Sent to all except the Attorney General. Want to write a better letter to him with sources. He may(??) be reachable. Saw this on his twitter page -

Raúl R. Labrador



Apr 4

H 71 prohibits untested & experimental medical treatments from being used on Idaho’s children. Some critics suggest this bill is unconstitutional. It is not.


should sign it and my office will defend it in the courts.


His profile says husband, father, grandfather. Stance on experimental medical treatments is encouraging.

Yes, many similarities to empty safety assurances with corrupt science and captured media and gaslighting of injured among pharma / FDA and wireless / FCC.

Much respect to RFK, Jr and CHD for addressing both.

https://mdsafetech.org/problems/industry-influence-in-science/ - so many good links here.

**Correction** - You say use wired headset with cell phone. Best headset is airtube, it's wired, but different than usual headphones with cords, those may (I've heard this but am not certain), channel more radiation up to your head. But "Airtube" headsets greatly minimize radiation that reaches your brain. Defendershield is supposed to be good, also a company called Less EMF may have airtube headsets.

Yep, quite literally a plastic dummy (SAM) and very short tests was used to determine the specific absorption rate for cell phones. #WeAreNotSAM is a project of someone who worked in the industry and was fed up - https://wearenotsam.com/

And for what wireless infrastructure emits, like cellular transmitters outside windows, and probably the same tests determined the limit for smart meters (but I'm not certain) - studies of rats and monkeys from the 1980's, (yes, 1980's). These studies were about one hour in duration. In other words, clearly incapable of discerning long term effects.

The animals had been trained to push a lever for food, and were food deprived at the beginning of the study. They were exposed to increasing levels of radiation, and researchers noted the levels at which they became so disoriented they could no longer push the levers. That level was divided by 50, to become the radiation guidelines for the general public - with absolutely no consideration of long term effects of constant, cumulative exposure.

More info on that is here, from Professor Kent Chamberlin (electrical and computer engineering) ~ https://newyorkers4wiredtech.com/2023/01/31/queens-community-board-1-special-joint-committee-meeting-on-link5g-poles/

May this family, and others, prevail in their quest for bodily autonomy and the right to live in peace .. Thanks, Toby, for sharing this ...

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I have disabled wi-fi on my router, and connect all my computers to it via ethernet. It's a bit of work to bring cables to various rooms in the house, but the result is a more reliable network (no dropouts or lags due to radio signals having trouble getting through walls or to distant rooms), and better security. But most people these days will be unable to go this far because of their insistence on using crippled devices like "smart" phones or tablets, which don't have ethernet ports.

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Today, I sent each of the seven a follow-up email (since I did not yet get a reply):

I hope this email finds you well. I am following up on my previous message regarding the Edwards family and their unjust predicament concerning the installation of a "smart" meter by Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) in Rexburg, Idaho.

I highlighted in my previous email that Idaho Falls Power and Fall River Electric Cooperative offer opt-outs for "smart" meter installations, demonstrating that it is possible to accommodate the concerns of electromagnetically sensitive individuals. However, it seems that Rocky Mountain Power has not extended the same courtesy to the Edwards family. This disparity is troubling and requires immediate attention.

I urge you once again to find a compassionate and reasonable solution that allows the Edwards family to exercise their right to opt out of the "smart" meter installation. By granting them this accommodation, we demonstrate our commitment to the well-being of every member of our community.

The Edwards family has already made significant sacrifices, depleting their retirement savings to create a safe home environment for Esra's unique needs. It is only fair and just that their efforts are respected and supported.

I kindly request your immediate attention and intervention in this matter. Your prompt action can make a significant difference in the lives of the Edwards family, reaffirming our community's commitment to serving the needs of all its members.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I eagerly await your response and trust that you will make the right decision in ensuring the well-being of this remarkable family.

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The causal link could very well be true, but NOBODY is willing to give up their cell phones or internet usage!!

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I sent seven emails as shown below.

