So clearly, RFK or maybe RDS is our best chance?

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Great article, and great start on the lists of what needs to be done & who to prosecute...! And, yes, we need to get organized & ready to take the power back from the fascists/Globalists/other psychopaths!

I want to say that I do NOT believe that Walensky, Fraudxi, Xiden, Justin Castreau, etc., have had ANY of the real jabs... The psycho Globalists want/need to be able to determine according to their own timeframe when the usefulness of these useful idiots (term coined by Lenin) is over - not leave it up to the much less uncontrollable timeframe of the jab juice. Plus, the useful idiots in our gov't and other power positions can't be seen to suffer from ANY adverse effects - think how that would look! And, think how many fewer of the little folks would take them if they saw the power players suffering maiming or death.

Love your fighting spirit! We will win!

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You’re so brilliant, Toby! One little point though. Lockdowns were hell for teachers. The workload was INSANE. Online teaching is quite challenging. The learning curve was rough. The social side was rough... While unions yes were totally pushing the shots, teachers were eager to return in person. After all, teachers are in it for the kids. You feel purpose. (At least I do.) Teaching in person is much easier, and less prep! (Although teaching is so much work it’s a bit overwhelming!) just wanted to offer this insight, as it doesn’t feel right to say teachers didnt work. Ive worked so hard and so much as a teacher the past years, it’s taken a major toll on my health. Its sooo much work. People are leaving education in droves. The stress, the workload, the rules, the politics--too much.

Thanks for all you do. You’re such an inspiration. So grateful for this work you do.

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Why are these school age knife attackers still in school and not prison? Do you recognize them? Where's the FBI and NPR? https://nationalfile.com/attempted-murder-chad-goes-donkey-kong-on-diversity-fends-off-a-dozen-attackers/

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You are really helping clarify reality for me, and yes Foucault made a big impression on me regarding the way humans seem to divide themselves into tribes and lock away certain portions of themselves. I remember once reading that Foucault had stated that we locked up all the creativity in prisons. I’m not sure that was a direct quote but it made a real impression on me. When you wrote about the “bougie” it helps clarify why EVERYONE I know, mainly my mother and family, get jabs and more jabs, and I’m seen as “off-kilter” for my real fear for their lives. You are sharing tremendous insight into the true nature of human deception. Rock on Cowboy !

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Please write about this scam.

Our great old USA country has been selling foreskin to biotech companies to do all sorts of testing.

Look up HFF, human foreskin fibroblast.


Look you can buy baby foreskin fibroblast online - a vial of it....



Harvesting baby boys' genital tissue, healthy, erogenous tissue for profit - is that freedom? Disgusting.

"The foreskin has important sexual nerve receptors that are removed during circumcision.[9][1][15][27] Circumcision removes the most sensitive part of a man's penis. The five most sensitive areas of the penis are on the foreskin. The transitional region from the external to the internal foreskin is the most sensitive region of the fully intact penis, and more sensitive than the most sensitive region of the circumcised penis.[28]"



Circumcision is a disgusting and torturous scam and it removes 15 square inches of densely innervated erogenous tissue (as an adult that is what the foreskin grows into, size wise).

Companies like SkinMedica love to use foreskin of baby boys in their products.

Look up Sandra Bullock Penis Facial on YouTube - they laugh about rubbing baby boy genital cream on their faces for their vain youth. Like old witches that eat babies to stay young, like Blood Mary.....All the old folktales of witches and vampires.




Any of you that know of the lies of the MRNA SHOT - yet, think genital mutilation is okay...you're still blind - just like a lot of the liberals that think the JAB is "safe and effective"...

Fauci and Bill Gates love genital mutilation - they have spent millions of dollars mutilating boys in Africa!



The same men who spearheaded this death campaign of the jab, actively have supported genital mutilation.


You all know that this is wrong.

Healthy baby boys are not good candidates for surgery.

The foreskin is healthy erogenous tissue that protects the head of the penis - and the majority of nerve endings are in the foreskin - the majority of pleasure comes from the foreskin.

Generations and generations of mutilated men in the USA - where's the critical thinking? The liberty? The freedom?


Look at the documentary, The American Circumcision on Amazon Video, or the presentation on YouTube, Circumcision: The Elephant in the Room.



They've been profiting hundreds of millions a year on baby boy genitals - and advancing their research to bring you all the technologies that will destroy and oppress people.

Wake up.

I wish Americans would really realize how they failed when it came to be fooled that circumcision was "medicine" and had any kind of "benefit" at all...

Wake up.

