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A little off topic but… TurboCancer is a phenomenon today and is what resulted in our learning about fenbendazole. Close relative, with no breast tissue from 2009 masectomy, developed metastatic BC “everywhere” in late 2021 after two moderna covid shots. Lung, bone, kidney, pancreas. At 83, she refused all treatment and went home to hospice care. Nothing to lose so she took fenbendazole (222 mg per day)...available from pet store or amazon. Cancer gone in 4 months, she felt and looked better in 1 month! Read her Case Report at https://fenbendazole.substack.com

No side effects! We don’t have to die from most solid tumor cancers any more! Fenben is cheap, OTC, side effect free antiparasitic medicine that cures...cures! cancer. It will change your life to know that you can not worry about cancer. Read the Substack, all the science and supporting findings are there. Not selling a thing, not even subscriptions. This is a pay-it-forward effort to help others eradicate their cancers.

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Toby Rogers, you write well with clear sincerity. And I agree with most of this post. I wish to offer a correction which, if you will read the attached post, you will I think agree with.

You stated;

"And then absolute power corrupted absolutely and things went off the rails."

To my own surprise when I examined Lord Acton's quote, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (Lord Acton, 1887) I found it wrong, and I found it wrong for reasons very important to understand, as however we finally overcome the latest tyranny, without learning the lessons articulated, we will jump straight back into the fire. So please consider to read and share...


Always free, not a news feed.

All the Best...

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can we trust any person to hold power absolutely? No, no, no, etc.

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Everybody has a need for meaning. Some try to satisfy that need with politics or social causes. Others try to satisfy it through sex. Still others through drugs. And unfortunately, nothing satisfies. Except Jesus.


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"It seems to me that it is far better to surrender to the mystery than to try to control something outside our grasp."

Yes! If only more understood this instead of always needing a hard answer, even when it's obviously beyond our grasp. Reminds me of my favorite lyrics "if all this should have a reason, we would be the last to know". John Kay, 1968

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100% correct. Humans seem to be obsessed with finding a way to be King of the Hill when we could be part of something that is so much more expanded and interesting. The more I learn about Nature the more amazed I become and the more I see it as a dance with a lot of moving parts. With that in mind I am particularly disturbed by the attempt to contaminate the Earth with synthetic biology. I have only now been able to accept that there are nanoparticles in the shots which are building structures inside people's bodies and which can be viewed quite clearly in photos of live blood analysis. With the current obsession to get mRNA into food and everything else this looks like a concerted attack on Nature, a war on everything natural.

I hope that enough of us can be there for our own humanity and for the natural world that we will remind those who have forgotten the true source of their nourishment. I also hope that the medical freedom movement can acknowledge the work of Dr Ana Mihalcea, Karen Kingston and others working in this space, so that the wonderful doctors can add whatever is needed for the healing protocols that will be needed.

Thanks for the work that you do. (-:

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My mother was of the sky,

My father was of the earth,

But I am of the universe

And you know what it's worth...


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A thought provoking piece. There's a lot that seems out of wack without having a realistic reference frame. But how can we find that perspective?

Unexpectedly, without trying but simply surrendering very deeply while my mind was focused on my heart center my disembodied consciousness entered samadhi, the final stage, in which union with the divine is reached. Remarkably, I accidentally dropped into this state three times. In addition to the magnificence of the bliss, the strong sense of being home—really home, immeasurable peace, and more...my life and how I see "reality" changed. Each time this occurred, the cosmic experience would eventually end when my body reconstructed itself and there I was in the physical realm, here on Earth again. In addition to these deepest of experiences, I have also explored the astral or spirit realm, the Heavens that we go to when we die. Being a MIT trained mechanical engineer, I naturally endeavor to fit my experiences together as my world view expands and evolves to include the depth and breadth of what I've encountered. That process of integration has pushed me to realize that the foundation of reality is consciousness, not matter.

Max Planck received a Nobel Prize for discovering energy quanta—photons, and became the distinguished father of quantum theory. In 1931, The Observer, a famous British weekly, reported Planck’s viewpoint: "I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness."

Later, in his 1944 speech “The Nature of Matter,” Planck further explained how consciousness is present throughout everything: "There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter."

