Loved this whole article. The message and the videos were so so moving.

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Dear San Francisco Medical Freedom Activists and Allies:

Yesterday, Lowell High School in SF began practicing school lock down, a social credit system, and in part, digital IDs. Scroll further down for more details from a Lowell parent.

I think we all know where this is going -- getting our children accustomed to having restrictions in their movements, having to scan their IDs to get in and out of non-optional locations, and having their movements restricted based on a "merit system". Which school, workplace, library, hospital, or courthouse is next?

We need all-hands-on-deck to shut this down immediately. Whether you're a Lowell student, parent, or alumni, a San Francisco resident, a taxpayer in California, or NOT -- please, please, please take immediate action to let the powers-that-be know: We will resist this.

Send an email to Principal, Dr Michael O. Jones:


Call him at: 415/759-2730, extension 3167 (principal's office)

Send an email to Superintendent Dr Matt Wayne:


tweet him at: @SFUSD_Supe

Contact all members of the San Francisco Board of Education:

Kevine Boggess - kevineboggess@sfusd.edu

Lisa Weissman-Ward - lisaweissman-ward@sfusd.edu

Matt Alexander - MattAlexander@sfusd.edu

Jenny Lam - JennyLam@sfusd.edu

Lainie Motamedi - lainiemotamedi@sfusd.edu

Mark Sanchez - MarkSanchez@sfusd.edu

Please let them know, politely and firmly:

Lockdowns, social credit systems, and digital IDs such as what have recently been used to control and punish populations in Communist China will NOT STAND in the United States.

Tweet to the City of San Francisco at:


Tweet to the Mayor's Office at:


Tweet to London Breed at:


Tweet to Lowell HS Alumni at:


Tweet to the Friends of Lowell HS at:


Summary, from a Lowell parent in our SF group:

On April 6th, Lowell's new Principal sent a letter to families informing of a new "Closed Campus Protocol" to be implemented starting on April 10th, yesterday.

The reasoning behind this new policy is to improve safety and security in the school, but no information was given as to what prompted this sudden change. Rumors have it that a few weeks ago there were fights taking place at Stonestown Mall, where many students go for lunch or after school. Rumors also say that no Lowell kids were directly involved in the fights, and that this happened after school hours anyway.

The closed campus policy means that students and staff alike are not allowed to leave campus between the hours of 8:30 and 3:40 (with rare exceptions) and need to identify themselves with an ID on a lanyard (with a QR code) or with their cellphone app.

A very troubling part of the letter is the introduction of the conditions for the reopening of the school in a "tiered-basis", were students with good grades, low truancy rates, few tardies and a clean record will recover their freedom while others won't. Welcome to the social credit system!

I am attaching the link to the communication from the Principal:


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Mar 24, 2023Liked by Toby Rogers

This is truly the right direction.

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Mar 22, 2023Liked by Toby Rogers

Oh, Toby! I only just read this Substack from you (I’d been saving it for when I had time to read it), but it’s so brillaint and inspiring and true, and I hope you write on this topic more - a lot more! This is what separates us from them. We have love and God (and, of course, TRUTH - which comes from God) on our side. And so we have the GREATEST power at our disposal. And we need to not forget that.

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Thank you, Skye!!! 🙏

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Mar 22, 2023Liked by Toby Rogers

Thank YOU, Toby! So, so, so much.

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Mar 19, 2023Liked by Toby Rogers

I've been meaning to leave a comment about this Substack since March 3rd. Thank you for sharing these links. I enjoyed listening to this father and son sing together so much. I also went and listened to some of their other recordings. It's beautiful.

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I keep going back and listening to these songs too!

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Mar 11, 2023Liked by Toby Rogers

We humans have a problem with intangibles. We live our lives relying on tangibles for our survival.

Yes, we have the need for spirituality but that is exceptionally difficult for us to perceive, it requires trust and so many of us have been taken for a ride by trusting people and institutions. Very private space only to be shared with the most trustworthy.

Religious institutions are an example as as are insurance organizations and investment. Those that rely on our misery and misfortune are the ones to avoid for starters. Those promising fortunes too.

Fear is the biggest one to overcome and the antidote is courage and when in doubt say no thanks, not today.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with other, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Me my backup is Desiderata

Thanks Toby

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Mar 8, 2023Liked by Toby Rogers

Truth, light and love ... And angels to protect you my warrior friend.

