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I just found out about this story from Jeffrey tuckers recent article. Nice work.

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#Endthemandates. In a few short days municipal workers in NYC will lose their jobs. Internet do your thing.

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Important to note that Trump did win the election. However, it would have been harder to steal if Trump had a wider margin.

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Check out this pile of bullshit - https://www.webmd.com/vaccines/covid-19-vaccine/news/20220804/what-to-know-about-omicron-boosters-for-covid

Do you think there will be mandates again?

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Toby, did you mean to say - "The Covid-19 shots authorized right after the 2020 election have made no discernible impact on the course of the pandemic.", or did you mean to say "have made no discernible positive impact on the course of the pandemic". They've made a huge impact - screwing up immune systems, instructing the virus on how to select for escape variants, and keeping this mess going potentially forever.

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About that " Horse Paste"...It won a Noble Prize for a Reason. Good Doctors must never again be hog-tied from judicious off-label use https://jimychanga.substack.com/p/about-that-horse-paste

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Even if the Republicans win, no one is going to jail. It's all for show. Senator Ron Johnson isn't doing anything right now nor will he ever. Rand Paul just likes making a show of asking Fauci direct questions, mostly about Wuhan. The virus didn't come from Wuhan. That's an attempt to blame all of this on China. If Bannon and Malone are pushing Wuhan lab leak, you know it's false. See unz.com.

Who went to jail over Benghazi or Uranium One or Russiagate or anything exposed prior to that? And since when is the MIC and the bureaucracy beholden only to the Democrats? Trump spent more money than any prior president in history before Covid even started.

Remember the Repo market freezing up in the fall of 2019? That was because the US treasury was dumping so many bonds into the market the entire world couldn't soak all of them up. The FED had to inject $1 trillion per day to keep the financial system from collapsing. That was Trump. No wonder the economy looked okay.

If this is all about US left vs right politics how come most every government in the world went along with this plandemic? Why would 5 billion people worldwide be mandated to be jabbed when those jabs were developed under OT authority? Other Transaction authority (which has been extended to BARDA) is a US military requisition law allowing them to buy experimental products outside of all laws and regulations and it's all secret forever.

This is far deeper than one country's partisan politics. They murdered state leaders that refused the jabs and got tens of millions of doctors to pretend that early treatment had never been a thing and masks and lockdowns were standard operating procedure. Only Russia and China never allowed mRNA jabs into their countries.

But last week Russia was dumping more documents on the Ukraine bioweapons labs. They'd recently taken Karkiv and acquired documents that showed the Pentagon had built a $4 million lab/prison where they tested bioweapons on mental patients. The viruses then were released into the surrounding community and this explains the rash of epidemics in Ukraine since 2016.

The strange thing was the Russians linked all of this back to the DNC. While it's true the DNC relied on this for campaign funding, the lab was built by the Pentagon and Trump/the Republicans haven't exactly been friends.

Trump ended the INF Treaty allowing US nukes in Poland, Romania and Ukraine. Trump ignored Ukraine plutonium stockpiling recently exposed by the IAEC. Trump ramped up the supply of weapons and training to Ukronazis for killing Donbass civilians. Trump did nothing to close the Ukraine biolabs even though none of them were classified (meaning, he had to know).

Trump hired Ribert Kadlec and oversaw the release of at least 8 bioweapons into China during his term. He never shutdown ISIS or Boko Haram, US created and guided terrorists, and used the US guided chemical weapons attacks in Syria as an excuse to bomb Syria. Remember when Boko Haram kidnapped the 200 girls from a Nigerian school and Big Mike took it upon herself to use it to raise money and look like a do gooder? She never mentioned her own government was behind it and that 200 boys had been murder during that very same attack.

Domestically, Trump created "Prosperity Zones" which where designated districts where tech billionaires could get out of paying taxes if they just bought this designated real estate. Then BLM rioted for months on end and Trump did nothing even though he had a constitutional responsibility to call in the National Guard. When all was said and done every neighborhood that was destroyed just happened to be in a "Prosperity Zone." Now those tech billionaires will not only not have to pay taxes but will get that land on the cheap.