My local utility, Pepco, is opt-in and my family skipped it about 10 years ago, as my mother was elderly (over 90) and we needed some a/c during the summer for her to be moderately comfortable. (She got cold easily, so we did not blast a/c, but needed it on very hot days.) I think Pepco is still opt-in. I see occasional notes asking people to sign up, but they are not too extensive. (Possibly I have mentally tuned them out.) Metro Washington DC is fairly liberal (sarc), but no oppressive requests for smart meters, that I know of.

Good luck in Idaho! Note I did not discuss EMF waves - just that the family did not want power turned off at inopportune times. (Possibly that EMF waves are damaging is a bridge too far for a utility company.)

Dear Sir,

The Sam and Peggy Edwards family in Rexburg Idaho has a special needs daughter, Esra, who has spina bifida and autism. They moved to Idaho and built a house to help Esra, including a ceiling track with harness and hook that can lift her out of bed into her wheelchair.

Smart meter electricity turns off when ever there is a high power load or a lack of power produced. The Edwards family does not want a smart meter as it may turn off power when they need it for their daughter.

Rocky Mountain Power has no opt out for a smart meter. Pepco in metro Washington DC has an opt-in system; only people who are concerned about environment and want to save money and feel they can survive safely sign up for the smart meter. People with elderly or special needs family do not.

Out west, both Idaho Falls Power and Fall River Coop have opt-outs. Why not Rocky Mountain Power? Let the Edwards family opt out.

The Edwards family does not want power turned off by an automated system at odd times that they cannot control. Please let them opt-out of the smart meter. Offer the opt-out to other families and customers also. Most other utilities in the United States offer an op-out or only offer smart meters on an opt-in basis.

Thank you for your attention.

name & address

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Sent emails with my own documentation.

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I opted out of a smart meter about 15 years ago in California. It was PGE to keep the meter off of my daughters bedroom wall. i jumped through their hoops and got the opt out but they still bugged me for about a year. Repeatedly, I would get calls to confirm a time that the tech could come and install the smart meter,,,had to explain I had an official opt our. I think I finally just told them to fuck off already.

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Thank you, Toby, for making is easier to (dare I say it) fight the power! All seven emails sent.

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Toby, this is all about control and restricting usage as needed. This is another aspect of the panopticon control grid that tptb are erecting around us, day by day, year by year. A spirit of fear of death is motivating these measures--it is not ecological or otherwise. TPTB will argue they are just doing so for the good of humanity. It is the fruit of totalitarian thinking.

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Can we start a Go Fund Me for a solar power system for this family so they can get off the grid?

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I only wrote to one of the people on your list, and slightly tweaked it, but this is the response I received:

"Dear Joe:

Thank you for contacting my office regarding your concern for your friends, Peggy and Sam Edwards and their daughter. Your comments are very important, and I will have my staff look into it. I appreciate your perspective on how I may best represent Idahoans. There is much work to be done and I am honored to serve as Idaho’s Attorney General.

If you have any further questions or if my office can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

With my regards,

Raúl Labrador

Idaho Attorney General

NOTICE: This message, including any attachments, is intended only for the individual(s) or entity(ies) named above and may contain information that is confidential, privileged, attorney work product, or otherwise exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the intended recipient, please reply to the sender that you have received this transmission in error, and then please delete this email.

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Done --- thank you Toby, much appreciate your article. You're one of my favorite TRUTH Warriors, GOD bless us all & help us to help ourselves out of this tyrannical cabal. WE the People, being on the side of our Creator will make a difference ...

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Good for them. They are harmful. It's really stating to look like everything $MART, is about money, control and surveillance; not to mention harmful to the environment! But the 'Climate Change Green Rants', conveniently leave that out! Not to mention the 5G.

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Are you, and is the Peggy & Sam family, aware of the Law of Mankind and Josh de Sol's efforts to empower people to charge electric companies fines for installing smart meters against their wishes?

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Thank you Toby for helping us all stand up for the little guy 

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