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Hey Toby. You are spot on re: this post. All of it. And I believe no politician will listen to your great suggestions. Personally, I'm with you 100%. Your demands HAVE to be addressed at some point. Soon. But, they won't be. All politicians, actually all everyone who has ANY clout, is bought off, in a huge way.

A question to you. I stopped receiving notifications that you had uploaded a new article. Same happened with Steve Kirsch SS and two others. Are you and/or Substack banning folks? That's what I figured happened and just let it drop. You don't want me, I don't want/need you is my attitude.

But someone else wrote me and said he quit receiving notifications from two other SS'ers. Then this a.m., had 3 people write me and said the same is happening to them. We all just figured we had suddenly been banned b/c we are really, really bad folks?

Do you have any info on what's up with this? Do you all (SS'ers) have the ability to censor/shut down folks you don't agree with .. or whatever reason 'they' (Substack admin or Substack authors) dream up?

I guess if this post goes through, shows something else is up? If so, Substack/You should jump on this quick before it spreads.


EDIT: this post did go through. That's weird.

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We have the ability to ban people. But that's not what happened here. I've never banned your account. Substack is just really glitchy sometimes. I'm glad you persisted and were able to post your comment.

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Got it. Thank you.

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Yes I too have found Substack a bit glitchy on occasion.

Toby, thanks for your blog, and thanks also for checking the comments section.

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Just a warning to all of you who read the Toby and other Substacks, I have been starting to get emails that appear to be from various Substack sites that I follow saying they are responding to my comments.

Here's a few examples:

Good Citizen’s replied to your comment on 101 Steps to Enslave Humanity (Part One: 1-56).

I bring you good tidings Let’s converse ㈩𝟏𝟕𝟖𝟔𝟔𝟑𝟐𝟑𝟓𝟐𝟕

Good Citizen’s replied to your comment on The Clickety-Clack of Bleating Hearts.

Text㈩𝟏𝟕𝟖𝟔𝟔𝟑𝟐𝟑𝟓𝟐𝟕 I've got something essential to share to you

NE -nakedemperor,substack.com replied to your comment on Where all Conspiracies Begin and End - the Banking system creating Money out of Thin Air.

I bring you good tidings Let’s converse ㈩𝟏𝟕𝟖𝟔𝟔𝟑𝟐𝟑𝟓𝟐𝟕

Since they all have the same number and similar message,

I'm sure this is some new scam, but since I don't write on Substack, I'm not sure who to report this to.

Please pass this on!!!

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That's so weird. How would they get your email address???

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Not sure because if I click on the thread in the email. there is none, so it's not a reply to the actual thread, but rather a fictitious email like it's coming from the Substack author. I let most of the Substacks I read know about this, and I've gotten several replies back saying it has happened to them as well and also from other commenters saying it has happened to them. Supposedly it has been reported to Substack.

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I replied below.

They are using the "reply" on any given substack blog.

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I got a bunch, purportedly from el gato.

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Yep, getting lots. Some email messages say simply "great" and if you click you get that text message thing you just quoted, or that spammy post about working at home. Pretty lame stuff, I just delete.

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How do they get your email address?

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Good question. All I know is, if I subscribe to a substack I receive replies to my comments via email. The thing is, the text -- that says just "great"-- of the phishy things from the troll do not match the comment itself, which turns out to be the stuff about make money working from home.

Anyway, I doubt it's rocket science for a hacker to parse out the email addresses nor to make to it appear an email is coming from someone it is not (as in the case of the "el gato" messages asking me to send a text to a certain number).

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Toby, you are spot on: "From here on out any politician or political party that refuses to confront the problem of vaccine injury will fail in spectacular fashion."

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Relatedly, this is the sort of thing the MSM has ignored. It's testimony about the NYC worker mandates, but note the comment in there about injuries: "Five firefighters are suddenly dead after the vaccine mandates and many others are quietly suffering with adverse reactions and they are afraid to speak up publicly."

New York City Committees on Oversight and Investigations & Civil Service and Labor

Gale A. Brewer, Chair, September 9, 2022


Source: https://legistar.council.nyc.gov/Calendar.aspx



SOPHY MEDINA: Good afternoon. My name is Sophy Medina. I was born and raised here and have lived here my entire life except for my time in the marines. This is my family [points to husband and two children]. Tommy and I are firefighters on forced leave without pay because we didn't take a shot that proved to be useless at best and harmful at worst. Five firefighters are suddenly dead after the vaccine mandates and many others are quietly suffering with adverse reactions and they are afraid to speak up publicly.

