I agree with you wholeheartedly about the changes that need to be made, but I think the biggest threat to everything we hope to build is unhealed trauma. We've all seen how our best intentions and everything built off them can be hijacked and manipulated. We've seen how having a public face and reputation make us prone to damage control in a world that lacks forgiveness. I'm not sure we're in the right heart space YET to build the next thing. I think we have more healing to do before we can built The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible (Charles Eisenstein), because we're still traumatized by the other things we now sadly know is possible. To be successful, I think we have to be doing this inner healing work ALONGSIDE our attempts to create change outside.

But we do have an extraordinary opportunity to practice better conversations and compassionate listening. You point out in Part 1 all the ways we have succeeded in creating safe spaces, communities and ways to be heard and explore and amplify the truth. I think healing is happening, but we have to work really hard to keep each other on task and avoid the traps that commonly impact activist movements. We need to check our egos, our fear, our anger and root into something more loving and hopeful.

This is what came up for me when meditation on some of these questions:


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Other issues to work besides the ones you listed: 1) Food industry and Gov. agencies are corrupt, pushing junk food or veganism diets and sayings it's good for us, 2) Non-science being touted by media as science, bad studies promoted and paid for by corporations in ivy-league and other institutions 3) POisoning of the EARTH and SPACE by chemicals, destroying habitats and satellites lost in space. I've been following RFK Jr. he has a plan for all these in the list. There are others thinking along these lines as well, namely ARC The Alliance for Concerned Citizens. Best to forge an alliance with these together.

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You raise questions that people are too afraid to ask or answer or pay attention to. People have no clue about medical freedom and what means. Rights or should I say our rights cone with the responsibility to preserve them. We have been conditioned to forget how to…

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Paper ballots, hand counted in front of all parties, would be a start. There is already a movement to dump the voting machines due to the ease with which they can be corrupted. Bev Harris has a site (see link) where she and others write about what's been happening in the world of voting machines. She produced a movie Hacking Democracy about the problem in 2008 or so, that is still relevant today.

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Excellent suggestions, Sir Toby.

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These are all imperative questions to consider. One thing with regards to elections a political down flow that not enough seem to want to acknowledge is that our voting integrity is not only severely damaged, it might be nonexistent, maybe not at a local level, but the higher you go, yes, and most definitely at the federal and state level. Machines can and are hacked (anything can be) and the dominion machines were actually created by a three letter government agency (to mess with other countries) so why people don’t think they would be used that way here is naive. Without election integrity, it’s pointless in my opinion to try and build a political machine that works within the current parameters. As someone else stated, mass non compliance would work, i think, and also because it would be outside of the massive corrupt system. Important to deal in what is true rather that what we wish was true.

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A thought, Toby (pardon the lack of formality, but I think we're all in this together - "Butcher, Baker, Candle Stick Maker", or in the words of LeCarre: "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy".... it will "take a village" to STOP this. ALL members of the village, labels set aside.)

Anyway, a thought: As to making changes to the various "Acts" which have proven deleterious - the Prep Act, The 1986 Act signed into law by Ron Reagan as well as other required amendment changes -

....perhaps it is time we said "Screw the Politicians" - we vote them in, they ask for our vote, and then disappear (not all, certainly, but a vast majority) until the next time they need a vote.

"How do we make sure This never happens again?"

Take the vote to the people.

Not sure "how", but put the question to a vote BY THE PEOPLE whose representation, as you say, are without knowledge of the relevant issues {paraphrasing here: " Republicans control the House but only 20 Rep. members actually UNDERSTAND medical freedom "}.

How do we change ALL that requires change, in a quid pro quo system built as we stood by, watching?

You are correct, a focus on "grass roots" politics is so important ...... but it is going to "take a village".

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Dr. Pam Popper has specifically mentioned how Czechoslovakia broke free of their government just by a critical mass of non-compliance. Go parallel instead of trying to fix the broken. At a smaller level, the Amish in Ohio didn’t have to comply with the COVID bullshit: the governor said there were too many of them to round up.

Yes, there are huge issues to deal with, but people are actually breaking away on their own. I’m involved (tepidly I admit) in several local groups for medical freedom or cultural “baseness” (common sense conservative values that former lefties like me embrace). However, these groups like to keep low profiles so you can’t mention them by name, but some acknowledgement would be great.

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I hope that I am not too discouraging but it seems to me that representative government is unequal to the challenge of coordinated big money campaigns. The corporatocracy defines the battle lines (see abortion) provides the black-white and misleading slogans, and offers rewards of exaggerated emotional ventilation / release for holding one or the other impassioned visions. They then (Ohio) institute a new Constitutional Amendment that prohibits the reach of anyone or any institution into the entire field other than the non-designated masters of the topic of "reproductive rights." It is predictable this new unaccountable anti-democratic fiefdom will be managed by cartels monetizing the dead babies into an industrial product. Nobody can stop them if the cloak of being housed in a legally untouchable, unreachable space, is observed. It bears the appearance of law after all. To be law abiding in this instance is to condone lawless and literal selling of one human's body to another for exploitation. Some must die to satisfy those who pay for the product. This was done claiming falsely that Ohio law prohibited medical treatment for miscarriages, for example. The conditioned dummies ate it up. God only knows what disaster will follow but be confident that lots and lots of women will be incentivized to sell their offspring's bodies to the industry. And given that standards of medical treatment are now "protected" from democratic interference, I expect that many more women will die or be permanently disabled by the unethical butchers working for the cartels. This happens when almighty profit is the magnetic north of all human activity.

