I believe I gave this a "like" at the time I read a few months ago, and I in fact appreciate all your writings. But in discussing the manipulative nature of companies like McKinsey, a friend sent me this more recent new piece which I thought you might be interested in, Toby. https://www.euronews.com/next/2024/01/01/consulting-firm-mckinsey-agrees-to-settlement-with-insurers-over-opioids

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I once interviewed a McKinsey consultant whose project was to see how fast the Pharma industry could ramp up vaccine manufacturing capacity. This was a few year's prior to the Pandemic.

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My cousin was very high up at McKinsey and all he talked about whenever I saw him at Thanksgiving and Christmas was how to rip people off. These people are sickos.

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I'm impressed that you found supervisors for a PhD connecting autism to vaccines. Would love to read your thesis, is it publicly available?

Is there a connection between the Masons and McKinsey (as I read in the comments), in your opinion?

Thankyou for your work, it's fascinating and such a positive way to help the world. Spread real information.

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I wonder if anyone has thoroughly investigated the ties between Vanguard, BlackRock, State Street et al. and the big consulting businesses? This is not my strong suit, and I'm short on free time right now, so that's why I ask here :)

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So who is or are the people directing McKinsey?

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Thank you for this! I can walk to Harvard Business School, went to parties there late '80s so I knew about McKinsey way back when. Also worked as a nurse at a nearby Harvard-affiliated teaching hospital when McKinsey came in to do an evaluation which led to "restructuring". As I recall the McKinsey crew were newly minted MBA's, dressed for success and um, decidedly business-like. It turns out that sick human beings and greedy healthcare corporations make strange bedfellows (no pun intended). This was just prior to the advent of health care conglomerates in Boston hospitals including renowned Mass General and of course, job loss for many including some colleagues.

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Bob Dylan said it clear back in 1983 (in the song "Union Sundown"):

"...they don't make NUTHIN' here no more..."


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“We’re going to have to wrest our societal conception of the good, the true, and the beautiful away from those who have squandered their talents on serving the Golden Calf."

While I'm generally not a negative person - I'm a Christian minister who has seen both the good and bad in people - my Christian faith leads me to be pessimistic about the kind of change you allude to in your closing statement (quoted above).

There is evil in this world, and it is centered in selfish human hearts. There are days when I fantasize about "taking these people out," but they would simply be replaced by others who would likely be even worse.

What we are learning is that - as much as we all want to see freedom and capitalism flourish in our 21st c. society, we're still living in the dark ages, when most "wealth" is not built by hard work, it is stolen through theft and graft by lazy but conniving, power hungry men (and women)...Barack and Michelle/Michael; I'm looking at you!

It will be this way until this world ends and there is a New Heaven and a New Earth.

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Is Deloitte similar to McKinsey?

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One of the corporations which belong to the entire corporate- government alliance - the system -which rules the world.

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Hi Toby -

absolutely brilliant and riveting article exposing how the management consultancies, who are all partners of the World Economic Forum, which as a group represents the apex predators of the global monopoly capitalism system that has been created by

1. International finance

2. privately owned central banking

3. multinationals -

all of which work as a global cartel to maximize the wealth extraction and transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1% - those at the top of the pyramid of monopoly capitalism.

The entire worldwide structure of banking and monopolistic practices of multinationals is a massive wealth extraction and poverty creating machinery that really got its start in 1600 with the creation of the British East India Company, and took a massive leap forward with the 1694 chartering of the Bank of England.

It is now clear that after WW2 the British Empire went global, the sun set on the British citizens as the globalists set up tax havens, trusts and foundations to go offshore, and handed the baton to America to become the military global policeman, thus they created the public-private Anglo-American Empire, which has been waging war on humanity for the profits of the richest families and the richest monarchies in the world, mostly western monarchies, ever since.

We like to overlook the monarchies but they chartered all the central banks and the multinationals.

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Wow this was an EYE opener!! I've worked in big industry and seen how all the companies move in lock step (we jokingly told colleagues in other companies what their management would be doing when we learned McKinley was moving from our company to theirs). I deeply hope someone shows this to Ron DeSantis. Pres. Trump was obviously unable to counter the influence from these forces-- we need leadership who are on to this. Anyway, why on earth should our taxes be used to engage management consultants in government?

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“The entire cockamamie pandemic response — 15 days to flatten the curve, six feet social distancing, plexiglass in stores, masks, Operation Warp Speed, mRNA, You are not a horse! — is the sort of whiz-bang sciency-sounding but not actually scientific advice that is McKinsey’s stock-in-trade.

“Or said differently, the entire ridiculous pandemic response is exactly what one would expect if one asked MBAs with massive financial conflicts of interest to come up with a pandemic response.

“Everything about the pandemic response felt corporate, and not just corporate but cut-throat management consulting corporate.

“The short-term self-interested thinking, the elaborate layers of self-deception, the high-minded rhetoric that masks deep-seated pathologies.

“We’re going to have to wrest our societal conception of the good, the true, and the beautiful away from those who have squandered their talents on serving the Golden Calf."


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If you look at McKinsey, you are on the same block as Deloitte. They are part of a block of "Swiss vereins" that pretend to serve the benefits of the public. Deloitte runs, or did run, whole branches of state and federal government. My guess is that nothing has changed much. Yes, they are linked to the Catholic Church and their deep state of propaganda organizations, as well as international bankers.

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