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Thank you Toby for your insightful perspective! I love your Michi story -- a powerful parable. And many interesting comments from your well-informed readers!

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Whitney Webb, she lives in Chile, I don’t think she goes by left or right, but left, a true left, is anyone who’s for human rights, for factual reporting, anti-fascism, and so on, so I think she’s a voice for the people! And her book on CIA blackmail should be flying off the shelves.

I wonder if Chomsky would read your article… I don’t think he’s controlled opposition like many shout, but he’s been completely taken over by the MIT “left” millennials since Syrias conflict; some could say to me that’s the definition of c.o., it’s just that I think you need to be aware you’re such for that to be so, c.o. Is a sort of Trojan horse, a willing participant, Chomsky simply lost his edge due to senility; that he’d believe and fall for our propaganda after denouncing decades of our false flags and colonial wars, is truly mind boggling!

Klein was never a sincere person to me, I always felt she was a Zionist and fake left. She’s super rich and privileged!

Glen Greenwald is half way there; he doesn’t fully say it, but certainly admitted and protested to the massive censorship of dissent … he’s denouncing many aspects of their doing, the problem is that in Brazil people were not aware of our discoveries and traumatized by Bolsonaro and the evangelists… if he tells them it was all a fake pandemic, they might attack him as sold out and fascist…

That’s the interesting aspect of all this, is that the fascists manipulated the notions of even who’s a fascist, there’s no political left, only 2 faces of a fascist (right)… and so many still don’t realize…

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You're welcome. Ifigured it was, but it bothered me. Unusual. Have a nice Sunday.

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Why does the Update have 2024 as the year?

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John Steppling, https://john-steppling.com/journal/

Steppling is an intellectual prizefighter with no understanding of how to back down. Always an education.

Cory Morningstar www.everydamnwhere

With Assange in jail, Morningstar is the world's preeminent investigative journalist (of the five still deserving the title). Much more than a journalist, however, Morningstar is an amazing analyst, thinker, and an exquisitely articulate voice for real people everywhere.

Thanks for a fantastic read, you give me hope!

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As a Christian, I am also sad to add all U.S. major Christian denominations, at the executive level (and most local churches), to the organizations and collective groups that folded and ran when we needed them the most. People continue to be maimed, murdered, and canceled by the thousands upon thousands and these leaders remain completely silent. In The Abolition of Man C. S. Lewis warned about these people and labeled them men without chests. And so it is.

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I'm glad this got so many "likes" and comments ... as it is highly original thinking and so accurate ... And many people agree with Toby. So we "get" what's happening ... and how and why.

My take on how all these initiatives and cover-ups - which have to qualify as massive conspiracies - were surprisingly easy to implement. The people who could and should have been the resistance decided it was better to align with the fascists.


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You have captured the hollow left so well, in so few words, I'd say this is an instant classic. They gave in to Obama's image, but now they've gotten fervently vicious. And sooooooooo stupid and hypocritical. Thanks.

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"Michi was fierce and courageous (and loving and kind with us). But when faced with an actual wolf, she instinctively knew that she was outmatched and was not willing to risk a confrontation... And it’s easy to be brave when the atrocity is in the past, or in a far off land, or so endemic that no one is likely to do anything about it anyway. But when genuine evil came to the U.S. in the form of Pharma fascism — when the wolf of totalitarianism arrived at our door — the progressive guard dogs of society put their tails between their legs and looked for ways to ingratiate themselves with those who were clearly more powerful and ruthless than they are."

It takes intellectual discipline, professional integrity, and personal courage to do the right thing. On the other hand, it only takes a lack of empathy to do evil and willful blindness to profit from evil.

Psychopaths and narcissists do very well in competitive capitalistic structures because they are ruthless and devoid of compassion. They are wolves, and they are kings of the hill in the 21st century.

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So on point, Toby. And so depressing. I am one who was formed in that intellectual tradition (student of Jameson) and did not forget the nexus of capital, Pharma, and the capitalist surveillance state. I started, as i think you know, with my "Danger to Society" essay (https://thepolemicist.substack.com/p/danger-to-society-against-vaccine ), in which I said:

"Anyone who thinks—Pharma having tasted the profits—this won’t be enforced every year, for every virus and variant, and—the state having tasted this level of social control—it won’t be extended into every corner of socio-political life, is exceptionally…well, naïve, to use the kindest word I can think of. Especially leftists."

And continued the analysis in several other pieces. The credulity of most of the intellectual and marxist left regarding harmless-magic-bullet vaccine exceptionalism that exempts Pharma from standard socio-economic-political and scientific analysis, in the face of the arguably greatest iatrogenic medical disaster in history, has been terribly disappointing.

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I keep coming back to this essay of yours.. Spot on.. in all its swift & brutal judgement. It takes two to tango, and if one side behaves like the Palestinian suicide squad (link below), there's not much of a battle to be had. I was brought up in that intellectual tradition. Now I've literally been rendered conservative, as in, shall we not at least stick to this semblance of a constitution you lot had going for a bit? (In the present case, that's be the a German post WWII Grundgesetz, unreformed, boring, bare-bones, just the must-haves edition. If constitutions do such things, the Weimar ed. is definitely also spinning in its grave). Pretty please?


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small typo?

Million of hours of intellectual labor

Millions of hours of intellectual labor

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Good post. Perhaps the intellectual left simply cannot bring themselves to question the institution of medicine, perhaps they find it harder than the non-expert to question vaccines or believe government could fail us so badly?

Could it be that the intellectual left, as individuals, are so focused on saving things outside of themselves (i.e. the environment, the economy, the climate, the poor) that they are unable to look inward or invest in saving themselves? Are they less able to understand how medicine and pharma and vaccines could possibly fail us? Are they more enamored with technology and, as experts themselves, less able, less inclined to question other experts . . . than warrior moms and dads are?

"... scholarship is fine to a point, but not necessarily very helpful in a fight." True. Many academics resist activism, they see their role as observers, describers of things. It may take the passage of time for them to observe and record what has really happened in the pandemic . . . and to see the big picture and the long-range threats.

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I've been doing a lot of reading about the JFK murder, and in doing so it's painfully obvious that

the deep state has been criminally involved in overcoming our republican form of government for, at

the very least, 60 to 80 years. The leftist/Marxist/socialist indoctrination of country started in our schools many years ago, and has horribly disfigured our nation and its institutions. They have been

much more efficient, determined, and successful than traditionalists and conservatives who are

disinclined to fight dirty as the leftist do. But I think that this is exactly why so many people have

jumped aboard the Trump train because he is totally willing to fight the bastards in bare knuckle

combat. When somebody punches you in the face you need to kick them in the balls and then

break their nose. MAGA.

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Bravo. I have been saying this about the faux Left since summer of 2020.

Don't know if anyone below has pointed this out (don't have time to wade through all the comments), but I think Jim Kavanagh qualifies as another voice on the Left who has gone against the grain here: http://www.thepolemicist.net/2021/09/danger-to-society-against-vaccine.html

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Nailed it. Only that I thankfully enough do not feel persistent existential terror. Sorry to hear you do.

Perhaps the weekly newspaper Demokratischer Widerstand, from Germany, counts as a left-wing, more academic outlet that has been on the barricades since day one. Otherwise it's horrifying how hard it is to come up with other examples. There's Charles Eisenstein. Maajid Nawaz isn't classical left-wing, sure, but I have loads of respect for him and definitely wouldn't call him a right-winger either. Russell Brand and Jimmy Dore aren't exactly academics, but they're good to have around.

Surely other people have named more non-groveling, non-bootlicking lefties, but I'm not going to be able to search the comment section now :)

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