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If the WHO get the power they want over health care, etc., the questions about iatrogenocide are moot, IMO.

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I would argue that low taxes and free trade are part of what has led us to tyranny. The uber rich pay no or very little in way of taxes. The tax laws are written to benefit the rich. When they don't pay taxes then many public agencies rely on the rich to support them when the government cannot due to taxes not being paid. For example, Bill Gates donated lots of money to schools. In doing so, he influenced the ways schools were run and possibly the curriculum. But if tax dollars supported schools, they wouldn't need money from people like Gates and we the people would have a say in how the schools are run. This is what happened to public TV and radio. I believe GW Bush budget cut funding to those outlets and now they rely on big businesses to support them, hence their pushing of the scamdemic narrative. Ironically, when they were primarily government funded they allowed for more criticism of the government and of those in power. That's because when we the people are the government then we have a voice in how it is run and can criticize it all we want. Unfortunately, now the government is run by big businesses.

Also the "free" trade agreements gave freedom to big corporations to override decisions made by governments. They're a big part of why we are here.

Sorry to say that I don't think we can work within the political system anymore. Not sure what is going to happen but when governments start murdering millions of their own people things have gotten way out of control. It's not so simple as just voting someone in or out anymore. Now we need to think about how to survive all of this and will we be the next to be killed? Yes, we are all in great danger.

Having said this, if we could get people to turn off their screens--turn off the TV, the smartphone, computer, etc., and get people interacting with each other and their environment directly again, well, if we could do that then there is hope.

But I don't think it's possible. People are so addicted to their screens that another Fauci celebrity could appear on their screen tomorrow, tell them all to jump in the lake, and they'd do it! We'd see millions of people around the country jumping in the nearest lake!

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I don't think the situation is reformable. A revolution is more the word. Meaning we need a jump cut to the new and step out and away from what is. Of course, that risks making many of the same mistakes again. Way way way bigger discussion;

One thing I've been thinking about of late... a shadow government. Maybe operating first at stae levels and spreading from there. Something media couldn't easily ignore, a neew set of talking heads to compete with the usual talking heads, something that could run town hall meetings. Decentralied, people could scratch whatever itch they had.

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Luc Montagne called "HIV" a cofactor for the development of AIDS, and the existence of "HIV-negative AIDS" cases supported this position, but Fauci immediately shut down this discussion. I met Fauci at Holy Cross when Joseph Murray was speaking at a symposium at Holy Cross in the early 1990s (after he won the Nobel Prize in Medicine), and I had an odd feeling about Fauci (more than his simple jealousy about not winning the Nobel Prize), but who knew he would turn out to be such a psychopath.

Questioning authority is something that most lack due to personality, educational background, and/or willingness to tolerate the bad behaviors of others. I personally will not "go along" with something that I feel is morally wrong, even if it leads to a career change. Those deciding public (and hospital) policy knew that, besides fear, they could use potential loss of employment to their advantage to compel mandatory vaccination. Their actions have caused direct harm, and I do not think the public will be so accepting of their decisions going forward.

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All those are great ideas but as long as the king of the apes is the psychopath, I don’t expect much change. If we look at the history of human behavior, we see that most humans are simply ferrets following Pied Piper off a cliff if the human race is to survive, we must eliminate psychopathy and teach people to think

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It’s great stuff Dr Toby. It is certainly and well thought out road map. Believe me when I say that I am really not trying to black pill anyone but I am to a degree. Maybe not as bad as I have been. I have been chatting with survivalist/2A types for a while. Many of us have come to the conclusion that a national collapse is not only inevitable but very much needed. Would be the best thing to clear the underbrush.

However as of late that’s scaring me again. Really depends on what that would look like but I have a bad feeling it could spiral into something very catastrophic. If just a recession such as 2008 we would get by but anything slightly greater could literally kill millions and send our asses back to the Stone Age. The thin veneers that hold society up are not something I have a lot of trust in.

The point is we really need to take control before something like that happens. Before the system crashes down if that is indeed what it coming. Anything like this that may help us avoid this nightmare scenario is a welcomed sight. I will do my part to share.

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"Blessings to the warriors." 🙌

"Prayers for everyone fighting to stop the iatrogenocide". 🙏

"Huzzah for everyone building the alternative economy our hearts know is possible". ✊

Your 'benediction' summary says it all best what needs to take place - thank you for this as well as your essay above Toby Rogers!

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