everything you say. The solution is simple.

From wikipedia

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the national public health agency of the United States. It is a United States federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services.. The agency's main goal is the protection of public health and safety through the control and prevention of disease, injury, and disability in the US and worldwide."

The front page of the CDC web site states the following;

"CDC 24/7

Saving Lives, Protecting People TM

CDC is the nation’s leading science-based, data-driven, service organization that protects the public’s health. For more than 70 years, we’ve put science into action to help children stay healthy so they can grow and learn; to help families, businesses, and communities fight disease and stay strong; and to protect the public’s health."

Under the title "The CDC moving forward"

"There is a strategic imperative to modernize CDC so that it consistently delivers public health information and guidance to Americans in real time – a mission recognized by the talented people who work here and by public health experts around the globe.

Throughout her tenure as director, and over the last few months in particular, Dr. Walensky has evaluated CDC operations; she listened – to voices from within CDC, to our partners and other interested parties, and to external reviewers.

The director announced a series of changes that will prioritize public health action to help equitably protect and promote the health of the American people.

The optimizations are designed to not only change how CDC operates but also its culture, orienting it toward timely action – ensuring CDC’s science reaches the public in an understandable, accessible, and implementable manner as quickly as possible."

All of this BS sounds rosy, but the truth of the matter is that in the covid occurrence, which the CDC claims is its best effort so far, the CDC has done nothing to maintain U.S.public health and has in fact lied constantly to the U.S. public in it's efforts to coordinate a global democide. The Director Rochelle Walensky, who is charged with reorganizing and leading the organization into the future, has inescapably lied constantly to the public, there is no margin for error here, so much evidence is available it is crystal clear that this is despotic move and a crystal clear effort to systematically murder, weaken and disable significant percentage of the world's population. It is U.S. policy written in black and white in many reports, academic papers, national security studies and is even widely accepted as true by a large percentage of the U.S. population. The U.S. population is very aware of what is happeneing, that the government is corrupt and the testimony of honest politicians like Ron Johnson and the medical doctors and specialists who tesified at his hearings is widely accepted by the American public. To the counter there is a huge amount pro-vaccine propaganda financed unwillingly by taxpayer dollars that is paying for brainwash dispensed by establishment newspapers, magazines , television, radio, entertainers, corrupt politicians and government agencies.

We all know that the CDC is corrupt and it is corrupted primarily by the pharma industry. We all know that politicians are corrupted by the pharma industry and the rotten state of U.S. health is not sufficient to justify the continued existence of an agency that wastes as much money as the CDC and is corrupt to boot and has such explicit stated social goals as implied by their actions thus far. My simple solution is to shut them down. They are anti-democratic and have cost the United States trillions of dollars of wasted funds, death and destruction here and worldwide and are planning for worldwide outreach by the restructured agency under the corrupt Rochelle Walensky to align with a policy of health ID passes that is leading inevitably to consiolidated health, biometric and identity ID which can be used to forcefully manage health, speech and financial behaviors by remote control from anywhere on the planet. It appears to me that non-government institutions have already supplanted the U.S. government.

We have already made a lot of progress. The quacksine mandate was reversed but the government is stil trying to reconstitute itself of low intelligence, fascist loving leftist "useful idiots". CNN ratings are dropping out of sight but the fascist sponsored media keep pushing out brainwash and that has to be countered with an increasing stridency by people who believe in truth and democratic principles. We have to accept the fact that we have a lot of power if we network and inform each other as forcefully as our opponents, because the truth is powerful and most people recognize freedom as a beneficial thing and want to be free. Corrupt people who get elected to serve their own interest and their sycophantic acolytes are not the people best qualified to run the country or to mediate between corporations and the government. An economy as large and complex as the United States can fall overnight just like it did in the mortgage meltdown and I believe we are seeing signs of that happening now. De-dollarization has begun worldwide and the derivative effect of de-dollarization is going to re-shape the global power structure. Conservative, rational, equitable government is going to be the only way to save the United States and so it will happen if we recognize that as the "only" case scenario.

I repeat my main idea is to continue to communicate and coordinate as powerfully as possible. Every politician now has social media accounts and is subject to the power of popular discussion. That is why the government and certain politicians always tries to contain dissent. Alternate social media is forceful and every individual can be a powerful, the truth is instantly recognizable to people who are looking for answers and the truth will instantly shut down lies and liars. The CDC now has the explicit goal of forwarding the quacksination agenda and spouting real time medical health control brainwash worldwide. I say shut them down and punish them unmercifully. I say shut down Pfizer and all the private companies who participated in this entire sham. Any other government agency that participated should have their budgets profoundly cut back to stone age levels. Biden should be impeached and the FBI and CIA should be terminated or completely reformulated with a fraction of the budgets they now have and must accept accountability to Senate and/or House intelligence committees. The Federal reserve must accept full clarity and management by a Committe selected by the House and Senate. Central Bank Digital Currencies should be permanently curtailed. All military bases around the world should be shut down over a period of 5 years, since military contractors are just bleeding the taxpayers. Thats a lot to think about but if you do think about it, it makes a lot of sense and will restore the Republic..

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I agree especially with your comments concerning Eugenics and depopulation

I commented on Igor substack.

"The doctrine of eugenics was always evil and should have been stopped in its tracks." This is the root of the issue IMO.

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Avoid Fauci's poison death shot.

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In case people haven't seen the list of injuries that Pfizer knew about before they released the bioweapon, the first link will take you to an early report. Also, there is now a published report in paperback and hardcover from Daily Clout of the findings of Bannon's WarRoom Posse now available from Amazon (second link).

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You've nailed it and what a clever psyops 'tis. Everyone says thank goodness for the step backward as it moves two steps forward. World-wide institutionalized mass murder is here. It's time for your annual exam at Auschwitz Wellness.

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