Toby, I commented on your post below that I would see the film on Jan 12 in Boston, which I did. I took notes afterward as it had quite an impact. I finally wrangled them into something and combined it with some other ideas to make this post. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. I'd be interested in your comments (and anyone else's) https://open.substack.com/pub/lachevaliervit/p/how-to-survive-a-genocide

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Bravissimo ! ! Standing ovation for the filmmakers and for your outstanding piece.

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Definitely on the list.

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Dear Mr. Rogers: This very interesting review of yours came my way via the 1/1/24 e-distribution from Brownstone Institute. I live in NYC, and your piece inspired me to see “The Zone of Interest” the very next day. Here is the essay I posted on Facebook about my experience. I accompanied it with a link to your review. Best wishes, Peter Allemano

1/2/24 PA’s post:

“THE ZONE OF INTEREST” is a new movie that has been playing for the past couple of weeks in NYC and L.A. It will soon roll out to additional U.S. markets. In his review (below), Toby Rogers praises this Holocaust-themed horror film (though it “never shows the violence directly”), and he calls it “an absolute masterpiece.” The subject with which the film deals is a touchy one: the banality of evil.

I typically avoid horror films. But after I read the ROLLING STONE interview with Jonathan Glazer, the film’s director, I decided that this one was a “must see” for me. The article notes that although the film is set in Auschwitz during 1942-43, it actually is “about the present day.” Mr. Glazer is adamant in his insistence: “[T]his movie isn’t a document. It’s not a history lesson. It’s a warning.”

I attended a screening this afternoon at the AMC Lincoln Square 13 cineplex. The movie is indeed very good — and, from my perspective, its application to the present day is as obvious as it is compelling. (Well done, Mr. Glazer!)

The movie’s Wikipedia page describes the tremendous praise received by “The Zone of Interest” since it premiered at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival (where it won both the Grand Prix and FIPRESCI Prize). But, interestingly — as Toby Rogers points out in his review — THE NEW YORK TIMES’s critic, Manohla Dargis, absolutely despises “The Zone of Interest” and runs it into the ground with self-contradictory gobbledygook. Mr. Rogers calls the TIMES review “very strange.”

What’s going on at the TIMES?

Mr. Rogers notes: “Every day for the last four years New York has been the center of the American iatrogenocide.” Indeed, many ignominious actions have occurred in this place that I call home. Mr. Rogers cites several of them, including this:

“Upon hearing of Covid, the New York State Department of Health gave itself permission to set up quarantine camps to detain anyone for any reason without due process of law. Think about that — the first instinct of the public health authorities in the state with the largest Jewish population was, ‘How can we set up the legal framework for quarantine camps?’”

Mr. Rogers notes: “[A] movie about an entire society that ignored the genocide all around them hit a bit too close to home for Manohla Dargis and her bosses at the *New York Times* who have spent the last four years ignoring the genocide all around them. But for anyone trying to understand the murderous actions of the Covidians and their unwillingness to take responsibility for their crimes, this film is illuminating.”

I could cite many instances of the banality of evil that I have witnessed here in New York during recent years. Here is one of them. Take a look at this photo collage I created, showing a typical scene at a 2021 health freedom rally in Times Square: https://bit.ly/3U3x0ax.

It was a warm, sunny day, and as I walked toward the rally, ahead of me on Broadway I saw a fashionably-dressed Yuppie couple, walking hand-in-hand. They were as well-to-do as any of the Nazis depicted in “The Zone of Interest” — and they noticed the gathering crowd, heading south on nearby Seventh Avenue. Without a pause, the female Yuppie raised her arm and “gave them the finger.” I never saw her face, but the image of her, and her boyfriend, is seared in my memory as Absolutely Horrifying.

At the rally, I was deeply moved — and tears stung my eyes — when I witnessed interactions like the women in my photo collage, sharing sorrowful condolences. When one of the speakers asked us to embrace one another, the response was immediate. Strangers turned to one another and exchanged hugs. The nearest attendee to me was a young black boy, in his teens. I did not hesitate — even for a second — to hug him and to exclaim, “Thank you for coming!” He hugged me back.

What would the Yuppie couple on Broadway — or Manohla Dargis and her bosses at the *New York Times* — think of us today? In particular, when looking at my photo collage, would they regard the deceased 22-year-old with the same scoffing and contempt that I think they probably would have felt in 2021?

I don’t know. But, judging from Ms. Dargis’s strange review of “The Zone of Interest” in the TIMES, there are lots of people in New York — “the center of the American iatrogenocide,” as Mr. Rogers puts it — who are beginning to feel uncomfortable about their track record of callousness and cruelty. Will they ever admit that — maybe, just maybe — their behavior during recent years has been less than laudable, and sometimes even atrocious?