We both worked throughout the worst of the pandemic. We worked without proper protective equipment and we both acquired natural immunity. We went from essential to expendable and no one seems to care, which is ironic if you remember the banging of the pots and pans at 7 PM every night.

My face was used many times by the FDNY to recruit and promote diversity by the FDNY. I was here in these chambers, I remember your face when I was testifying about the terrible treatment of certain women on this job. But since these mandates, and the FDNY's problem to recruit and retain women like myself, since the mandates we have been shunned from our place of work and from society in New York City.

But there were no vaccine mandates to ride the trains and buses where vaccinated and unvaccinated were side-by-side this whole time. Divisive messaging from the top down has relegated my family and I, and many others like me, to become second class citizens in our own city.

We've worked in public service our whole lives. Tommy in Sanitation before this, myself as a lifeguard as a teenager, a marine before, and a firefighter now.

Being a firefighter is not just a job for any of us. It's a vocation, truly a calling that takes a certain type of person who's both tough and compassionate. It's a dedication to serve when bad things happen, and to help people on their worst days and their most vulnerable moments. We've responded to victims of assault [time alarm sounds], I've translated between patients and advanced medical providers, and we've operated at fires with little regard for our own safety and lives.

TOMMY: She can take my two minutes over.


SOPHY MEDINA: Tommy has been twice decorated by the FDNY for going above and beyond at fires, one of them during he pandemic, no less. We've never asked anyone's vaccination status

when providing help when called.

These mandates have taken away our ability to provide for our family. It is still impossible to find work in this city, even after the shift from the CDC.

The constant strain and pressure during this time has been really hard for my family and I.Years of hard work and saved money for our future have gone down the drain and will affect us on a generational level, as it's taking away from our children and their future, and it's taking away from our parents, who we've been preparing to care for in their golden years.

Our kids were forced out of their swimming classes and out of public school, since we won't subject them to participate in a system where their parents aren't allowed.

Instead of recognizing that our stance was indeed right, we are still being punished by the City of New York. Our religious exemptions were denied and our medical exemptions are being sat on by the very people who are supposed to be preserving and fighting for our rights.

There's no state of emergency. And the city is bleeding out money trying to recruit while many of us are out in the cold, wanting to work. And the city is losing valuable years of expertise. City jobs used to be coveted for providing job stability and now no one wants these jobs because they have witnessed the disrespect to all the city workers who chose to stand up for themselves.

Never forget that first responders were told the air was safe to breathe after 9/11, and never forget that we were told that this crap was safe and effective. And here we are now.

Thank you.

GALE W. BREWER: Thank you very much. And thank you to the family for being here.



# # #

Transcriber's notes:

You can listen to a podcast interview with Sophy Medina posted May 10, 2022 at


See also


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6. They're trying to kill homeopathy: https://anh-usa.org/fda-declares-homeopathy-illegal/

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I would like to see medical regulation returned to the states. There is too much centralization and concentration of decisionmaking makes corruption inevitable. Also think CDC and FDA should not be able to take pharma money. with the number of times pharma has been fined and found guilty of fraud, executives should be facing jail time and there should be no exemptions for liability. its hard to get good laws passed because of the amount of lobbying and political donations that congress receives, so that needs to change asw ell with very strict laws on lobbying, full disclosure and no campaign controbutions for corporations.

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watching a very interesting interview on Epoch Times, perhaps the Republicans can address some real issues like censorship and their relationship to HHS, the national institute of science. Unfortunately I don't believe democrats or Republicans really give a hoot about us.

EMike Benz (Part 1): The West’s Burgeoning Censorship Industry and the Government Funds Pouring In–From DHS to DARPA to National Science Foundation https://link.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/mike-benz-part-1-the-wests-burgeoning-censorship-industry-and-the-government-funds-pouring-in-from-dhs-to-darpa-to-national-science-foundation_5026384.html?utm_source=andshare

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Thank you so much for this article!

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What I wonder about is what will happen as more and more of the media who shilled for the government and Big Pharma realize that they themselves have been poisoned, as they see their own families and colleagues die.

The only way this whole scam worked was with willing collaborators. They very well may turn and rend those they protected.

