The best way to replace the pharmaceutical industry is to fix the food supply. Most chronic illness, when not caused by pharma, is due to ultra-processed food.

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I just read this, It explores what is so perverse with our money system and presents some alternative ones.

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You are correct; the corporate-uber-alles model, run by persons who are above all human contact, family, nation, polis, have only the passion to acquire to guide their activities. We now have "private equity" which has created international monopolies whose sole aim, aided by AI technology, is to maximize short term exploitation of everything. This pulls them like gravity towards the inelastic demands for human survival, and they soon recognize that manipulating human need, i.e. exacerbating it, means more power to exploit. Ignorance and fear of the populace whets their appetite to buy the product. This is Efficiency. It is not surprising then that Dr. Jordan Walker reveals that pfizer is generating illness in order to prepare the ground for supplying the "cure." They have proven that they are committed to creating illusion of illness and health to secure profits, and their mythologies are good enough to gather the allies willing to betray all human virtue to participate in the "score." So how to fix it.

Turns out this monomania is not new. I recommend to you Matthew 19:16, where Jesus is confronted by the same dynamic, and what he has to say about it. This dynamic is what caused his murder in the end.

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Do you have a link to those maps of childhood gender clinics?

What you say makes sense .. probably on a subconscious level for many. And there is seriously dark creepy shit planned for a long time, to separate children from parents, to get as much control as possible over as many minds as possible.

I heard a name twice in three days recently, a name I'd heard once before, almost 20 years ago, from a dear friend who was listening to, I think Alex Jones. I didn't know what to believe at the time, but this time I looked deeper. Cathy O'Brien. Of course Wikipedia calls her a conspiracy theorist. She was given to MK Ultra / Project Monarch as a (very) young child, her father was caught sending child porn through the mail, and sold her away in exchange for not being prosecuted.

She heard conversations of people like Cheney, Bush, Clinton, Senator Robert Byrd (her "owner"). She and her daughter were rescued by a man, Mark, in high level intelligence, and he helped her heal and recover her memories. They fell in love. She is now a vibrant, glowing being. After thirty years of horrific abuse. When she recovered her memories and wrote things down, Mark took them to people who could verify them.

I never quite understood the why of pedophilia. OK, some people are attracted to young people. But 20somethings are young people. Why children? Why very young children? Cathy explains that that's how to most effectively control minds - to target very young children, fragment them.

MK Ultra wasn't about LSD, she says, that's what they had to say to make up something to somewhat acknowledge it. A drug she was given constantly was artificial sweetener. Marijuana was strictly forbidden - makes mind control more difficult. Yet now it's legal and everywhere. The Defense appropriations bill includes marijuana / psychedelics. She thinks it's because they are being altered.

I'm not really a go-down-the-rabbit-hole kinda person. There's overwhelming amounts of information in obvious places that shows the narrative to be full of lies. It's been the opposite of a rabbit hole - so much in plain site that's exploding upward, and is obvious to anyone not in a media influenced trance. But this is deeper, darker, and it feels real.

A few years ago I may have turned away from something wikipedia called conspiracy theory (cringing in shame). Now I see how they describe all the covid heroes who have so much solid truth. Fuck wikipedia. I listened to Cathy O'Brien. I think she has a lot of information about the real darkness behind so much.

She is optimistic. She says this has been going on for so long, and finally people are seeing it more.

She mentioned Hunter Biden as someone who may be part of a mind control operation. Justin Trudeau's father (biological or not, raised him). They want the mind control to perpetuate through generations.



Those most villified (David Icke / Alex Jones), had a lot right the whole time. Of course that's why they're hated so much ...

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In Rochester NY, a group of former employees of The U of Rochester's Strong Memorial Hospital who were fired for refusing the jab have joined with a couple of doctors and are starting an independent clinic called Americans For Healthcare Alternatives. They should be opening a facility soon, which will NOT be completely allopathic healthcare, but as the name says, lots of alternatives. Plus no jabs. Guess this qualifies......


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Excellent points. Btw, on the very first episode of House he prescribes Ivermectin. NPR is among the worst, FOX long the best. NPR is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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Thank you for this post. What if we work to make wellness the base of the superstructure?