Robert Barns, the US lawyer on Viva Frei, says John Durham has spent his entire career protecting the elites (that's a long story). And Kash Patel and x22report are making careers out of promoting John Durham and his thousands of sealed indictments, Devolution (Patel seems to know no more about it than a person on the street, even though he supposed helped write it), Q and Q+ (supposedly Trump himself) and The Great Awakening. BTW, did you know that during Ghislane Maxwell's trial it came out that the FBI had lost ALL the evidence they'd acquired in the raids of Epstein's properties as well as the evidence collected from the Florida communications tower?

Ever heard of Glamis Calling? It's the company that until recently, owned Bohemian Grove. Their website had 2 postings about Q prior to Q's first ever drop. How is that possible and what could that mean? Ever heard of Majestic 12 or Majic 12? That's far weirder and had started posting even before Q. What the hell is going on?

I could go on about Elon Musk's mother and maternal grandfather. Or Robert Malone, Dr. David Martin, Dr. Sharon Tenpenny, Del Bigtree (and even Robert F. Kennedy Jr., have to admit, that one hurt) and most of the rest of them (hint, they all are part of weird occult organizations that are part of the United Nations). Ever wonder why all these freedom loving anti-jabbers are on this Freedom Tour or whatever they're calling it today, and yet Trump, the father of the US military, secret because "National Security," DEATHVAXX is in the same tour?

This was the guy who claimed to be anti-vax and was going to get to the bottom of them if elected. Just like he was going to lock Hillary up. If you think he was outwitted or betrayed by his lieutenants, look at the things he himself did while President.

I'm just an Electrician for a car company in Toronto. I have no inside information. In Canada we have the Conservative party (our Republicans) and they have done nothing but complain about the money Trudeau has spent on Covid ($1 trillion per year). If they'd been in power through all of this the only difference is we'd all be bankrupt and homeless by now. We'd have had the same tyranny but with no payments to stay locked down.

They murdered over 3,000 nursing home residents just in Ontario by getting the care workers to stay home and let the residents die by dehydration. No investigation. The only reason we know anything is that the military, that had to clean up the mess, leaked some info.

The University of Toronto mandated the second booster a couple weeks ago and several area hospital systems did the same. None of this makes any sense. Why would the do this for the US military?

There's almost no one one our side who isn't openly into the New Age or Freemasonry or Kabbalism. Google "Dr. Phil, house, pictures." See the Teddy Bear art on the wall with it's guts ripped out? In his living room! Why would he have that stuff in his house in the first place and secondly, why would he allow those photos to see the light of day? Del Bigtree was the producer of his show. And Del is the one funding our access to the Pfizer data?

I don't know what's going on but even the people on our side, if you look into them, have seriously disturbing connections. I think we need to stop seeing this as a good vs evil thing. They're all evil. No one's coming to save us and we don't have the military might to overpower them.

Sorry to be so depressing. I keep going around and around trying to find a solution and I always wind up nowhere. Pretending there's a solution when there isn't, and I hope I've shown a change in political leadership won't do anything, is counterproductive. Believe this is Mass Formation and love of money if you want. I don't beli6that for a second.

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Trump won the 2020 election in a massive landslide. As we learned, the deep state and the massive crime syndicate called the DNC cheated on this election a hundred different ways. If uTobian wants to have credibility in the discourse, expose this fraud. There will never be a constitutional republic called the USA again unless we can expose and defeat the machines and the thousands political operatives that have gamed the election system.

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You know that’s how it works, but seeing the dots connected makes your blood boil. 😡

Loved the Aug 1 update, though! 🙌

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Election/voter fraud is how Trump lost the election not because of Fauci. And that is a fact.

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btw - thank YOU Dr. Toby Rogers for continuing to speak TRUTH to tyranny - you are one of my favorite Warriors ...

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My uncle - a retired ENT doctor, now in his 80's worked with Fauci in NY back in the 70's during the Aids Crisis. His comment to me "I didn't trust him than & I DON'T trust him now". Judy Mikovists is a true warrior. The light of TRUTH will come to pass & GOD/good wins ...

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Fauci is a non elected felon who has been getting aways with crimes since the Aids Crisis. He should have been locked up then, which is why he fired and smeared Judy Mikovits who was working with him, and was a witness to his ciminality.

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I agree Republicans can’t sit on the sidelines thinking they have this election in the bag. However, I disagree the overturning of Roe vs. Wade has put Democrats ahead. Abortion is far less popular than the Democrats like us to believe. Plus, this reversal did not illegalize abortion--it simply turned it over to the states, as it always should have been.

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