Of course, this mind is God. However, this omnipresent God doesn't sit on a throne in the clouds, instead, She resides within everything and everyone. All that exists, is God and that why God is omnipresent. Everything is part of God, and beyond everything there's evermore consciousness that's involved in guiding the process of discovering something that was unknown prior to the formation of the Universe, Earth, spirits, etc. During one of my unexpected adventures that reunited my tiny ego mind with the One Primordial Consciousness that is ALL, I learned why the One created the dual illusions of physical reality and spirit reality and mysteriously intertwined those parallel realms in ways that create a great mystery we will never understand with our tiny portions of consciousness that are intentionally designed to be quite gullible and feeble. It turns out, before the beginning of time, before the universe was created, and despite the One's unparalleled magnificence, being One with no other, and having explored all the interesting things that One can explore as One, the One hadn't explored how it feels to meet a mysterious other. So, to explore something new, the One formed the Heavens (a spirit realm) and the Earth (a physical realm) out of the only thing that existed, consciousness. Thus, it could be said that reality is a dream, God's dream. However, there is a goal that's really simple, humans are made out of consciousness in such a way that we can be tricked into believing that we are each separate individuals, and as individuals we can find out how it feels to meet mysterious others.

Unfortunately, a problem came up just after the human design was perfected. The Original People knew the fundamental truth, all is one. In their original state of Oneness consciousness, the Original People couldn't find out how it feels to meet mysterious others, simply because they didn't see anything as separate from themselves. This may sound impossible, but I asked three anthropologists if their experiences with, so called, primitive humans left them with the impression that those Original People were individuals. Independently each of those three anthropologists said that the Original People were not individuals.

So, it turns out that, the One, found ways to influence some Orginal People to splinter off to become shamans—spiritual and medical leaders. This formed the first step in the pyramid that grew into civilization which has recently succeeded in individualizing all humans on Earth. To push people apart and make us into individuals, civilization has lots of divisive features. As the process proceeded, the divisiveness grew more divisive, and more divisive until it reached the bizarrely divisive situation that we find ourselves in today.

Despite all of that, with the task of global human individuation accomplished, a new era is going to begin. However, everyone that's alive today isn't suited to be part of that new era. While the individuation process has been infolding some people have learned to open their hearts, follow their heats and learned to be open to love. Conversely, many people have learned to follow their intellectual portion of consciousness in their head. Another large group have learned to follow the emotional portion of consciousness located in their gut. These, head versus gut oriented people have turned away from their heart consciousness which links each person to the One divine consciousness that is ALL. Therefore, a culling of the closed hearted people is taking place. Once the closed hearted are removed, the openhearted meek will inherit the Earth. Ironically, the closed hearted are removing one another as the openhearted watch in awe, wondering how the world became so screwed up so quickly.

It's important to be aware that human bodies do die, but the spirits of the deceased have subtle astral bodies that offer an alternative experience in the Heavens also known as the astral realm. Miraculously, the astral realm is mutable in such a way that mere desires or thoughts transform one's reality. Hence, once the closed hearted pass over to the other side, to experience the spirit filled astral realm, they will be able to explore their unique desires regardless of how bizarre those desires my be.

Meanwhile, here on Earth in the physical realm, the open hearted will find themselves in a world of peace and prosperity that is perfect for us to explore the love that emerges from our hearts guiding us into the full blossoming of love on Earth.

In my books, I explain how human consciousness is arranged and why it's arranged in such a curious way. Moreover, I reference scientific studies that support the triality of human consciousness that came to me from the One, over 20 years ago. I have often thought that psychologists and psychotherapists could be much more successful if they were aware of how our consciousness is arranged. Additionally, the understanding that consciousness supersedes and forms that material world and not the other way around would also be quite helpful. And let's not ignore possession by spirits from the astral realm. Sadly, materialism has blocked out these important features of reality.

Anyone who's interested in a consciousness based perspective can download my books free here:


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Looking forward to reading this!

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I'm not sure if it is religion that we need. While writing this piece https://hxlibraries.substack.com/p/when-life-has-its-limits, I came across this one https://www.thearticle.com/escaping-life-with-thomas-mann. This resonated with me:

In a literary climate dominated by political and social narratives, the works of Thomas Mann offer a refreshing alternative and perhaps a much-needed corrective. Mann’s prose is resolutely, unapologetically apolitical: it does not peddle an ideology, does not attempt to give direction to public life, does not show a clash of social forces, does not moralise. Yet by focusing entirely on the eternal subject of the nature and destiny of man and the torments and contradictions of human consciousness, Mann managed to depict the spirit of his epoch better than any litté rature engag ée.