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The trouble is, it's virtually impossible to get a politician to take on pharma. Remember what happened to Trump when all he did was suggest that a cheap, off-patent drug might be useful against COVID? I was watching when he first boosted hydroxychloroquine, and instantly thought "omigod, I hope he's ready for the tsunami that's coming from every direction, but I fear he's not got a clue". Well, I was right and he was completely blindsided, which was inexcusable. What hit Trump over hydroxy is nothing compared to what a frontal assault on the pharma/medical crime syndicate would bring. DeSantis is far more savvy, and been able to actually have success with some limited efforts like his roundtable, so maybe there is hope. But DeSantis is on a different level than about all the others, they might have a vary hard time navigating the minefield. I'm hoping the MRNA companies are vulnerable to being bankrupted, considering the blatant fraud which should erase their immunity. The damages would bankrupt them many times over. Something like that might break the image of pharma as all-powerful. Then more politicians might take them on.

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Toby, you are right on all your positions on the issues of drugs, jabs, and the rest. But when you write "We’re in the middle of World War III — Pharma against humanity — and only a handful of politicians seem to understand this" I think you're off the mark. Yes it's a war, but way more than a handful of politicians understand exactly what the score is. They fall into 3 categories - those who let it be known that they understand (very few of these, it seems to me these are who you are counting), those who understand and would like to fix or at least improve things but won't fight because they think it's political suicide, and those who are simply corrupt - bought off and don't care a lick. There are far more in the second two categories, enough to make for way more than a handful who understand. I think it's a majority, but no way to know because the second two groups can't be identified.

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This is refreshing, “break up the Big Tech monopolies like Google”

DeGoogling all your devices & STOP SUPPORTING monopolies! Stop taking PharMa poisons & use food as medicine & plant a garden. It will keep you busy & fit

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Great article, thank you Dr T

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Some people still smoke because they want to. However, most realized the dangers of smoking when that information went mainstream. We need vaccine risk awareness to go mainstream, while allowing for choice for adults, and never exposing children to such risk. At this point I think the industrialization of our food and Pharma products go hand in hand in creating the terrible health outcomes we witness today. There are other factors of modern living that play a part too, but I can't see people exiting the tech matrix. But yeah, without addressing these core issues, the other changes won't be enough.

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It isn't just the last three + years that matter. This path to hell has be ongoing for at least the last 100 years. Comments follow.

> Free trade policy beginning with Bill Clinton in 1992 (NAFTA, China’s entry into the World Trade Organization) sent millions of good-paying manufacturing jobs to Mexico and overseas. This decimated small town America. People living in former factory towns experienced massive unemployment, disability, and chronic pain — and Pharma flooded these towns with opioids that are now killing 100,000 Americans every year.

Reply: Since the 1970s the small farmer has been steadily put out of business and sent to the city or the poor house. This started with Ag Secretary Earl Butz, who told farmers to "Get Big or Get Out". Then the New Deal farm support was transferred to corporate agriculture. Land taxes were raised and only large holdings had any tax relief. Small farmers were driven from their land. From there we lost our connection to the land one decade at a time.

We are losing more now. Our jobs are sent over seas or being taken by robots. But in fact before robots and off shoring jobs our health has been under attack with pollution of Water, Air, Soil and Food. Since the early 1970s when the US was about fourth in Health and Longevity we have been on a decline. We are now 79th in the world in health and longevity and falling. How can a nation be # ONE in the world when the health of the population is 79th?

It is important to remember that longevity in the 1970s didn't mean senility or warehoused in an old folks home. No the folks of earlier generations had fought for and gained the right to retirement for hard work. They still had good health clear wits and much more. Part of that much more is the depth of life experience we can't imagine. We don't have anything like that now.

> • “Take the shackles off U.S. energy producers” (read: drill for oil and allow fracking too).

I support that if and only if the Petroleum industry is completely free of subsides and deposits 1/2 trillion dollars in gold bullion in a fund that guarantees the aquifers in the region will not be polluted by fracking and drilling. The fund to be returned to the Petroleum industry 50 years after fracking and drilling in the region is completed and the long term safety and freedom from pollution of the aquifers is certified by organizations not capture or in anyway affiliated with Big Oil.

> The problem is that none of it is going to work because his theory of the case is incomplete. From here on out any politician or political party that refuses to confront the problem of vaccine injury will fail in spectacular fashion.

For me this is trivial. Ground water pollution, food toxicity from pesticides and herbicides. Water, soil and air pollution from the 80,000 + chemicals released every day world wide are more pressing that vaccines. These are just a tiny fraction of the toxins the impact our immune systems and make the idea of gene therapy injectables slightly worth considering.