"It is not enough for us to say no. We have to say, “no and do this instead” (and then go and build it)."

WE SO AGREE. Suggestion: we dismantle pharma by taking good care of ourselves and our families, stepping out of the pharmacy line, and living well locally in our communities; this builds local cultures of health that help neighbors do the same. The most essential elements of human life can be found or recreated locally/regionally: food, medicine, shelter, clothing. Huzzah to those working in regenerative food and agriculture, lifestyle medicine, and by the home fires.

The base of society does not have to be pharma. It can be wellness. And we know how to do this now.

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In the 2nd one I replaced words... Since you write about the Pharma Complex:

How many MILLIONS of americans are DIRECTLY involved in the USofT PHARMA MACHINE?

How many MILLIONS of americans are INDIRECTLY involved in the USofT PHARMA MACHINE?

Find out those numbers and then start to think on how can one persuade an extra-high-income or a low-income worker, from the CEO's like these

(sorry about the images not matching the content but I've no time to do them for PHARMA!)


to the average modern slaves like these


that make a living from the USofT PHARMA MACHINE, to quit their jobs and financial stability?

Find out how can you CHANGE this and the PHARMA MACHINE problem is resolved.

I just replaced the word WAR with PHARMA! Easy to write, Impossible to do.

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I'm going to waste two comments... The 1st very short!

You wrote "This is not sustainable."... Well we've 20,000 years of evidence that shows that uman animals never cared much about Sustain[or that we are even]able to do it!

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The one industry without which we would all die is food!! Healthy natural food which the climate cheats want to distort. Maybe that is where to start? Second is water, even more vital to life and in many countries it is scarce. After that is housing. How Can we invest enough in these ? Also after that is communication but the WEF crooks already control that too.!

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I rather think that in a few years the health sector will be in a crisis. This is because it is one of the most energy intensive parts of our high tech economy and society - and this includes the pharmaceutical industry too. The problem is that the energy intensity of the medicine sector requires cheap and reliable energy and the energy sector is being forced to adopt more expensive and less reliable energy sources. Rising cost and power cuts will severely impact high tech medicine.



These two articles reveal the problem - the articles express it as the intensity of carbon emissions resulting from healthcare and pharmaceuticals but because most electrical equipment and vehicles run on power sources generated by fossil fuels this means that the magnitude of carbon emissions given can be taken as a proxy for the scale of energy use....

To repeat the point is that oil and gas are depleting resources and they are becoming more expensive to tap and that will produce severe crises in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Fracking is an example of how oil and gas now have had to be extracted from more out of the way places with more expensive technologies because the easier and cheaper sources have largely run out. The conventional oil and gas fields are everywhere in decline and research has shown that when oil fields decline they do so on average at a 6% decline per annum and when that happens globally the energy supply will get progressively scarcer in a chronic energy and power crisis. Current geo-political conflicts will make that even more of a problem in the collective west because sanctions are rebounding and redirecting oil and gas supplies to the BRICS while making them more expensive in the NATO countries.

Of course wind and solar are partial substitutes but they are more expensive and intermittent - I doubt it will be easy to adapt hospitals to intermittent energy if and when there are power cuts because the wind stops blowing, Energy storage technology technologies would help but their development has so far proved illusive at a grid scale at a cheap enough costs. At the moment intermittent wind and solar are stabilised with natural gas generated power but natural gas is running out and with the Americans blowing up pipelines there will come a time when scheduling medical operations might be difficult because the reliability of the grid cannot be guaranteed.

In other words high tech healthcare is not sustainable.

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As always succinct and insightful. But you are correct that it is not sustainable and I believe that the excess deaths and huge numbers of vaccine injured will eventually make it impossible to maintain. Thanks for being such an awesome Warrior for Truth! (-:

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And that is why the "mistakes were made" mantra that so dominates the "health freedom movement" now will do NOTHING to change anything.

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I love love your messages!!! Thank you Toby❤️🙏‼️

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Check out Qortal....

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Thank you brother Toby! Facebook is blocking the reposting of this post... twitter is good!👍🙌

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