Edit: I'm probably not going to reply to any comments. Please look up the sources and claims I have mentioned. I spend too much time on these forums as is - and I have many responsibilities. Please understand. Also, it takes a bit of an emotional toll on me to respond to those that are angry and are still under the circumcision Stockholm Syndrome. For my own quality of life, I have to take a step away. Thank you.

Another good book is: Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma, By Dr. Ronald Goldman.


IntactAmerica is also a good website.


"Immediately prior to the training, I remember a blond-haired resident giddy with excitement at being able to learn the procedure, and vividly recall her saying: “Have the nursing staff line the boys up. Go Chop! Chop! Chop! Think of all the RVUs you can make??” RVU stands for Relative Value Unit, which is a figure used for compensation. Obviously, her main concern was the amount of money that could be generated by sexually maiming newborn boys in the name of profit. "


Also, Foregen is the name of a biotech company that is seeking to regrow foreskins in labs (no involvement of stem cells from babies or anything unethical like that) - with the patient's own body cells. They're almost in phase 3 of 3 human trials on April 1st 2023, and it will last for 1 year. I can't wait for men to start gaining full sexual function and feeling back.


SPREAD THE WORD. Americans have been whoring out their boys for big pharma profit and mutilating them in a brainwashed fashion for decades. Search within your heart. SPREAD THE WORD. I'm just one person - I need your help. Medical freedom, no jab depopulation mandate, no genital mutilation mandate...it's his penis, not society's penis or his parent's penis...so dehumanizing and disgusting.

If you did this to your son or it happened to you, process the emotions, grapple with the issue, and evolve. Don't beat yourself up about it chronically, forgive yourself - we all get fooled some of the time.

We need you.

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The Metaverse is the very thing we should know is what is slavery.

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People, especially parents, but employees everywhere too, need to stand up, speak up, form large groups - there is power in numbers. Boycott in numbers; grassroot outvote in large numbers; demand and ensure election integrity in large numbers; attend school board meetings in large numbers. Demand accountability for genocide and injury in large numbers. Boycott based doctors and institutions in larger numbers. Be willing to switch schools, get a new job, stop buying something, move, etc. Make sacrifices to change the future. And, whatever you do... Keep sharing and spreading the truth, always be prepared or get prepared, and help prepare your community to say no to evil.

This was a great read! Thank you T. Rogers.!

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“I would do it again because it’s what we have to do to see people.”

Wow. I'm speechless.

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Off topic, I know, but I post this here because this is one of a dwindling number of channels that I trust.

I wonder what anyone thinks of what's happening at the Corona Investigative Committee. I learned a lot from them and hope they can continue and not be hampered or suspect. If this is not the right place for such a discussion or if one is happening elsewhere, then please provide a link. Thank you.


I just watched


Viviane Fischer explains the circumstances and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg explains further and is critical of Reiner Fuellmich. I hope the Committee can come back from this stronger than ever. They have done great work.

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I don't think the psychopaths are giving themselves the jab but I agree with everything else you say.

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This is a manifest that gives direction and hope. I like it. It Can be translated to the rest of the world, dominated by these mengeles and their helpers. Lets do it.

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Everything appears to be ovewhelming, but somehow mankind has survived over eons of time. I believe people need spiritual solace at this time...a place to go, knowing they are on the side of good; when everything seems to be so dark. Nobody lives forever...we all go eventually. However, . these megslomaniacs are not aware that they will not get away with anything. They should know that everything they are doing is known. It is obvious that they have no belief in anything, except their own power derived from their money. People with faith don't have reason to fear what may come, because they have nothing on their conscience; like those who are destroying humanity for their own purposes. I am a reader who knows what the Bible states about those who have don't have any regard for living iin a way that would hurt noone. It says that the sins of the fathers shall be visited onto the heads of the children unto the third and fourth generations. If any of these sub-humans who through genocide are wiping out masses of people knew that their wealth will not prevent serious tribulations on their progency., would they care? Famous words relating to karma: As ye sow; so shall ye reap.

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Uplifting and hope inspiring piece after seeing such grievous miscarriages of injustice for far too long, thank you. It's time to move from crises to the awakening.

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"A related tangent brought up in the interview is how the Emergency Powers Act has been misused to strip us of personal freedoms and liberties. Essentially, this pandemic has demonstrated that you can turn a democratically elected Congress into a tyrannical regime that can rule without restraint.

Boyle recently published a book in which he discusses this, titled “Resisting Medical Tyranny: Why the COVID-19 Mandates Are Criminal.” In it, he also details how we can fight against this tyrannical overreach using peaceful and entirely legal means."


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I love the hope in this stack! Thank you! ❤️❤️

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