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Mar 8, 2023·edited Mar 8, 2023Liked by Toby Rogers

Thank you for these videos they made my day. We have to keep exposing light on their darkness because sick powerful people and institutions are at their worst when it's undercover. There is an intentional perverted assault on our language in the form of ambiguity that has life and death consequences for people. Money coupled with ambiguity and deception is the fuel driving 'progress' and innovation forward. They only get away with it because it's so vague, complicated, and compartmentalized. All the billions and billions of dollars thrown at biomedical research is not merely for mice, rats, and monkeys. People are being harmed and killed through research. There can be no true spiritual awakening unless we intercept and save these people from this harm and death. I say that because I figure that's what Christ would do. What do you think?

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Agreed except that we do not save people, only love them in truth and by the power of the Holy Spirit who moves as He wills and is the power to save.

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Mar 8, 2023Liked by Toby Rogers

You humble me once again “oh great utobian” ….thank you. In our all encompassing anger at the unfathomable events these past several years, it’s good to be reminded of our shared humanity ….❤️

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Mar 7, 2023Liked by Toby Rogers

The Law Of One and its 5 books was the answer for me. Everything I believed all came together in those books. Yes, this is a spiritual war or accession. The light is getting brighter as more and more people wake up and see the truths.

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Mar 7, 2023Liked by Toby Rogers

Spiritual forces surround us, but cannot be summoned to a cause. They are forces to be joined by submission (faith). If we who wish to bring these powers into our awareness and wish to enter their flow (kingdom of God), we can, and practice will improve our success (also faith).

This means ceasing dwelling on powers that destroy (evil), even -or maybe especially- to accuse. ie, most journalism, most online forums, most entertainment - There is a way of thinking (morality) that needs to die, but more importantly there's a way of trajectory (soul) that needs replacing (repentance) ie, consumerism, domination, division, violence, victimization... Instead we put our attention and action toward goodness and flourishing of the planet and all her creatures (prayer). ie, father and son singing together. (worship)

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Wondering about the spiritual component??


Having trouble determining which doctor or scientist camp is most accurate in their assessment of the situation?   

I’d like to offer what helps me see.

Shanghai’s former ZERO policy (get it, it’s an impossibility)  tells me almost everything I need to know…they dropped it , but that is how these terrorist tactics are, unpredictable, you comply they move the yard stick…. wholly irrational. The damage been done, they go quiet comeback later. So here’s the perennial component: the drones that flew around while people were starving and welded in their high rise cells. The drones broadcasting or droning, and this is verbatim:  “control your souls desire for freedom, do not open the window, do not sing.” How’s that science?

If we’re to establish a new system then it’s imperative to consider ALL those little (clotted) capillary channels, dark catacombs and tiny synopses where we allowed cognitive dissonance (spike) to thrive, and The Souls desire to perish.  The Vx schedule, animal slaughter-consumption and torture, the un education system…black medicine…religion, the media, the commoditization of every aspect of the human experience…we appreciate your help.  We slept with two utterly diametrically opposed concepts in our consciousness concurrently.  Bowing and blaspheming, prostration and perversity, worship on the warship, we did not demand sometimes, many times, we did not even question.🧡

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Mar 7, 2023Liked by Toby Rogers

You are a sweet, sweet man. You struggle on a different level, as I do. It appears that you have no children, which makes no difference other than demonstrating that you have great capacity to love all children. But, imagine being like me, a mother (and grandmother) who went through the whole thing of creating, nurturing day to day and now seeing the genocide push, right out in the open, from the evil forces that sit ooenly on the world stage,,,,and too many are blind to it,,,,still following. My fear is that the lives I've created will not be able to escape the vortex of evil. I tell them to fight, even with taboo language so they kniw I'm totally serious. FUCKING FIGHT!

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Mar 7, 2023Liked by Toby Rogers

YES!!! You captured what I've been feeling so beautifully. Leading with the heart instead of solely the mind. I am there with you and saved this post to read again on a rainy day. Thank you for your advocacy...from a place of love and logic!

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Mar 7, 2023Liked by Toby Rogers

What a beautiful piece Toby. I’m with you 100%.

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