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A late arriving comment - but I think a very telling data point. The President of the US a week ago directly asserting (true?) to a group of teachers that, as a 30 year old, he had sexual relations with a 12 year old girl. And - and! - that remark being met by the audience with widespread guffaws of approving laughter. (Though, to be fair, the laughter seemed far from universal among the audience - probably "widespread" is accurate).

Even a month or two ago I would have been totally mystified by that interaction; so mystified as barely be able to be angry. But now: - upon seeing the video - I said to myself "that's vaccine injury, right?" (i.e. the President's and the audience) - That "line" - uniquely (I think) proposed by Mr Rodgers - is a very powerful one. Explains a lot.

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I agree physical health benefits optimal mental health another thought, is that US vx schedule has been increased to shorten lives and generates medical consumers. Shorter lives reduces resources use per life allowing perceived reproductive freedoms..increase medical customers is inconsistent with resource reduction, but does fits into US business market cons allowing manipulation and redistribution of money.

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Blaming vaccines as cuse of deaths in all cases is just as disingenious as denying the opposite.

I agree ith you on Trump and Biden. One is senile, the other suffers from untreatable nacisme.

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Beautiful article. Loved what you said about Trump.

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<3 Yes, many of us are political refugees who do not feel at home in either political party.


We are hyper-empathic, contrarian, and skeptical of everything. We are traumatized by the world we live in and the behavior of our family and former friends, suffering from PTSD which interferes with our ability to enjoy life. We see the world through the kaleidoscope of vaccine injury.

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Please share your opinion with me. I trust you to answer:

Is it possible that everyone who was vaxed will perish? Everyone? Because my whole extended family—daughters, step-children, brothers, nieces, etc.—were vaccinated. If the vax is truly a death sentence, how do you prepare someone like me for the future? What would be the point in living?

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Please reconsider Trump.... Revenge Trump is going to be epic in 2024!

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I Have been saying as much, it is hard to say your for a guy who was recorded admitting he grabbed a woman's privates. How ever I tuned out all politics voted for the green party in 2016 when trump was elected. I voted for him 2020 only because i felt Biden was the worst choice ever. I knew this was coming. Gut instinct, intuition, whatever you call it. If you listen to Dr. David Martin, he has out lined many of the Trumps failures to facilitate operation warp speed to go forward, Ron Johnson's interview on thehighwire recently gave the insight that Trump just fell apart due to media blasting him. Why i think Desantis has kept fighting even though media has fired on him relentlessly. I would think Trumps number one law suit should be to go after those in administrative positions that lied to him. Brix admits it out right. Sedition, i don't think has an expiration date. Why hasn't Donald thrown his weight behind some of these AG's from Missouri and Louisiana? Every contractor for the government seems to exist to fund things that were outlawed at some point or to enrich industry. I long for the days of $100 hammer At least i knew where my tax dollars were being wasted. with contractors the money is as good as laundered. It like our government went into for profit racketeering.

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This article sounds crazy AF... but weirdly resonates, hard to put my finger on it. Gonna have to ponder this one a bit more... Now that the sentiments of this article are out in the universe, are we heading into a civil war of sorts between the quacked and unquacked? Thank god for CLO2.

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I had some friends over this weekend and I told one of them same thing I been saying - time to retire friend for you own sake. I said this to him because he is in the medical profession and I don't want him to suffer the retribution coming upon the medical establishment. Justified Retribution.

The other one and I shared some sentiment on vaccine injury but we hesitated to talk about his friend died out of nowhere just one day when his wife came and found his body. But, I suspect we both know and really justice must be served.

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I love your insights, even when I disagree with them, because they cause me to reevaluate or reaffirm my positions. I read this piece constantly thinking we could say the same about our modern schools. They have delivered a different form of 'vaccination,' the smoothing of otherwise sharp minds. It's a long detox from 'schooled' thinking, also, but I believe it's possible. I'm more optimistic than I perhaps should be...?

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You state that voters were presented with two bad choices in 2016 and 2020‼️



Possibly you personally do not like President Trump.

However, America as a whole did NOT believe Trump was a bad choice. President Trump won both elections in record numbers.

So, you’re not for Trump. Who are you for, as you sign off …

Blessings to the warriors. 🙌

Warriors consider themselves for Trump. Possibly you do not care for his NYC style of verbal communication. As you apparently you wish you had the vocabulary of WFBuckley …

However, you do not.

Your factual informative message in those injured was eye opening. Yet, please provide further proof of Trump’s son being affected by the vaccine, and his former wife as well.

You mentioned Hunter & Ashley Biden’s drug addiction may be caused by vaccination.

Well doctor, have you ever heard about PTSD and addiction being a commonality with survivors of Incest.

As well as, the Love/Hate emotions in the individual toward the perpetrator❓

If your facts are correct on those who passed due to TheJab, bravo. However, your opinion on a poor Republican choice for the 2016 and 2020 elections is indeed incorrect.

Do a little research, including winning votes not provided to President Trump in 2020. (Election Fraud) You will notice that a vast majority of Americans do not agree with you and that for them, he was a gift to assist in what JFK attempted to initiate.

Do Not Refer to yourself as a Warrior, I find it highly insulting.

What are you a doctor in, medicine or speeches provided to University graduates❓

Please Advise,


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Spot on, disagree on your statement re Trump supporters don’t care about his policies. I would argue most of his voters are reluctantly doing so based on his energy and border security policies.

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I think Kristi Noem's response as governor to her state was even better than DeSantis's.

Ron DeSantis did briefly shut down, but lifted it quickly and even stated he regretted doing so.

Noem never shut down South Dakota. Of course, we're talking two vastly different populations

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It's a solid article and I appreciate your perspective. The vaccines are a weapon against humanity, now proven, but this weapon is just one of many in the real war we are experiencing now.

Have you noticed how politics is blood sport now, not just here in the States, but worldwide? Have you listened to World Economic Forum's Klaus Schwab and read his book "The Great Reset"? What's really going on with Russia invading Ukraine and did the United States truly set up Bio Labs there? Why are the people protesting worldwide now in so many Capitols?

Ever hear of the Great Awakening? Expand your thinking I suggest, respectfully. We all question why Trump still promoted vaccines up to earlier this year and now is silent on the issue for the past few months.

We live in interesting times if we all pay attention more. Did you know there are effective cures for cancer, by the way? They are out there if you research. Thanks for your article.

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