More and more people are “waking up” to the possibility that government authorities are sometimes less than 100% truthful and, astonishing as the possibility may seem, can be manipulative and deceitful. Moreover, there is a dawning awareness that the medical/pharmaceutical cartel — working hand-in-glove with the propaganda-riddled mainstream media — have priorities and goals that are unrelated to the best interests of We the People.

Time will tell what happens next!



The ROLLING STONE interview with film director Jonathan Glazer is here:


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When the human mind is faced with an event or truth that is too horrible to even contemplate it reacts in defensive ways. One of them is called alters or split personalities.Other defense mechanisms are denial, and my favorite "Screen Memories". These screen memories are not static and will evolve over time and will even manufacture alters as "players" in the memories. Over time, when exposed to too may horrors chronic neurosis is the result. We as a species have been systematically tortured to the point of group psychosis wherein the Zeitgeist has developed the pathology of a war torn torture victim. The cure for all of this begins with acceptance of the truths but even those are denied us by our captors.

Now the good news.

We are in the midst of an apocalypso a go go... An apocalypse IS NOT the end of the World but a beginning of a new understanding of life. A lifting of the Veil. Now we SEE WHO is behind the curtain whether we want to see or not.

Enjoy your time here or else.

Thanks for the article. Neat.

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Love your comment. Very insightful. Important to understand the evil brilliance of hijacking the human mind AND as you say it's all, weirdly in service of a mass awakening.

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Have you read "Soul-Centered Healing" by Thomas Zinser?

How about the works of J. Krishnamurti.

Finally "The Book of the Sub-Genius."

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Dear Toby, wishing the very best for 2024 and thanks so much for your amazing work/support!

P.S What did you think of Craig Campbell comments (25/12), especially Tore Says documentary on the CIA/CAA propaganda? Take care.

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Thank you for this brilliant piece, it was in my weekly substack reads so am not familiar with your posts and am very grateful to have discovered you.

I wasn’t aware of the film and I applaud you for calling attention to the hypocrisy of she film critic and the NY times although neither surprise me.

I just wondered why you didn’t also reference the genocide currently going on in Gaza, (not to minimise the Covid genocide in anyway) as reason for her and her editors reticence to give due credit to what is clearly a brilliant film. Or perhaps this is so obvious and needn’t be spelled out?

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Thank you for writing this review- I found it on Brownstone Institute which I follow. Now that we know about the movie we will be seeing it. Both my father and my husband’s father served in WWII- Army in Germany/ Europe. Both were very aware of the concentration camps. They saw the camps they saw starvation, the typhus, the behavior of the Germans and the death. . Both were there at the end of the war and after in the occupation. They saw it with their eyes. Our German teacher in high school had the numbers on her arm- she was the age of my parents- born in the late 1920’s . My father attended Patton’s funeral. He drove a Sherman Tank. Don’t tell me it didn’t happen. I am 64. I grew up with kids thats fathers served in WWII and most were in the war in Europe. And yes I’ve been there myself. The German people do not deny what happened.

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There is yet another part to the issue of silence surrounding Auschwitz. While Poland was the only country during WWII where helping a Jew was punished with capital punishment during, Witold Pilecki from Polish Underground Army (Armia Krajowa) was willingly captured and imprisoned in Auschwitz to organize resistance movement there and find out what was going on in more detail. Next, his report was taken to the USA by Jan Karski who tried to inform many influential people such as Felix Frankfurter, Cordell Hull, William Joseph Donovan, Samuel Stritch or Stephen Wise, But no one believed him. He tried to make a movie to inform the world about the situation of Jews in Poland but did not succeed so he wrote a book Story of a Secret State which was published in Boston in 1944, which supposedly went viral.

After WWII Karski became a professor at Georgetown University and wrote several interesting books about the relations between Poland and the Western World, reflecting how the world was deaf to Nazism and Communism just as it was to the situation of poor Polish orthodox Jews during WWII „The Great Powers and Poland, 1919–1945: From Versailles to Yalta”.

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Under Nazi regime media was completely controlled by propagandists, just like the American public is propagandized today by CIA "Operation Mockingbird". The New York Times is part of that program and only parrots the establishment "safe and effective" lie regarding phony "quacksines". The propaganda was even more effective in Germany because the people didn't have the diversity of news sources or communication devices that we have, like internet, televisions in every home, short wave radios and smart phones. They were able to buy cheap radios from the government but the only "programming" available was nazi propaganda. The government provided a multitude of social and educational activities to occupy people's time, all keyed to indoctrination and to lull a society that had within the most recent generation been in a hyperinflationary depression. New generatiosn were completely brainwashed in state schools, like U.S. today. Today we are also confronted with widespread pharmaceutical use of the type that blankets anxiety and rational thought, toxic vaccinations from birth that cloud the mind, fluoride in the water that lowers the IQ of developing life and nutrient deficient diets that deteriorate general health and mental processes.


