Thank you for giving voice to everything I've felt since March 2020. This article is a life-saver, in more ways than one.

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Toby, this is courageous and original while at the same doing what the tepid Dems and ineffective do: avoid identifying and voicing the truly human values YOU DO STAND FOR.

Attacking Big Pharma is necessary but is more a policy position than a statement of values. Values are what bring people together, not issues. Consensus on values come first; then, the issues to move on become obvious. Beware also of cancelling the cancelers, that goes no where because it's an "away from goal" not yet a forward goal towards making things better.

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Apr 7, 2022·edited Apr 7, 2022

Finally, honest self-reflection from the left that we didn't know was even possible--at a time when the left is insisting that we must groom kindergartners for sex (ew!), and when we are being told that Lia Thomas winning the NCAA women's swimming Championship is an important milestone--when in fact it is simply the left-wing patriarchy trying to erase women. Truly sane people aren't buying that stuff.

And no, you don't have to be brainlessly dismissed as an "anti-vaxxer" simply because you recognize that the covid shots are the most dangerous vaccines we've seen in decades, nor for pointing out that injecting kids with over 70 vaccines during their growing up years is neither necessary nor completely helpful. (Seriously--Hep B shots for newborns? What--for all that IV drug use they'll be doing during their preschool and Elementary years??)

Who would I add to the list? AOC, for falsely insisting that the world is going to end in a little over a decade, while actual atmospheric scientist Cliff Mass says 'well, it's an issue but not the existential issue that many are trying to paint it. Global cooling actually gets more people killed than warming periods.' Also for AOC braying that "capitalism is irredeemable", when it is responsible for getting more people out of poverty globally than any other system.

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Apr 6, 2022·edited Apr 6, 2022

"Who would you add to this list?"

Angela Davis the 60s-70s icon, whose book "Women, race & class" taught me much about how racial and gender discrimination are connected to class oppression, seems now to have completely abandoned her revolutionary ideals and surrendered to the braindead identity politics represented by woke-groups like BLM and some LBGQT factions. Not only did she sell out big time but has also stayed silent about the ongoing wars and of course the covid-scam and the deadly vaccines involved. Instead she spends her energy making goofy speeches about racism, talking about how two get out of the two-party system ending up endorsing Joe Biden! In my view, she's fired

Chris Hedges. I should have seen his gatekeeping about the pandemic coming considering he also keeps toeing the NATO lie that Serbia started the war in Yugoslavia when it's indisbutable that the west was responsible

And the psuedo-alt-left media outlets CounterPunch and Consortium News. While having been good at covering wars they have now totally disgraced the legacy of such giants in investigative journalism like Robert Parry, by pushing the big pharma-propaganda

Max Blumenthal. Having done good work on Ukraine, before the russian invasion, he has unfortunately not only repeated big pharma-propaganda but has also been plagiarizing some of Cory Morningstar's work about how the green new deal-scam. In his book "The management of savagery" he claims that the so-called 9/11-truthers are right wing extremists, despite the fact that it was those who lost their loved ones that day that questioned the official story. Still not giving credit where credit is due, he pretends that the Syria-reports by Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett doesen't exist

Lee Camp for being a big pharma shill in his program "redacted tonight"

Vijay Prashad for pushing for covid-vaccines and saying "we can't go back to normal because normal was the problem" which maskes him a tool for the great reset just like the traitor and perhaps CIA-agent Naomi Klein. The latter, one should mentioned also smeared Glenn Greenwald after quitting The intercept since Intercept refused to let him publish anything about Hunter Bidens laptop

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And Chris Hedges, who just does not ever talk about covid or the vaccines as if they don't exist.

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“And no, you don’t need $500 billion of taxpayer money to set up electric car charging stations nationwide. If the technology works as well as you say it does, great, then it should be market-competitive and capital should fund it.”


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Hello - just cut and paste and printed this - for hard copy reading (the best kind)- looks v interesting... but just noticed this at the end: "...so defining certain political ideas as “left” was to assign them to a permanent marginal status." - ... hmm? ... ? ... you do understand that the left / right designation originated in France after the revolution - different political factions gathered and sat on different sides of the aisle in their parliament/assembly ... ? - one on the "left" the other on the "right" side... and so it goes ... in any case, I am attracted to the notion of "no left or right anymore" - so I will overlook the apparent lack of awareness of an important bit of political vocabulary - probably best discarded at this point (so, we agree on that more important issue)

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True. The way the system is set up, even if a CEO to do the "right" thing, if it impacts the bottom line it will endanger the CEOs job because the Board can have them fired. Also, Citizens United 2010 has given the corporations all the rights of people (including money as "free speech) but none of the responsibilities. So it's a system that needs some fixing up for sure.

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Thank you, Toby, for voicing the thoughts I couldn’t lay out in an organized manner if I tried. Yes to all of it.

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I think the media assessments that you make are very good, I totally agree on the fake left messiahs, we should take the good that comes from them and denounce the bad.

But I clearly disagree that pharma is the most corrupt industry. It certainly has very corrupt management right now, but there is no comparison to the tobacco industry, they still kill more than half of their customers, be careful with these exaggerations! Yes, the jabs are horrendous, but they are not the only products they make. And there are the industries that produce weapons, alcohol, sweet drinks, insurance, IT, banks, etc., it's all quite complex... And do remember the corona project is far from being an idea of the pharma industry, it's WEF's stuff, the globalist psychopaths, pharma management are just willing or complying executioners.

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Read all of this mans work

Like to know what you think.

Hes been workin on this plan for 15 years.

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I think what is most disturbing me at this time--other than the unGodly possibility of a nuclear war--is what the WHO has been cooking up: something called The International Health Regulations which will enforce, through their "constitution" the Public Health Emergency of International Concern, if such an emergency arises--which of course they will create. This would be enforced by all of the 194 country members. . . Here is a tidbit of the Substack article by RemnantMD:

"The 2016 Law of epidemics and emergencies dictates that all signatory States must obey by the IHR. If a PHEIC is declared, every country has to immediately trigger a mechanism to comply with the regulations.

This is how and why the world locked down, seemingly overnight. This did not happen with SARS-CoV-1.

Articles 2, 19, and 21a of the WHO constitution bind all member states if they adopt the IHR. There is no need for extra procedures or treaties to be established. The IHR was designed in such a way that it would supersede all sovereign constitutions. The only non-WHO members are the Vatican and Lichtenstein, but they are still signatory to the IHR as an observer. . . "

Question: What are your ideas in stopping this? We all know what this could mean. To me, along with what you propose, seems extremely important to prevent.

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This is one of the best damn things I’ve ever read.

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It is a small fish addition, however, to target entertainment, (yes, v for vendetta isn't the warning we were told it would be) I would add the decades long hero of Leftist militant organizers, the band Rage Against The Machine. Clearly, they are now merely a cog in the machine. Lol (Also, go see The Hunt, unironically of course.)

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another brilliant piece.

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