Autism is an epidemic and a pandemic by any reasonable definition of those words. J.B. Handley, in How to End the Autism Epidemic, produced the best chart showing the growth in autism prevalence in the U.S. over the last 50 years: Increase in Autism Prevalence in the U.S. 1970 to…
Connecting the dots about what we are up against
Democrats aspire to create a society made up entirely of obedient children ruled over by the abusive Pharma state
Why so many of our friends betray us
Bougiecrats are addicted to bad thinking and it's killing them
Our heroes battle the scourge of a deadly fungus, zombies, and utilitarianism
The pressures are even more severe than in the original experiment and the outcome for society is the genocidal fascism that Solomon Asch most feared
Woo, neoliberalism, preludes to Covid, idolatry, Pharma degrades science, Pharma degrades culture, el gato malo, a slippery slope, proofreader, a dog…
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