In recent history, eugenics and depopulation schemes originated in 18th century british intellectual circles in the minds of Dalton and Darwin based on a tradition of population control and eugenics that goes back to Plato. That tradition was contued in the American Eugenics Society and exists today in its offspring Planned Parenthood. So it is no surprise that Hitler said he was inspired and influenced by American practices. Bill Gates father was on the board of the American Eugenics Society and Bill Gates (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) funds eugenic and depopulation efforts via GAVI and the World Health Organization. Bill Gates mother was on the board of IBM. American and British financiers and corporations including IBM and Ford were directly involved in the German economy in the case of IBM providing business machines as far back as 19th century and American and British corporations and financiers rebuilt the German economy after WW1. American Corporations continued to support the Nazi regime throughout World War 2, including IBM Corp which provided the punch card systems used to index the demographic profiles and addresses of the entire German population and to coordinate rail traffic of goods and populations around Germany and its occupied territories. Today IBM is a leading developer of "cloud" date and operating systems and digital ID, health passes and central bank digital currency technologies. So they were Nazi enablers during WW2 and the still are.



10 U.S. companies that worked with Nazi Germany:


After the war the United States imported what was left of Japanese and German tecnhnological and biological weapons programs and continued them in the United States.


Members of Japanese Biological Warfare and Experimentation program Unit 731 were given immunity in exchange for their records of experimentation, a particularly horrible program.


The United States has conducted and supported a series of military actions since the WW2 that can only be described as "exterminations", "mass killings" or "genocide", that have resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of people. American diplomats have stated that the deaths of hundreds of hundreds of thousands of children is acceptab;e as collateral damage in order to achieve U.S. foreign policy objectives, objectives based on lies like the illusion of Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons.


In Indonesia, supported by U.S.


The Unted States is an empire of greed run by kindred spirits of the Nazis. Religions and political idealogies are just convenient excuses for wars to enhance the wealth of the already wealthy and working people are busy just trying to survive. The United States is referred to as a "Republic" but it is quite inexpensive to screen out any truly republican minded candidates for these positions by either blackmail or bribery, so we have in this country what is oligarchic rule, where a powerful and greedy cabal is able to manage an empire through fraudulent elections, permanent bureaucracies and mind control.

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Merry Christmas, dear Toby. And thanks for this.

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Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, Toby, and a Happy Holiday Season, too. :) :)

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Thanks Toby. Fascinating review. I've noticed for some time now that the same high profile movie critics who will turn themselves into a pretzel in order to find some way to praise the latest super-hero movie drivel - will invariably find fault with any serious film that poses ethical questions that might cause some cognitive dissonance within our collective neoliberal house of glass psyches. It sounds like this is yet another example. : /

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When I returned home from studying abroad having visited Dachau my Dad said “did you see how close the train was to the camp? Spend the rest of your life finding out how those people rode a train with glass windows past that place in complete disregard for that level of suffering, day after day.” He was so emotional I never forgot it. I repeated this (without planning it) to our City Council in Nov 2021 when they voted for vaccine passports in our small LA suburb. They all shook their heads and claimed I was offensive for my remarks. Thank you for writing this. It will age well and is EXACTLY what we are going through and why those who are awake manage a quivering desperation inside, for basic heartfelt decency. We are walking among the insane, the icy, the dissociated, no different than those Germans on the train.

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Thank you for speaking out at your city council. That is something I would love to transcribe for the record.

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I have a video clip of it if you want I can email it to you.

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Thanks so much for your reply-- best would be a link to a video already uploaded. (Did the city council post it somewhere?)

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I looked but didn't see 2021 on their YT page -It was 11/8/21 in Culver City CA if you want to search (it was a 5 hour meeting though) I can post it this week and make you a link of the clip.

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Thanks, I looked on the Culver City YT page also and couldn't find it. I'd very much appreciate a link to the video whenever you have one. Merry Christmas!

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I just remembered I had put it on telegram. Let me know if this works? https://t.me/amyloftusmusic/3713

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Will do soon. Merry Christmas to you too!!

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Hahahah. You are clueless. They went past Bc their was no suffering. Do you cry when you pass factory workers. Bc that’s what it was. Duh. Go there being someone with who possesses critical thought. To help you out. Because it’s apparent you posses none.

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Half my wife’s family died in the camps. Some made it out of Czechoslovakia in time. A few had important positions in the war machine. The rest died. Half the Czech and German populations didn’t die. Why did everyone who was put in the camps die? And if it were merely a work camp with no suffering why weren’t they allowed to go home at night?

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A book I read recently was they thought they were free. True the people went along with a lot of it simple because they remembered not have ing jobs and enough money foe food. The nationalists gave out jobs and promised food and stability. All you had to do was pledge you assistance to the cause.

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Same with the the jabs. Jabbed? Job. Not Jabbed? Dissenter?!!! Horrors. No job for you, no social interactions..

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