Perhaps he told us what we had suspected all along: that political and social progress, essential though it is, holds no power over human nature, and even if we lived in a social utopia it would not deliver us from our flaws and fallibilities, the torments of our desires, the endlessness of our requirements, our failed passions, our unsatisfied ambitions, the sinister compulsions of the will.

Society cannot make us happy. In the quest for meaning and fulfilment, we stand alone. But intellect can. And here, once again, Mann tells us something that we know already: that a fertile mind can afford us joys and pleasures that reality never will; that our biggest feasts and triumphs come from within; that, through art, we can live a thousand different lives; that the aesthetic state is the closest we will ever get to the eternal; and that in a world which is highly conditioned and where our every single step is a compromise, it is only in the mind that we can be truly free.

Common wisdom holds that there exist two paths for self-realisation — work and family — and if we manage to find an acceptable balance between the two and a semblance of satisfaction in either or both, we will die contented, perhaps even happy. I have always found this dichotomy shallow. By living solely in the realm of the social, we end up dealing with life’s manifestations, rather than its essences and, to quote Schopenhauer, “the lofty goal of our existence is quite ravished from our sight.” If we forego the intellectual state, “the state where miracles happen”, “the state of the Gods”, disillusionment awaits us — and, like the nameless, ageless character pacing up and down Venice’s Piazza di San Marco as dusk falls, the military band stops playing, and the magnificent square, one of the great wonders of the world, becomes silent and deserted, we will be forever greeted by tedium, ordinariness and the constant, mournful refrain:

“So this is it? Is this all there is to it?”

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This is a lovely and modest (i.e., not pretentious) stating of the plain truth of things. Heartening to read.


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It is definitely idolatry and one only need to read the Old Testament to understand how this all ends.

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Fantastic piece Toby!

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Fascinating essay as usual, though you might have added more on the influence of the postmodernists (alluded to with Foucault) in convincing apparently intelligent people that even language itself is arbitrary and thus a way of supposedly "creating" reality. Ergo, your reality is as good as mine. I actually attended the EST seminars in the 1980s and found it quite strange, cult-like. Erhard seemed to conflate the Buddhist idea that life is inextricably bound up with suffering ("empty and meaningless"), but comes to a distinctly postmodernist conclusion by claiming one can simply create one's own reality. Certainly our language and ideas have consequences in the real world but if they become untethered from certain inescapable realities we're in serious trouble. An example would be the guy on LSD who thinks he can fly so he jumps off a ten-story building. Good luck with that!

By the way, I'd be interested in more about your experiences teaching in Cambodia. I have a friend in my village who with her sister ran an orphanage there during the Khmer Rouge regime and had to flee to Saigon as things spiralled out of control. Then when the Vietnam War was lost they had to flee the country and return to Canada. Amazing story.

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cc: Toby

So Where Is YOUR Scientific Evidence Malone ?

Ralph Baric Said That "Gain Of Function"

Was "Poised" For Human Emergence. Seriously? Okay:

As I Stand, I Bend My Knees, And I Point To The Sky.

I Am "Poised" To Go To Mars .

-You Can Bet Your Ass I'll Get There Before Baric's

Gain Of Function Can Be Viably Sustained In Our Air.

There Is No Gain Of Function Pathogen In The Air.

That's The Hoax - And A Good One. Ain't It Bob ?

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Your belief in “billions of years of evolution” is what’s causing the lack of clarity. There is one God and he made them male and female and this is what cannot be undone. People fight against this, as per the rest of your insightful article shows, because they don’t want a God over them. They want to be god themselves.

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Let GOD nurture you for GOD said in the Bible King James Version Isaiah 55:8For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.

9For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

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You say you're open to corrections. OK, here's one...

You said "Fighting against billions of years of biological evolution is arduous and usually ends in ruin."

I have to disagree, indeed that fight is why we have all the modern conveniences and tech that we do. The really big one was harnessing men's sex drive, with the promise of one man, one woman, and HIS children. That was the very foundation of civilisation, around 3 or 4 thousand years ago.

We only really destroyed that recently, and look how rapidly things are falling apart?

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