All-cause mortality skyrockets in 2021

Data from Europe and the U.S. show increased all-cause mortality in everyone under age 65 after the introduction of coronavirus shots

Back in May 2021, I started sounding the alarm about a likely increase in all-cause mortality. The data were abundantly clear that the coronavirus vaccine campaign did not reduce infection, transmission, hospitalization, nor death in those who injected the product. And coronavirus shots were/are injuring and killing people at an alarming rate (to calculate the actual harms from coronavirus vaccines multiply VAERS injury reports by 31 and VAERS death reports by 41). My hunch was that this would create a signal in the data (an increase in all-cause mortality) that would be problematic for the official narrative.

The prize for being correct early is… to be suspended from social media for embarrassing the cartel.

Well, now (6 months later) the signal is in the data and it’s even larger than I guessed.

Charles Eisenstein, in a Substack article titled Elements of Refusal writes:

In 29 countries in Europe, excess mortality in the last four months for people age 15-44 is running at nearly double what it was in 2020. For age 45-65 it is more than 50% higher, and age 65-74 some 40% higher. This is despite (or because of?) vaccination rates of at least 70% across Europe. In the USA, all-cause excess mortality is about 50% higher (so far) than 2020, but for people age 25-44 and 45-64 it is about 85% higher; for people under 25 excess mortality is nearly double last year.

This is quickly morphing from the biggest public health mistake in human history to one of the most egregious crimes in human history. The coronavirus vaccine campaign is genocide for people under age 65. My hypothesis is that the only reason we don’t see an increase in all-cause mortality in people over age 65 this year is because so many of them were already killed last year when Blue State (and some Red State) governors, under the direction of the CDC, seeded long term care facilities with coronavirus positive patients (“to preserve hospital capacity”).


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