> Pharma is assaulting the American people in at least five different ways:

It isn't just pharma, and it hasn't been the last 3 to 4 years. The toxic assault on humanity has been going on since lead pipes and certainly since the 1800s when pesticides were marketed. This catastrophe isn't new.

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.....while I do NOT want those who are STILL reliant on synthesized petroleum products - which is MOST of us, for MYRIAD purposes - to effectively be punished by DRACONIAN bans and see prevailing electric-vehicle technology as ANYthing BUT environmentally conscientious, there are {one to which YOU allude] SERIOUS consequences to altering a KEY part of the ecosystemic matrix (i.e., planet Earth ITSELF, even just CRUSTAL compromises) that I've (and likely FEW others) identified, relating to harmonic resonant effects (only YESTERDAY, as a theoretical physicist I recognized 'QUANTUM'-level ones as BEING those; thus much WEAKER, and FAR more vulnerable to incidental [or as SOME might inaccurately call them, 'RANDOM'] alteration - demonstrated by aspects of a 'Diminution Paradox') transferred through the ionosphere-based 'Schumann Resonance', evolutionarily impacting lifeforms to SURPRISINGLY-variable extents.....

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> while I do NOT want those who are STILL reliant on synthesized petroleum products - which is MOST of us, for MYRIAD purposes - to effectively be punished by DRACONIAN bans

Well why should humans be so privileged?

Most became reliant (including me though I have reduce my reliance and continue to do so) on these items because of BS advertising. That propaganda can only work as long as humans have little or know understand of how amazing we are and our parents the microcosmos are. Industrialized humans are deceived by false importance.

Blue green algae or Cyanobacteria can crack the H2O molecule at room temperature. After studying these bacteria for many decades we still are clueless as to how they do it. There has never been a man made anything that come close to the efficiency of biological systems. After 5 centuries we are not getting any better.

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.....I would argue that there HAVE been a FEW that understood by recognizing the value of certain organic / natural processes, among them Viktor Schauberger, Victor Grebennikov and, though he was BADLY co-opted by some LESS-than-desirable forces, Buckminster Fuller.....as to your observation about EV technology, that's EXACTLY what I was saying as well.....

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Regarding EVs; I got that, but wanted shine the LIGHT through all the BS.

I appreciate your thoughts. I met a woman back in 1960 who said she was in the linage of the Waldensians. She recovered from pancreatic cancer in 1951. The most important lesson she taught me is health is in the Soil. She also included Norwegian Kelp to round out the mineral profile (diligent composter, cover crops the whole nine yards). That was long before North Sea Oil.

Those who share the understanding that health comes from the Earth (soil, air and Ocean, in a word Gaia) take care of the Earth. It seems your are of that linage. Thank you for your observations.

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A lot of deep information provided in your comment. I am familiar with the Body Electric by Robert O. Becker and to a very limited extent how the parts of the body know in a fetus and later throughout life there location and function via a subtle field of bio magnetism.

When I consider these and many more ideas with my ego mind. The mind that goes to school to be trained for work etc. I realize I am and in general humans are dumb. But I will comment on this from your reply;

> prevailing electric-vehicle technology as ANYthing BUT environmentally conscientious

First I am not sure I understand your statement. Assuming I do I will reply. EVs are pure fraud. They don't help the environment in any way and to recycle these like PV involves very toxic materials. None of the so called green solutions are honest solutions. The cost to the environment of building running and then recycling them is far more than any benefit they bring.

I appreciate your thoughts and observations.

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New Project Veritas drop!

Pfizer Director Concerned Over Women's Reproductive Health After COVID-19 Vaccinations


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Toby, everything you say is correct, as is the rage that goes with it.

However, when are we going to say, all shots are wrong! It is an action that at no time and in no incidence is useful or good. I don't think we can win until we start saying, loudly, No vaccinations of any kind at any time. They do not come with any benefit whatsoever.

The children's vaccination schedule should be rejected altogether. No more!

I grew up without such schedule. In fact Reagan is responsible for it because he created the law which said "no responsibility" for Pharma. By law you can't sue a bad outcome from a vaccination.

Think of the history of mankind, millions of years with no vaccinations, yet humanity thrived.

ALL vaccinations can't be justified. We need to start saying so over and over.

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Agree Moisha 100% - I began this journey 30+ years ago, understanding the dangers of ALL vaccine's. I have to believe that in time the Light of TRUTH will come to pass ...

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